Sensex crossed 10000 marks

This is sign of booming Indian economy. Y’days jump made me little fortune too :). Around 3:30 pm my friend called me and gave me this nice news. He said it sensex is at 10003 mark. Many experts think it just represent the confidence of global institutional investors in our economy. Here is journey of sensex:

  • July-25-1990 : 1000
  • Jan-15-1992 : 2000
  • Mar-2-1992 : 3000
  • Mar-30-1992 : 4000
  • Dec-30-1999 : 5000
  • Jan-2-2004 : 6000
  • June-20-2005 : 7000
  • Sept-8-2005 : 8000
  • Nov-28-2005 : 9000
  • Feb-06-2006 : 10000

Our economy was open way back in 1990 to foreign investors. Online trading is also gaining popularity these days. At least over million+ Indians use this facility. The only question, “Is the market over-valued? Only time will tell… ;)

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