India’s largest IPO – Reliance Power

Reliance Power Limited is established to develop, construct and operate power projects in the domestic and international markets. It is well known for its IPO (initial public offering).

On January 15, 2008, the company attracted Rs 10,260 crore ( US $27.5 billion) of bids on the first day of its IPO, equivalent to 10.5 times the stock on offer, thereby, creating India’s IPO record. The proposed IPO was to fund the development of its six power projects across the country whose completion dates are scheduled from December 2009 to March 2014. According to this article Reliance power spent total 30 crore to push IPO campaign:

A Rs 30 crore multimedia campaign, spread over 17 days, and that is just the tip of the Reliance ADAG brand juggernaut. Since it was created over two and a half years ago, Reliance ADAG has choked up an annual media spend of about Rs 500 crore, signed on agencies beyond Mudra and at this rate may challenge Hindustan Lever, the country’s largest advertiser.

The cliché goes-‘‘it takes money to make money’ and the Reliance ADA Group seems to have followed it to the T; pumping in money of around Rs 500 crore over the last year, to ensure it was the most visible brand.

Dell opens new R&D center in Bangalore India

Dell inaugurated Thursday a new research and development (R&D) facility in Bangalore, India, that can house up to 1,000 staff. The new facility is in line with Dell’s plans to make India a hub for the development of enterprise products such as servers, storage, and software.

Its manufacturing plant in Chennai in south India is scheduled to start production in July, which will further bring down the cost of Dell computers in India.
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Why India will overtake China

Cait Murphy, Fortune assistant managing editor has written a nice article about Why India will overtake China – despite recent growth, political oppression will keep the Asian tiger on a tight leash.

China has higher literacy and better infrastructure. It takes a month to start a business in China, and three in India. China has more savings, less debt and less poverty. Then how India is going to overtake china?

Author discusses matter with following two points:

  • Political infrastructure
  • Demonstrable success

If this is a race, India has already been lapped,” concluded the Economist in a survey of the two Asian giants.

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US warns on India soft drinks ban

Five Indian states have announced partial bans on the drinks in schools, colleges and hospitals. Southern Kerala state is the first to completely ban their production and sale.

Now us official started to send messages to Govt. Of India:
“A US official has warned India that bans imposed on soft drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi could blight its hopes of attracting American investment.”

Well to be frank I still drink the both Coca and Pepsi. There is too much pollution out there in all Indian cities that does not mean I should stay in home only.

Let the people decide what is good and bad for them…

India’s outsourced engineering market will be worth $40 billion

WOW! I just came accorss this article. It says, “Software services companies in India will have a $40-billion market opportunity in engineering services by 2020, according to a study released Thursday.

According to this site, “The report, by India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) and the management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, found that Indian software companies have been hiring domain experts in all kinds of manufacturing industries.
Demand for designing, engineering parts, virtual testing, and embedded software for devices has been rising from global customers…”

Read more : India Engineering Demand Grows

I am just wondering, how do I grab small pie from this $40 billion dollar industry? A million dollar (INR. 46000000) will not be bad for me… he he

XBOX 360 to hit india before the Diwali

Finally, some good news for all gamers out there, Microsoft plans to launch its Xbox 360 gaming console in India, where an economic boom has boosted incomes and spurred spending.

According to Zdnet story, “…The U.S. software firm aims to hit the market before the Indian festival of lights, or Diwali, when many companies pay annual bonuses to workers. This year, festival falls on Oct. 21…“.

Microsoft hopes to offer the Xbox 360 console, its controller and one game for about Rs. 20,000 ($450 approx).

The price seems to be little high as compare to US market.

American and European companies want to setup N plants in India

French and American N-tech firms eying India according to new article in times of India.
All of them just waiting for the nuclear deal to be cleared out in Washington.

According this TOI article sources, Westinghouse, GE, Atomstroy Export and Areva will be at the starting line-up to bid for nuclear power reactors for India.

Now if I consider past history of US and high interest by big tech firms means the congress will pass the said bill.

Indian Software and service exports touch USD 23 billion

Both Software and services export from India are estimated to have grown at 35.50% in 2005-06 to $23.49 billion.

These figures released by Electronics and Computer Software Export promotion council.

This is cool news and growth will continue for good IT jobs.

Blank cheque companies high in US for indian business

Yahoo! India News reporting that how companies in us are keen to invest in India, especially in IT and IT-enabled services sector (aka BPO).

FTA “2006 is expected to see further growth in this trend, and India is getting a big piece of the action. New York investment bank maxim group, which last year managed the biggest offering so far in this category, expects to take three more India-focused blank check companies public later this year to raise a total of around $180 million.

Now that is cool news for Indian companies.