Change the location of where Firefox saves the downloaded file

Q. How do I change the location of where Firefox, the web browser, save the downloaded files?

A. By default file is saved to your desktop.

To change the default location of where Firefox saves the downloaded files:

  • Open the Firefox web browser
  • Click on edit menu
  • Select preferences option
  • Select Downloads – This panel controls how Firefox handles different file types such as applications, compressed files, multimedia, etc.
  • Now you can configure where the downloads will be saved for every download (Save all files to this folder option) – This is the default option. It allows you to specify a default folder where all downloads will be saved to, such as the My Downloads folder (windows XP). You can browse to a specific folder by selecting Other… from the drop-down list of available folders. To show the folder, click the Show Folder button, which will open the folder in the default file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer or Nautilus under Linux).

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