Windows XP or 98 how to use long filenames in the command prompt

Windows XP or 98 support long file names including a blank space. For example consider following file name:
=> My resume.doc
=> Financial data Aug 2006.xls

These long file names can easily managed with GUI such as windows explore. However when it comes to command prompt specifying long file names with a blank space will cause lots of trouble.

To get rid of this problem enclose the filename in double quotes. For example if you want to make a backup copy of file – Financial data Aug 2006.xls to Financial data Aug 2006 Backup.xls:

 copy "Financial data Aug 2006.xls" "Financial data Aug 2006 Backup.xls"

Or just renmae a file:
ren "Financial data Aug 2006.xls" "My Backup.xls"

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