Windows Vista the worst operating system ever

Trust me I was forced to work with Vista and it was a nightmare. Hardware will stop working or suddenly control panel get disabled because I apply latest security update to Nvidia graphics card.

Now Windows vista is in top ten terrible tech products list:

Any operating system that provokes a campaign for its predecessor’s reintroduction deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Any operating system that quietly has a downgrade-to- previous-edition option introduced for PC makers deserves to be classed as terrible technology. Any operating system that takes six years of development but is instantly hated by hordes of PC professionals and enthusiasts deserves to be classed as terrible technology.

I just hope this project get over and I can through out Windows Vista :D

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72 thoughts on “Windows Vista the worst operating system ever”

  1. I’m typing this on a computer with Vista 32-bit and I’ve had no major problems with it so far. I like XP better, but I do like some of Vista’s features (Instant Search; better folder organization). However, I like XP better for two main reasons:

    1. It uses less memory.
    2. Some of the security features are flat-out stupid (VirtualStore anyone?)

    Despite this, Vista works fine on my PC.

  2. I can see all you people are too young to remember Windows95 – now that really was a disaster. Vista is, um, inconvenient and basically was brought to the market too young. But W95…

  3. vista is a truely awful experiance, and entire corporations are skipping it entirely and waiting for windows 7

  4. I agree entirely. Vista is plain awful. It is so unreliable and puts me in a bad mood.

    It has been the worst operating system and because it interferes with our work it brings down company morale.

    This OS should be banned.

  5. I agree and disagree. Vista looks gud and has a great look compare to XP. But it seems that while using Vista computer is controlling us rather than we are. Lots of restriction, uff!!

  6. Vista is as bad as Windows ME. I hope it just go’s away because it makes me sick.Vista is as bad as Windows ME. I hope it just goes away because it makes me sick. It is NOT faster than XP, it is much more unstable, it gets in the way of doing your job. It’s been almost two years on the market and it still sucks. Every day there is something else that doesn’t work: networking, printing, updates. It is a rip off. It looks good but it doesn’t work. In this day and time it is unbelievable.

  7. Windows Vista is the worst operating system I have used.
    Microsoft should refund all customers purchase price and provide a free copy of XP.
    I could vomit everytime I read how successful the company is,
    when all they are actually doing is selling defective products to a captive market.

  8. Microsoft tried to do VISA as a defender against hackers, idiots they make it worst and they hacked it, instead to do a good operating system fast and usable they did a step back in the wrong way, No complain since Bill gates is old now , he needs some rest hahaha, You people instead of complaining just use Linux and make life better without Microsoft Products , if it really sucks as you said.

  9. Vista isnt perfect, but you guys are giving it too much credit – it is not the worst operating system! Windows ME takes the cake on that one. I’ve used both of them. XP beats both, but even Vista outshines ME. Windows ME (Mistake Edition) *shudders*

  10. i have given vista a go when i got my first laptop and i fliped my lid with driver’s not working and softwear not working right and it was SLOW! i had to bye a windows xp cd and licence and download drivers of the internet and my trubles wear over and year ME was shooking as well my dad had it and he dident really notice how bad it was but i did it would crash after i used it but i’m sure my dad had truble 2 and i agree Microsoft should refund all customers purchase price and provide a free copy of XP. you will probley need a sick bucket by your computer…

  11. I have used almost all versions of Micorosoft’s operting systems since DOS and I am sorry by far and away, Vista is the absolute worst ooperating system, I’ve ever had the mis-fortune to use. I have yet to go one day without something crashing on me. The biggest culprit is Internet rying to do a search on a folder is impossible by just using a right-click.

    If I could have re-installed XP on my laptop I would have, but unfortunately none of the drivers available for my laptop are XP compatible. Don’t even get me started on the security features that were implemented. A true nightmare of an O/S if there ever was one.

