Windows XP – Batch file script to copy all files

This is a small script I use to copy file quickly from source to destination. This script should work under Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 98/95 etc.

Script accept two command line argument as follows:
mycopy.bat {source} {destination}

mycopy.bat – This script copies files and directories, including subdirectories using Windows xcopy program. You must pass following two arguments/parameters
source – Use to specify the location and names of the file/directory you want to copy.
destination – Use to specify the destination of the files you want to copy.

How do I use this script?

For example copy all *.doc file from C:\DATA to \\SERVER\BACKUP directory, you need to execute script as follows:
Cd c:\data

mycopy.bat *.doc \\SERVER\BACKUP

OR copy all files from c:\data to z:\

mycopy.bat c:\data\** z:\

mycopy.bat source code

@echo off
if "%1" == "" goto error1
if "%2" == "" goto error2
@rem * Copy from source to destination including subdirs and hidden
@rem * File
xcopy "%1" "%2" /S /E /H
goto endofprogram
echo You must provide source
echo Syntax:
echo %0 source destination
goto endofprogram
echo You must provide destination
echo Syntax:
echo %0 source destination
goto endofprogram


  • Line # 03 and 04 make sure we pass the command line argument.
  • Line # 08 – If both command line arguments (source and destination) are provided it will copy files using XCOPY program.

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38 thoughts on “Windows XP – Batch file script to copy all files”

  1. Can you tell me the windows script that shows how to tranfer files from one server to the other. I want to schedule a script that picks up all files and folders every 15 mins from one server and puts on to other server.. it would be very helpful if you provide me that.. thank you

  2. I am trying to use the script above and I cannot understand where the destination and source network paths go. I will please appreciate if you could reply to my email as soon as possible.

    Ex: if I want to copy files from “\\servername1\c:\Books” to “\\servername1\c:\Books” how I do that?


  3. hi,
    I jst wanted to copy all files from local folder d:\test\ to my network drive(server). i need a simple script to do that. then i can use scheduler to run it. need help

  4. Hi vivek,
    thanks for the script, i’m using it

    only i’d like it to overwrite files without asking, what should i add to the script?


  5. Hello…. can i have your inputs on this…

    I like to copy some .tib files from one server to another. both are in the same network but one is joined to the domain. how to can i include the authentication in the script? e.g. copy all .tib files from drive of Server1 (workgroup) to another drive of server2 (joined to the domain)


  6. Is there any revision for this script so that it will copy only the files that are created and modified within a specified date and time range.


  7. I’m looking for a script which will allow me to plug my flash drive into my laptop and automatically/ instantly copy files from different locations on my laptop into seperate folders on the flash drive.

  8. Hi,

    I m looking for a dos script to copy all the files from source to dest based on date range. I’m using windows server 2003.

  9. Hi Guys,

    Any one know how to copy a files from one windows server to another. I have a requirement like this, Need to check the file name for date part, if the date_part is greater than sysdate then move the file to destination.

    Please let me know the scripting part, which will be much helpfull for me.

    Note: I’m very new to this environment. Please help

  10. hi I have a list of files that I want to copy from a multiple set of folders to another single folder. I have all the path info in a notepad file. Is there a script that can do this?

    So for example:

    File a is in folder 1

    File b is in folder 2

    Want to move file a and file b to folder 3

    Many thanks

  11. I need the user enter the date and use this input date to copy the file which created on that date. I got the error message is “Invalid switch – /D:

    My code is like that:
    set /p copyDate=Please input the date as mm-dd-yyyy.
    echo You enter %copyDate%
    set source=c:\csw
    set target=U:\\test
    xcopy “%source%” “%target%” /D: %copyDate%

    Would you help me?

  12. Okay, i havent found a way to copy a specific file from a specific directory to a *new* location while *maintaining* the directory structure. It has annoyed the hell out of me that no tool supports this. Yeah, ive tried xcopy, robocopy and some other tools none has worked. It has to be command line based.

  13. Actually i want to get clarified one thing..while copying any files or something does the system copy in the form of o’s and 1’s or it just changes the internal link or address.

    Please clear this info for me..

    If it is copied in the form of 0’s and 1’s then can anyone give the script to do that so that i have a new idea of developing a software…..

  14. just do a del command to delete the =files in the destination folder before you copy them over

  15. Question :

    I have file list in excel sheet, that list of files I need to copy one folder from server. since the files are in server with same name. please help me. the files are in word format.but the list in excel.

    awaiting your reply.

    S. Sriram.

  16. Can someone help in writing a windows script to get the latest file in the network folder and copy to another location?

  17. Hi,
    We have to add some word Template files In every users within organisation.we have a setup of near about 70 users. i have created 1 folder to root in ‘D’ drive
    & pasted all file whithin it .file extention is” .dot” overall 8 files over there.the source path for file is D:\teplates\ & destination path would be
    C:\Documents and Settings\\application Data\Microsoft\Templates
    this batch file should passed each user name. so plese guide me how i will create a script for the same.
    thanks in Advance.

  18. I am looking a batch file code which will copy file from Computer A to Computer B both on diffrent subnet. Can any one help me how to do this?

  19. Hi I’m trying to write a script from one server to another in which i want to copy a monthly file that we get every month to proceed automatically

  20. Is there a way to automatically copy a newly added file in one folder to another folder? For example, as soon as I send a file to folder-A, it automatically makes a copy of it in folder-B.

  21. Hi Vivek

    now i have the one software, it will automatic generate Everyday one Backup Like File Name TM Backup 6.A3 followed by Backup date and time,( TM Backup 6.A3 2012-05-18 16.10-1 )
    i want need to copy this file to another network drive location on every day
    how to write batch file to find the latest Backup file with Date and time
    please check and come back to me.


  22. Can you tell me
    How can create a script automatically copies a file from USB drives to my pc when insert ?

  23. Can you tell me
    How can create a script automatically copies a file from USB drives to my pc when insert ?
    bat file or java ……ok

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