One night @ call center

I have heard a lot about this book so my brother ashish brought book for us. First, it is a fiction work and not based upon true story.

The book is all about problems that most of us face in day today life (no matter if you work in call center or not). The book is all about young people who work in call center. Most of them face some sort of problem (girlfriend/boyfriend, money, no job guaranty, clients from US blaming/bashing (overrated) all Indian workers blah blah). In order to get rid of problem God calls them and guides them. Nothing to new, here if you have IT industry background or you worked in a call center. However, book has one good point how to get rid of your day today life problem, if you are stuck in such situation in life then read the book ( however if you are really stuck in life then you should read Bhagwat gita to solve all mysteries of life, IMPO)

In short, book is little over heaped and only useful if

  • You wanna kill your Sunday afternoon
  • If you never worked in BPO/IT industry they you will get some idea about work culture of small BPOs (please note that big BPOs in India follows very good work culture)
  • You wanna find out answer to some your problem in life in funny reading

Book details
Publisher: Rupa
Category: Fiction
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Price Rs.95/-
My rating: 2 ½ out of 5

Brainbench certification for two weeks free of charge

Brainbench is opening its entire library of certification tests (regularly priced at $49.95 per test) for two weeks FREE OF CHARGE! That’s right, over 500 Brainbench certifications will be available to you at no charge from November 1 – 15, 2005. Following seems to be good choice, IMPO:

  • Linux Administration Certification (Red Hat, Suse)
  • Unix Administration Certification (Soaris, AIX)
  • Windows Administration Certification (NT/2000)
  • Other programming certifications like C, C++, Java
  • Here is the list of all IT certifications.

According to brainbench

Over a quarter million people participated in last year’s Bench Games, Brainbench’s certification competition. And they have listened to users requests and will be bringing back the Games in April 2006. Until then, to help you prepare for the Games, Brainbench is opening its entire library of certification tests…

So what you are waiting for try out yourself online

Hanuman is the best animated Indian movie

Shri Hanuman Logo
Shri Hanuman

Finally we have our own animated movie with superb animation effect that can match the quality of Hollywood animated movies such as Finding NEMO and SHREK, etc. This movie is not just for kids, even adult will find it very interesting. The story includes Hanuman childhood, and how he helped Lord Shri Ram to defeat Ravana and rescued the Sita with his supernatural powers. It has some the best animation effects. The baby Hanuman looks very cute and It will soon appear on kids T-shits :) IMPO. See my previous Animated epic HANUMAN movie entry for more info.

Baby Hanuman
Baby Hanuman looks very cute

Overall rating 9/10
Animation and visual effects: 9/10

Earthquake Prediction ?

According to US-based quake researcher Zhonghao Shou, who has been using satellite imagery to predict quakes on the basis of peculiar cloud formations, ancient Chinese and Italians studied special clouds which were indicative of impending earthquakes.

A website on earthquake clouds and short term prediction maintained by him ‘Earthquake clouds and short term prediction’ homepage, states that he had predicted “a China or Neighbour EQ Cloud” more than 24 hours before the Pakistan quake happened.

That is really a good stuff, IMPO.