    This O/S is so bad, that it makes me almost want to buy a Mac. If Microsoft’s next O/S is as bad as Vista, I know already my next laptop will be a Mac.

  12. Vista is the primary reason that I decided to get a new macbook pro. This machine is the most unbelievable computer I have ever used. My Alienware has twice the processor and the same amount of ram……the macbook is incredibly faster. I guess because OS X is so much more reliable. But I used XP on my alienware….and I’ll never purchase Vista!

  13. Bill got out in time did he not, before someone gets smart and puts a class action suite against the idiots. They FORCE you to use the software, how is that even right? I am so sick of PC based computers after 15 years of their bullshit, I went to a MAC Book pro, and it is the best thing I ever did. I will never waste another dime on anything Microsuck puts out.

    For years they have copied crap then get pissed about user rights, and copy protection. The man got rich on a flawed system. Only in America can a geek steal an ideal, make billions on it and everyone get stuck using it. I am pretty sure the whole country one day will just crash because of Microsuck.

    Unreal, hope you can sleep Bill and Melinda, Assholes

  14. I really think windows vista sucks i dont like it at all and thats why i’m uninstalling it from my laptop I recently bought
    im going back to windows xp, yep!

  15. Vista is “THE” worst OS on the planet, my Vista crashed 3 times in 24 hours that’s 300% data loss and I’m in IT, this OS was made to breakdown from the get go. Maybe another $500 million dollars more of good money down the drain to make it work properly might help this OS. No windows, no problem I switched to OS X.

  16. Vista is an unreliable, unstable operating system, that constantly crashes, can become very slow, needs constant check-ups, and has terrible backwards compatibility. On the other hand, it’s not the worse operating system of all time. I’ve had XP, which is a good operating system, but doesn’t have many of the new features in Vista. I hated Windows 95, 98, and ME with ALL my heart – those rubbish nightmares…

  17. I have been working with computers now for many many years. And used every one of Microsoft’s operating systems. Also worked with Amiga os and Linux and Mac os. (Giving my age away here me thinks) Vista may look good and in my opinion that is all it has going for it. It is the worst os i have ever had the misfortune of working with. Its got more crap on it then a outdoor bog. Its security features are nothing short of desasterus. It hogs more memory than previous versions put together. And why in hell must i confirm something three times before it gets round to doing it. Its got more patches applied to it then my grandmas quilts. Its about as stable as the uk economy. This os should never have seen the light of day. At work i am forced to use it but at home i am not. My Toshiba laptop is installed with Linux. My desktop has xp on but the computer i use to do most of my work and internet on is my Amiga with os4. An os that can boot in less the 15 seconds and takes up less than 200mb hard drive space and uses less than 4 Meg of ram is my kind of os

  18. vista should only be used on new computers designed for it. otherwise it is a good operating system (unlike OSX 10.5…)

  19. No, vista is not the worst os ever. No microsoft os is the worst ever. Not mac. Not Linux. The worst os ever is BeOs. Slow, crashy, horrible database and errors that will kill your computer. BeOs is a computer virus. No, rather, a computer disease. Avoid at all costs.

  20. Vista is by far the worst operating system ever made, it is so horrible to use and just navigating around the file system requires a high amount of effort. And what is up with it taking more than 10GB of hard disk space for a fresh install? I would rather use windows95 that windows vista.

  21. Vista is a great operating system. Stable, lightweight, and ok for some games. Looks great too.

    Oh wait…this isn’t Vista, this is the Arch Linux setup I made with IceWM and a near-perfect Vista theme. My bad…. 8~P

    Anyway, the worst operating system I’ve ever used, as far as stability is concerned, is definitely Windows 98SE with both 98lite AND 98SE2ME applied. Then comes an untweaked Windows 95 on an early-AGP motherboard with no drivers installed. THEN, and only then, comes Windows Vista. That bloated non-operating antisystem is what made me suck up the initial learning curve and switch to Linux…and, once I figure it out, BSD.

