MTV Roadies

MTV Roadies is a reality television show for MTV India. It is currently in its fifth season. The show was created by Raghu Ram. The maximum prize for winning the show is Rs 500,000. The show is extremely popular among the young Indians. I’m quite addicted to the show.

Season five is the first time the game goes international.It will cover three countries which are India,Thailand and Malaysia. Roadies are given tasks at every destination. They are either Money or Immunity tasks. Roadies earn a particular amount of money on completion of a Money task.

Mtv Roadies Winner

The pas winners –

Season # 1 There was no official winner this season.

Season # 2 Ayushman Khuranna – Chandigarh

Season # 3 Parul Shahi – Delhi

Season # 4 Anthony Yeh – Kolkata

Season # 6 Nauman Sait – Bangalore

=> Check out MTV Roadies web site for more information.

Sensex crossed 10000 marks

This is sign of booming Indian economy. Y’days jump made me little fortune too :). Around 3:30 pm my friend called me and gave me this nice news. He said it sensex is at 10003 mark. Many experts think it just represent the confidence of global institutional investors in our economy. Here is journey of sensex:

  • July-25-1990 : 1000
  • Jan-15-1992 : 2000
  • Mar-2-1992 : 3000
  • Mar-30-1992 : 4000
  • Dec-30-1999 : 5000
  • Jan-2-2004 : 6000
  • June-20-2005 : 7000
  • Sept-8-2005 : 8000
  • Nov-28-2005 : 9000
  • Feb-06-2006 : 10000

Our economy was open way back in 1990 to foreign investors. Online trading is also gaining popularity these days. At least over million+ Indians use this facility. The only question, “Is the market over-valued? Only time will tell… ;)

In India, thinking big by thinking small

International Herald Tribune has very nice story. The story is all about rural Indians. One in nine human beings is an Indian villager, and 70 percent of Indian villagers have no bank account, inhabiting a financial parallel universe in which savings are a gold necklace and loans come from pistol-packing moneylenders. Over 700 million people don’t have accounts or savings. This story covers how ICICI bank is going to change all this. Indeed very well written. But more important if we really wanna see growth of all of our Indians then we need to take approach like this one.
Full article here.