Windows XP Still Beating Windows Vista Sales

Windows XP still outselling Windows Vista. Most Business PC user are still overwhelmingly opting for XP, computer giant HP has revealed.

MS-Windows Vista was Released on November 8, 2006 (RTM version) but Windows XP still outselling Windows Vista. Most Business PC user are still overwhelmingly opting for XP, computer giant HP has revealed. From the article:

“From the 30th of June, we have no longer been able to ship a PC with a XP licence,” said Jane Bradburn, Market Development Manager, Commercial Notebooks for HP Australia.

“However, what we have been able to do with Microsoft is ship PCs with a Vista Business licence but with XP pre-loaded. That is still the majority of business computers we are selling today.”

So, in other words, Microsoft counts a sale for Vista, even though the computer manufacturer has really sold XP.

Does this even matter? I don’t think so, as Microsoft still gets share, no matter what OS sells more.

Mozilla Firefox 3 Download

Version 3 of the popular Firefox web browser has been released for Windows Vista and XP operating system with new security features.

Mozilla firefox final version 3.0 has been released and available for download from official website. This is the biggest release by far of Firefox. Firefox 3.0 is secure browser and it blocks malware. It has inbuilt security to protect you from virus and other harmful elements. Firefox 3.0 warns when users stray on to a booby-trapped page or dangerous website that can steal your personal information and infect computer with a virus.

Download Mozilla Firefox 3

Find Windows Version and Architecture

Explains how to find out Windows operating system version and architecture easily.

You can run the Winver.exe command-line tool to determine the version of Windows Server 2003 / Windows Vista or XP that is installed on your computer:

  1. Click Start, and then Select Run.
  2. In the Open box, type winver, and then press [ENTER] key.

Find Windows Version
(Fig.01: Viewing Windows Version [Click to enlarge])

Getting Windows Version and Architecture Information

Simply find out My Computer on desktop > Select My Computer > Right click > Properties :
Basic windows version architecture information
(Fig.02: Viewing Windows Version and Other Basic Information [Click to enlarge])

Configure Internet Explorer For Proxy Server

Explains how to configure Internet explorer proxy server settings to browser internet via LAN / WAN web proxy server.

So how do you configure Internet Explorer proxy server settings under Microsoft Windows XP or Vista operating systems? We use squid web proxy server to accelerate user experince. All versions of Microsoft Internet Explore can use a proxy server to connect to the Internet. Proxy server will not just speed up browsing but it will provide additional level of security between your computer and the internet.

Let us see how to configure MS-Internet Explorer to use a proxy server over a Local Area Network (LAN) connection. You need following information before configuring proxy server:

  1. Proxy Server IP address
  2. Proxy Server Port number
  3. Proxy server username and password (optional, but some organization use authentication to secure their server)

Internet Explorer proxy server settings

  1. Fire a web browser i.e. Open IE
  2. Click on the Tools menu
  3. Select Internet Options > Select Connections tab
    Click LAN Settings
  4. Select “Use a proxy server for your LAN” check box
  5. Type the IP address of the proxy server (such as
  6. Type the port number that is used by the proxy server for client connections (by default, 8080 or 3128).
  7. Select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box
  8. Click OK > OK to Close the Internet options

Now you can browser the Internet using proxy server.

Windows Disable USB / Floppy / CD Autoplay Feature

Describes how to use the Group Policy Editor to change policy settings in Windows Operating system to disable all drives autoplay feature.

Group Policy is used to define user and computer configurations for groups of users and computer. There is a file called gpedit.msc to configure autoplay. This is useful to avoid viruses and malwares.

Step #1: So click on Start, and then click Run

Step #2: In the Open box, type gpedit.msc, and then click OK.

Step #3: Expand Computer Configuration > System > Turn of Autoplay (make sure you enable on all drives)

Step #4: Quit the group policy editor

See also:

Recover a Non-Booting Windows System After Loading Device Drivers or Software

Explains how to recover a non-booting Windows System after loading device drivers or software.

This may happen and and Windows may not boot after installing a device driver or new software. However, you can easily recover a non-booting Windows system after you have changed the device drivers or new software

Each Windows has boot option called “Last Known Good Configuration”, which is available during reboot. So all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Reboot your computer.
    During the boot process, hit F8 function key until you see the boot menu
  • Select the “Last Known Good” menu option item.
  • Press [Enter] key to boot into system

Please remember that using this option will remove any changes to your device drivers and may cause problems with software installation. Now, simply remove driver or software that was causing this issue and reboot the system again.

Download of the day: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 ( SP 1 )

Windows Vista service pack (SP 1) is a collection of updates, security fixes and/or enhancements to a Windows vista operating system. It will be delivered in the form of a single installable package. Microsoft has released Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate (RC) version.

Windows Vista SP1 is an update to Windows Vista that addresses many issues including feedback from Microsoft customers. In addition to previously released updates, SP1 contains changes focused on addressing specific reliability and performance issues, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards. SP1 also addresses some management, deployment, and support challenges. It will also fix many bugs and security related issues.

Download of the day: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 ( SP 1 )

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Download

=> Visit Official site to download Vista SP1

Windows Vista the worst operating system ever

Trust me I was forced to work with Vista and it was a nightmare. Hardware will stop working or suddenly control panel get disabled because I apply latest security update to Nvidia graphics card.

Now Windows vista is in top ten terrible tech products list:

Any operating system that provokes a campaign for its predecessor’s reintroduction deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Any operating system that quietly has a downgrade-to- previous-edition option introduced for PC makers deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Any operating system that takes six years of development but is instantly hated by hordes of PC professionals and enthusiasts deserves to be classed as terrible technology.

I just hope this project get over and I can through out Windows Vista :D

Windows Vista Turn on Windows Aero Eye Candy 3D Effects

This is a band new feature available in Windows Vista. This feature is hardware dependent. It is named as Windows Aero – an acronym for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open. The new interface is intended to be cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing than those of previous Windows, including new transparencies, live thumbnails, live icons, animations, and eye candy.

If you have high end 3D graphics card and Windows Vista Home Premium, Business or ultimate edition you can turn on these effects.

Turn on Windows Aero Eye Candy Effects

By default it was turned off on my desktop. After adding latest Nvidia GeForce FX driver, I had to turned it on by visiting:
Desktop > Right click > Select Personalize > Select Theme > Select Windows Vista Theme > Apply > Ok
Windows Vista Turn on Windows Aero Eye Candy 3D Effects

Test Windows Aero Effects

  • Hit Win+Tab keys to get Windows Flip 3D effect
  • Hit Alt+Tab keys to see Windows Flip effect
  • Hit Win+T keys to see Live Thumbnails
  • You will also notice improved notifications, fonts and icon etc

If you have Radeon from ATI or the GeForce FX series from NVIDIA, you will get the best result out of Aero interface.