  22. this computer and vista are going to scrap yard,or the firing range maybe a dozen .308 rounds will kill the bugs in this system

  23. I am not that Old only17 ,and havent worked with too many operating systems. from my experience vista i the most insecure OS ive ever used i get hacked, settings get changed on start menu ,and i’ve had to factory restore do to fatal errors about 5 times. im using 3 or 4 prog to ceep it going. it aways gets spyware. Im running norton and comodo firewal plus other cleaners. ceeping this os in line is taking valuble time for me its just a constant battle to ceep it alive. Sometimes i what to rip the hard disc out, and throw it out the window. i am disapointed with microsoft. i think im gonna try LInux.

  24. vista sucks… im gonna try google chrome os, will see windows 7.. must be like xp ..

  25. Vista is horrible. I spent 5 hours today trying to get a piece of hardware to work (I am a data analyst accustomed to XP). I called my friend over and he tried to get it to work and got frustrated. He went in his car and brought out his Mac. The device worked as soon as he plugged it in. I guess that’s why they say that Macs “just work.” I am returning my new Dell with Vista and buying a Mac tomorrow. Never again, Microsuck

  26. I can’t stand vista. I know that MS may have fixed a few problems in the kernel but damn XP whips vista’s ass. It seems like all they changed was the interface and the file locations. XP may have had some problems but those problems must have been small because I never noticed them. XP was a lot simpler and easier to use. I think the real reason MS came out with vista was to make money not to improve a product. See when MS stopped supporting XP everyone had no choice but to upgrade or get a new computer if you had to. Over all I think vista was a huge screw up on MS’s part, lucky Bill got out of it! XD

  27. I think the only version of “Windoze” that was even slightly tolerable was XP.

    Let’s go through them from a purely experiential point of view.

    – 95 was an unstable piece of shit that looked horrible (but to it’s credit it was a huge improvement on the previous version).
    – 98 was about 50 times more unstable (after a couple of months you couldn’t go a day without having a blue screen pop up on you).
    – ME was just 98 with higher requirements, annoying “user friendly” wizards for everything and extremely gay looking icons.
    – 2000 finally added some stablility but was almost unusable for games or media.
    – XP was as stable and secure as 2000, ran games and media as well as the earlier versions and also had decent driver support (the way it was geared towards the completely computer illiterate was annoying but bearable in light of its merits).

    And now….

    Vista, the biggest piece of junk from Microshaft to date. It adds nothing new that anyone would actually want (or that you couldn’t get via and hogs an insane amount of the computer’s resources so that everything ends up running about 3 times as slowly as on XP (especially games :'( ). Plus, they’ve changed every aspect of the interface in the most unintuitive way imaginable so you have to go through about 7 times as many screens to change any part of the operating system – if you can even manage to find what you’re looking for. E.g. Changing basic network settings in Vista compared to in XP. Add to that the ridiculous price tag, the shoddy Vista drivers and the myriad other annoyances such as the defragging tool not showing you any indication of the progress….

    I rest my case

  28. I do agree with you that Windows 95 is bad but vista was not released in 1995, it was released in 2007. That is a 12 year difference.

    Take the 2007 hardware in vista and replace it with hardware from 1995. All the nice graphics of Vista would be gone because the 95 graphic cards aren’t good enough for that kind of stuff, it will become a lot slower than it already is, you would have almost no room left to put anything else on it, and there would be a lot more problems.

    It would probably be worse than Windows 95.

  29. I remeber windows 95 and nothing was wrong with it, my games worked, my drivers worked etc but with that pile of shit vista NONE of my games work, hardly any of my drivers worked and the piece of crap kept crashing! Bill Gates you are nothing but a greedy money grubbing little geek that needs removing from the tech world.

