In India, thinking big by thinking small

International Herald Tribune has very nice story. The story is all about rural Indians. One in nine human beings is an Indian villager, and 70 percent of Indian villagers have no bank account, inhabiting a financial parallel universe in which savings are a gold necklace and loans come from pistol-packing moneylenders. Over 700 million people don’t have accounts or savings. This story covers how ICICI bank is going to change all this. Indeed very well written. But more important if we really wanna see growth of all of our Indians then we need to take approach like this one.
Full article here.

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One thought on “In India, thinking big by thinking small”

  1. hlo: according to me its fake information which is collected by the icici bank. now a days countryside ‘ s peoples are opening thrir accounts in different bank and they are awaring about how they can safe their money by the help of privatisation

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