Recover a Non-Booting Windows System After Loading Device Drivers or Software

Explains how to recover a non-booting Windows System after loading device drivers or software.

This may happen and and Windows may not boot after installing a device driver or new software. However, you can easily recover a non-booting Windows system after you have changed the device drivers or new software

Each Windows has boot option called “Last Known Good Configuration”, which is available during reboot. So all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Reboot your computer.
    During the boot process, hit F8 function key until you see the boot menu
  • Select the “Last Known Good” menu option item.
  • Press [Enter] key to boot into system

Please remember that using this option will remove any changes to your device drivers and may cause problems with software installation. Now, simply remove driver or software that was causing this issue and reboot the system again.