  30. By far, the worst OS ever. So convoluted to do what were once simple procedures and installations. And you wonder why businesses never moved over from older operating systems! Well, Microcrap, I’ve had it. Good luck with Windows 7. I’ve moved on to Mac after 18 years of Windoze. Once you go Mac, you don’t go back! Oh, one further thing, I’ve installed your shithole OS on my Mac thru Parallels only because of Intuit’s Quickbooks for Windows. The Mac version is just not good for general contractors. Too bad Intuit is so greedy and sucky. Wish I could find better accounting software for my business.

  31. Windows Vista…until the beginning of this year, I never tried it. I heard how horrible it was. I have a computer thats nine months old, with a quad, 8 gigs of RAM…it might was well be 15 years old! My last one was 3 years old, ran on XP. It might have crashed once a year in the 3 years I had it. I do not exaggerate when I say that this computer has crashed 100-150 times in nine months! It’s steadily getting worse, two days ago it crashed TEN TIMES in 16 hours! I have spent insane amounts of time going through the Event Viewer and the forums on Microsoft…for what? To be told to “ignore it”. Ignore multiple crashes? If I had not paid 800 dollars for this tower, I would sell it and buy a good used one. I’m hoping I can get my hands on Windows 7 and upgrade (I hope its better! I hear it is)!!!

  32. If this disaster had been launched by anyone but MS it would have torpedoed the corporation below the waterline. I’ve used just about every version of MS’s operating systems since the earliest days of DOS (apart from ME) and none has been as badly designed as this thing. The earlier ones were often buggy and crashed, but I don’t remember any of them being positively incompatible with other computers on networks, especially those running the previous version. And all of the other versions could do stuff like COPY files, or WRITE files, and in all of them it was possible to be an actual administrator, and to take some measure of control of the system.

    Under VIsta, XP machines cannot look at files on Vista machines and vice versa, and unbelievably, Vista machines cannot use printers on XP machines. Which cretin came up with this “security” model? Copying groups of files, even on the same machine can take unbelievably long periods (83 hours for 4 GB is the most I’ve seen so far).

    Others have mentioned the unbelievable size of the thing too. Just what is it doing that it needs 13GB of space on my C drive? An operating system runs schedules and tasks, has a few inbuilt processes and manages drivers, how does this take 13 billion bytes of space? As far as I can see it does NOTHING of any value that XP doesn’t do, I just don’t but the ‘increased security’ crap, frankly the bigger the target, the easier to find a way in…

    And I’ve read that nothing to suggest that Windows 7 has addressed any of the real issues with Vista, it’s a bit quicker, but I’ll bet the complete abortion which is the “security” model is just as screwed as in Vista.

    Yes, this is the worst OS of all time.

  33. Seriously? Vista isn’t that bad. Infact it’s pretty damn good on my Acer. Does anyone here actually remember ME? Seriously, BSOD every 5 minutes. Vista is one step forward(the look)and 2 steps back(you need a decent computer to run it and you need to screw around with a few settings).

  34. Agreed, VISTA is the worst. So unstable and unreliable. Everytime I use the system on my laptop, I get error messages, drivers that disappear etc. I might had that my computer is the latest, However, VISTA seems to slow it down and gives me the shits. Although some of the features are useful, the rest sucks. Looking forward to see if Windows 7 lives up to its expectations.

  35. Any operating system whose help is as jumbled as Vista’s deserves to be destroyed. I don’t even know why they let this abomination be released and why they didn’t offer full refunds to those unlucky souls they tricked into buying it. I’ve tried to do a search for a file called “weather”. One word, no special symbols. It can’t find anything to do with it! How much simpler can a search be? I searched online for help and found some at a Vista forum. It said disable the indexed search. Okay, so I go to the start search function and type in services to do it? Uhm…. where’s the start search function? Oh, I have to activate it in the taskbar options? In advanced? My screen shot doesn’t even remotely resemble what they have there. Why can’t I use this option FROM THE SEARCH WINDOW???? They can’t even get their help right, their search right, or anything else right. And how many times do I have to tell the computer it’s okay that I change the system time???? Microsoft deserves to die for this.

  36. I started as a home user in ’85 with DOS and Basic, and have worked with most Windows iterations from 3.1 onward. I’ve been 1st level IT support for my corp; have done some beginner Java and Perl; and a few years ago, developed the fix for a new worm that my ISP couldn’t fix. So, I’m an intermediate user that bought a home laptop with no option other than Vista ($$$).

    Vista is the worst OS I’ve ever worked with. It treats all users as airheads. I know how I’d correct my current problem of lost data, (lost because Vista shut itself down, so Vista created the prob) but can’t get into the most basic system files, ie Temporary Internet Files. How simple is that? You can get close but you can’t go deep. I also want access to the registry so I can fix things. I’d always had that capability with other OS.

    Microsoft seems to assume all Vista users are idiots not to be trusted with managing their systems. I no longer want to deal with a company that demonstrates such disrespect for their customers, and with non-existent customer service.

  37. Every computer game I try to setup and install, every video game and every playable demo download, I have to adjust the compatibility tab to a lower setting. I’m disabling more and more hardware like Windows Service Assistant, User Account Control, Sidebar, etc… The Aero font actually drains the memory. It won’t let me open torrent files at all. What a horrible piece of technology. What a waste of resources. If this is the future of PCs, I’m going back to… letter writing and board games!

  38. And to add to my comment a few posts above, I tried to upgrade to SP2 this weekend. What was I really thinking? That this would somehow improve upon a crappy OS??? I must have been drugged to think there’d be a vast improvement!!! Oh, it installed fine but somehow I had the feeling that upon rebooting, that “silence is golden” was not a good thing…….Yes, I no longer had any audio!!!! Instead, I had a cute little musical note in my system tray, something called IDT Audio Control something or other, and my sound icon was a goner! Soooo, after reading a few horror tales and a few with the inability to do a system restore as SP2 wiped out most people’s restore points, I was lucky to have just one left, the one before the SP2 install. And I had my audio back. I have had the Windows 7 upgrade software for a few weeks, and it’s still sitting wrapped up. I’m not looking forward to its installation at all and not sure I’ll do it at all.

    PS: What the hell was MS thinking about with Office 2007?? Was that supposed to be an improvement over Office 2003??? It’s the most frustrating version of MS Word on the planet. They need to hang themselves with their new “ribbon” feature. What mindless aliens thought up this nightmare version???? I guess it’s the same group who dreamed up Vista! Can’t find how to do simple stuff without searching the Internet first.

  39. Not only is Vista so fucking awful that there should be a class action lawsuit against stupid Microsoft, but using PC’s in general is a nightmare. I had to buy a PC laptop for work but I have always been a Mac user. It’s funny, people just assume it’s normal to constantly deal with virus threats and software malfunctions, but there actually is a life without all that; it’s called MAC! PC’s suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Vista is by far the VERY WORST OPERATING SYSTEM I HAVE EVER USED. The main reason I say this with such conviction is because

    1) it fails at basic tasks like opening the “Connect to a Network” window
    2) causes the most random problems in programs, for example the cross-hairs in one of my games is missing unless you Run as Administrator (wtf?!)
    3) it constantly constantly constantly shows the “(Not responding)” text in the window title bar. And you better not click that window while it says this or the OS will CRASH!
    4) Internet Exploder makes smoke pour out of the computer (practically)

    In my opinion, it was a scam to make Windows 7 look good. There is no other rational explanation for such a piece of Vista. My dog just Vista’d on my rug, so I gotta go.

    V*sta Vista!

  41. I LOVE VISTA!!!!!!!!!! Vista is my Godsend, my old Compaq had Windows ME and for 7-8 years I was living a computer nightmare. Windows. ME. Is. A. Joke. (period). It would reboot and shut down on its own… and the only time my printer worked with it was a time that it rebooted… at 3:00 in the morning… and printed everything in my printers queue. How many documents was in my living room floor that morning when I got up?? Well, it took up 4 and a half packs of paper. It was every college English paper I had to do in almost all of my college and graduate school, and that wasn’t the half of it. Windows ME crashed a total of about 3-4 times a week, and it was the one that wasn’t supposed to be that bad, the kind that was pre-installed. I don’t want to see the words Windows ME ever again in my life!!

  42. Now i may only be 16 but i have used every microsoft OS since 95. but vista is by far the worst operating system ever created i have a brand new Toshiba Satelite laptop running you guessed it vista now ive been using xp for a few years and had little to no problems with it but in the few short weeks of vista its managed to turn me against microsh*t i cant wait until windows 7 comes out so i can fork out another 250$ for the exact same OS but just slightly more 7’ish
    i for one will be reverting back to XP and simply dling some programs to make XP look exactly like vista i mean thats all vista is a graphical update they should be working to make systems more workable vista i cant even begin to outline the major flaws and problems i for one will be switching to either linux or mac because as they have said once you go mac you dont go back

    Also “WINDOWS VISTA 2” i mean windows 7 is a slightly shinier version of vista everyone knows if you make a movie and its bad an unentertaining you dont make a sequel you just let it go to the 2$ bargain bin

    On a final note the Mac VS Windows ads are wrong the Windows guy is way to functional he needs to just freeze everynow and again

  43. As a Technology Director for a school district in NY, I got stuck with more than 300 PCs with VIsta. This was/ is the single biggest nightmare I could have. It is far too expensive to revert back. Next budget, MAC in all the buildings end of Story! goodbye Microsoft!

  44. I worked with Vista a long time ! and I had no problems at all !!
    windows vista is a highly sophisticated Operatingsystem !
    first learn what a operatingsystem is and what it is for then start coplain.
    I have a computer store , a lot customer 95% don’t know the differenz
    between an Microsoft operatingsystem and Microsoft Office Applications !!

  45. mac is for the kinds of people that don’t know how to use a computer. honestly, if people knew how to use pcs and not do stupid stuff with them there wouldn’t be any problems. mac is over glamorized for how clean it looks, but honestly, it’s still a computer. computers work as best as how their owners know how to use them, and mac users tend to know nothing and it let’s them get away with it, at the cost of hundreds of dollars extra

  46. Vista has to be the worst operating system ever. Reminds me so much of IBM’s MVS operating system that would bring the mainframe to a crawl everyday around 1PM when workload peaked. Despite the fact that I couldn’t get any damn work done, IBM continued to claim MTBF (mean time between failure) of its mainframes in years! I used to argue with them that their true MTBF was more like 24 hours.Microsoft has managed to recreate those horror days – it is disgusting. Vista soaks up memory like a true hog. I have 4GB on my machine, yet it will show that with a few processes using up what seems like 600KB of memory, that my system’s memory is nearly maxxed out. Firefox is an absolute killer on my 64-bit machine, that I’ve had to dump it in favor of Chrome. Outlook is another memory hogging application, and Vista can’t manage memory allocation for these applications. In Swahili one would label Vista as “kipande cha shit”.

  47. I am not the most experienced person in Windows. In my life I had the fortune to use 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista which was the worst behind the ME. I had three times a system crash. All my data gone lost.

    Just bought a new pc with XP and I am happy again. Never again Vista

  48. I’ve been running microsoft windows sence version 1.0 back in the 80s, and vista is the worst evironment I have ever used. Not only does it screw up my configuration all the time when I switch from PC to PC (KVM switch) but everything I do I have to answer questions for the microsoft ass holes who have desided that I shouldn’t be able to delete files without asking thier permissoin first. I’m a programmer and everything I do I had to start doing on VMware machines so I could get out of Vista. I’m currently working on moving to unix, but will have to run vmware there, but maybe I won’t have all the display problems.

  49. He meant Windows XP uses less memory.
    “However, I like XP better for two main reasons:”

  50. You want information about vista?
    1. It uses lots of RAM when not doing anything
    2. It only uses 5% of your processor’s maximum speed (Mine does)
    3. It has a 10 minute start up and ready time
    4. It’s ugly, compared to Windows 7

  51. I agree Vista has been problematic from the start. Now it’s got some problem with an update loop where it keeps shutting on and off and I have no access to the o.s.. ridiculous, MS Vista is a piece of garbage

  52. I have been using windows for a long time. I have to say that Windows Vista does not suck. Yes it does not suck! It is visually appealing and it is efficient. At least it is better than Windows XP, Windows ME, and Windows 98. I have used Windows Vista on my laptop for a few years now. It works great on my laptop. So people, stop saying Windows Vista sucks!

  53. I do not think that you fully understand the difference between OSX and Windows operating systems such as vista. Although i agree that there are many people who use mac simply because even a monkey could navigate its way through the GUI, after all it is so well made. The thing is however that OSX also contains a Solid UNIX base which is better for networking and is more rock solid than a large boulder. UNIX offers much more power to the user in particular when manipulating your mac through Terminal. windows falls down in this respect and although OSX is not the most secure OS in the world it is a hell of a lot more secure that windows.

    So in my opinion although mac is very easy to use it is not just for people who dont even know what an OS is it is also for people who understand that it is fundamentaly better an i think you will find that it is only the people who know enough to realise the diference in the graphic user interface but not about the heart of the operating system. And just to point out i shouldent have to even though i can avoid vituses and spend extra time doing things i do not need to do by using windows. Yes it is easier to use but isnt that a good thing. I am a mac pc and linux user and i dont know nothing.and yes i favour mac

    sory for spelling errors no time to check

  54. OK. Windows seven sucks. Windows seven sucks big time. It’s a pile of garbage heaped on top of another pile of crap with a turd of a kernel.

  55. I bet 90% of you people saying windows vista sucks never even used it! As a computer tech I often ask people that and it comes down to either

    1. They have never used it, but have heard bad things about it.
    2. Are using 10 year old hardware (WHAT DO YOU EXPECT MORONS! You expect a 10 year old pc to run a brand new OS?)

    I ran vista from when it was in beta up until windows 7 beta, and even ran a STABLE website off it! The ONLY problem it had was the gigabit lan issue while using audio.

    Also you people who claim you have been working on computers your whole life and say windows vista is the worst are clearly liars since Windows ME was a complete disaster, it was more unstable than mac fan boys.

    Bottom line is that you computards need to stop spreading lies and talking about something you don’t understand.

  56. My dad went out and bought an Acer Aspire laptop that only had 512 Mb of RAM, and it had Vista and it was terrible, you could only use it for a few hours before you had to restart the stupid thing. It was slow, and the Vista OS took up half the HD space so there wasnt any place we could save our files in. But i have used almost all OS’s out there, and Vista is the worst yet…

  57. I’v been using windows vista for four years or ever since it came out and I loved it. It is an amazing operating system but I started hating it since last month. It first crashed and I had to reinstall it and it I lost a project that I was working on for over 4 months but I know some of you might blame it on me that I didn’t back up or whatever but here is another thing that happened….One day I turned on the computer and it was like the copy of windows vista is not genuine. Not that is not possible because the OS came installed on the laptop already. Also when I put the activation code that is on the vista sticker on the bottom of the laptop, it says invalid code. I don’t like windows 7 though. I don’t want to upgrade to windows 7 because the interface of it kind of pisses me. It is easy to use but I don’t feel comfortable with the interface of windows 7. Also no way I am going back windows xp because I hated the guts of that operating system. I know some of you might say it was the best but I really hate it and would rather get windows 7 than xp back. Now if it was somehow possible from microsoft to give us windows 7 but with the user interface and every of vista but the OS itself and its coding and stuff 7, then that would be awesome and I would get it right away. That is why I think I will go with apple. Apple doesn’t crash and the Mac OSX is my second favorite after vista and I find it very easy to use and the interface very comfortable to me.

  58. My dad got a HP pavillion dv6000 that ran Windows Vista Buisness and it was great! It’s not the operating system that made the laptop bad, it was your hardware. By the way, Windows Me is the worst ever, not Vista!

  59. Even Microsoft admitted they rushed Vista out as an unfinished and not well planned out product and was terrible so any “computer tech” like darcwolf who claims otherwise is obviously a very incompetent, clueless computer tech who you shouldn’t let near your machine if you want it to carry out on working. There’s lots of idiots like him about messing up computers for other people while claiming they are experts. One of the tell-tale signs that they are an idiot is when they claim an OS is great that hundreds of thousand of real IT experts all over the world says is crap and even the vendor admitted was crap! It’s common knowledge that Vista was crap darcwolf and this had nothing to with the hardware it was running on but the badly designed and written code you computard!!

  60. I.T. professional for 8 yrs.

    Have Vista on my gaming rig for 2 yrs now . Also have an XP box (hardware fail but otherwise great) and Win7 box. All hardware on the Vista box up to specs. Vista box was actually overkill i7 system w/6GB RAM (and upgradable to 12GB). Have had to support Vista boxes in the district I am presently assigned to, and behaved similar behavior there as home box.

    I can categorically confirm that Vista is horrific. It fails to understand any removable media not on its HCL, including some generic FLASH DRIVES, for crying out loud; simplest tech ever and it chokes. Vista has a habit of KILLING external devices’ filesystems if it trips over them in it’s own convoluted thought processes.

    I have never had an XP box lock dead because someone put a valid and undamaged CD in the CDROM bay, but Vista does it quite often. Any little scratch on a DVD movie causes a dead OS lock requiring hard-shut-off which, if memory serves, was the sort of thing NT was supposed to have fixed back in the 90’s.

    Security subrocessor chronically un-validates the OS when various apps get upgrades (seriously? an app upgrade counts as a critical system rewrite?)

    This is coming from someone who would otherwise say Macs are far worse (as I have to fix them day in and day out), but Vista is hands-down the worst OS ever.

  61. LOL that was supposed to read “and observed similar behavior there as home box”.

    Not enough sleep makes for typos!

  62. Millenium was fail, but it was managable with updates. It was LIMITED in scope (gawd help the tech who had to dig into network configs to find half of the beloved command options were missing or changed), but it did in fact run. Ran like a dog, but it ran. Never killed an external device on me, never deadlocked from a CDROM,. . Ran OK except being limited and having ZERO security (which could be fun, if someone else was using the system >.> )

  63. Agreed! My Vista was running terribly with 80% free space and no viruses. When I ran a check on it it eliminated my file on a book I worked on for two years. I saved that file to flash before running the check so I had it still-at that point. I then moved the file from flash to desktop and poof! Both disappeared and is no longer retrievable. I lost two years of labor due to Visata dn even after taking precautions. It’s diabolical!!! darcwolf’s full of it.

  64. Yep thumbs down for it…Crashes, then tells you it needs updating – then crashes whilst updating, On a brand new HP, The shop wouldnt even supply an original hard disk image for me to restore, blaming it on us for not creating restore disks, which couldn’t be made for vista crashing in the first place. Oh aye that Vista licence key has been passed from machine to machine that I build and each one crashing on updating and telling us it needs updating!!!

  65. No you are the computard …
    I had purchased a brand new computer that had windows vista .. WHAT A NIGHTMARE
    I also have one with windows xp
    and I have a mac pro…

    Windows Vista constantly freezes on me and crashes, low memory comes up daily ,
    I am so tired from having to unplug the computer just to get off a screen.
    Worst I ever used wish I had never bought it …Total Garbage !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you computard if you liked it so much why did you not purchase the crap
    after your beta…

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