One night @ call center

I have heard a lot about this book so my brother ashish brought book for us. First, it is a fiction work and not based upon true story.

The book is all about problems that most of us face in day today life (no matter if you work in call center or not). The book is all about young people who work in call center. Most of them face some sort of problem (girlfriend/boyfriend, money, no job guaranty, clients from US blaming/bashing (overrated) all Indian workers blah blah). In order to get rid of problem God calls them and guides them. Nothing to new, here if you have IT industry background or you worked in a call center. However, book has one good point how to get rid of your day today life problem, if you are stuck in such situation in life then read the book ( however if you are really stuck in life then you should read Bhagwat gita to solve all mysteries of life, IMPO)

In short, book is little over heaped and only useful if

  • You wanna kill your Sunday afternoon
  • If you never worked in BPO/IT industry they you will get some idea about work culture of small BPOs (please note that big BPOs in India follows very good work culture)
  • You wanna find out answer to some your problem in life in funny reading

Book details
Publisher: Rupa
Category: Fiction
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Price Rs.95/-
My rating: 2 ½ out of 5

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36 thoughts on “One night @ call center”

  1. Hey Vivek,
    I wasted Rs.95/- and my expectations on this book and I think it is overhyped as being an “excellent” one as discussed in several message boards on the net. It does not even give info about the work culture for “small” BPOs as you have stated. A BPO structure for the book is just an excuse to write the book about people with twisted lives thats the subject for many soaps on the telly.
    I do hope few people wd fall prey to miscommunication by print and web.
    Have a nice day!:-)

  2. ONE NIGHT @ CALL CENTRE is a book too casual to read.. BPO life is very hard as people has to work at night shifts.. but i think the autor wrote a book for the mass & not just for the BPO employees.. The story is all about 6 Bpo guys n the general problems that everyone faces.. But the book has been extended for no reasons.. It could have ended long before.. I don’t think the book is worth paying Rs.95.. Its very shallow.. Mr.Chetan Bhagat needs to work harder to create a lasting impact on the readers..

  3. ya ..i too read it with lot a eager each day… its waste of time for me but one think i can say,the english is easy to read..

  4. Hi,
    i read this novel only 4 days ago. Why so late? because my new roomie had it with him. I have heard of Five point someone, so i thought why not read this authors second book.

    I was shocked. SERIOUSLY.

    Man!!! what if i tell you the story is may not be original..or aptly, the idea may be copied.
    Wats the word..Plagiarism

    I really see this guy Chetan with suspicion now.

    Cutting short. read it.

    There is a series on Star Tv called “star best sellers” which have these one episode stories everytime.
    One of the story had same story as chetan bhagat

    In that story,
    there are 5 people in lift (or 6) they are returning from same office when their lift gets stuck.
    Each of them is frustrated with life having their own problem.

    Inlifet their is this old man who no one knows. Then the lift wires began to snap.

    AND all of them except old man become hysterical.

    The old man then pacifies them, give them gyan..and by his godly talks make everyone blab out their sick life stories…

    all of them become friends and vow to improve their life if they remain alive. Old man ask them to have faith and finally with just one lift wire remaining the help comes …lift becomes right and all happy come out of lift. Their life becomes normal and happy again…they became friends.. but they never cam know who was that old man…WHICH OFCOURSE WAS GOD…

    see the striking similiarilty,,infact it seems chetan story has just cal center and car instead of Normal office and lift in the star serial..

    By the way THE GOD was played by noted actor TOM ALTER..

    i wonder why no one even those actors in that series bring up this point..(may be none of them read novels.and certainly chetan bhagat)

    wattsay….has anyone seen this episode….i wonder such similiarity is coincidental or Mr. Chetan is well no more than a plag..damn it!!spellings are tough

    ANYWAYS decision is left on you ..but this need to be bring in light. and for any comment mail at nishant_nim

  5. hi i read this book 3 days ago.
    my favor8 chtr. in this book is shyam & priyanka.
    well book is really nice.
    this book has changed my life.
    i m in love with this book,

  6. hi, i just finished reading one night @ the call centre and it left me high and dry. i had heard so much reviews but the end result was dissapointing. the main theme is a direct lift off from Yann Martls “Life of Pi”!!! towards the end even the sentences are a direct lift. Chetan…. I am going to write to you. I feel sick!!! i mean how can someone life something off a book which won the Man booker prize?? or does chetan think that we indians only read indian novels? whole load of crap!!! i am dissapointed to say the least !!!!!!!!

  7. hey , this is one of the best book ever i read , go and read it , dont be baised on above silly scrap

  8. hi i think this a good book for youngsters who want to know the life realities easy english is attract to readers who are new 95/- is a reasonable price as per as my thinking.but mr. Chetan Bhagat needs some extra effort to improve his writting

  9. I still havent read it… but the reviews arent too exciting…i was suggested by a friend to read this book… but i think this time i am gonna leave it and see if i really have nothing to do i might read it…

  10. I haven’t finished reading the book as I hardly get time. I bought it last week.It is a must have for youngsters. I have formed a habit of reading a chapter daily after going home from the office at night. It seems to be an interesting one and I curse myself for purchasing this book so late.
    Rest, I will let you know when I finish reading it.

  11. The starting was good, but the ending was pathetic. loads of crap…. i was curious in d beginning but got bored with tooo many dialogues and incidences.
    its a very okay type book , just a time pass… and somewhere i feel it was very bollywood style toooo

  12. well i like the book and it is really fantastic well chetan could have brought some more comey as there was less comedy than in his first book five point someonewell it nas no negative sayings its coool
    keep on writing these books and it is a nice one to read and i like the book

  13. hey all

    i havent read the book yet…..but wanna know that the author has given the plot that he met 1 lady in the train n she narreted the story….

    can any1 tell me is that part is real or fiction???

  14. hi,
    this is really an amazing book
    i m anxiously waiting 4 d 4th book as i’ve read all the 3 books

  15. HI All,

    I read this book, and i found it interresting and it is more interresting for people who have friends(girl),

  16. Hi All,
    Really interesting book, I admire Mr. Chetan Bhagat for his lively presentation of 6 human beings representing certain societies in India. He has succeeded in bringing out some part of life in this small book. Expecting more serious writings…..

  17. Again a hit!!! what an imagination and putting them into the track… Really Author has caught the nerves of the youths… Its a Goos book to read but the end could have reated more excitement…nevertheless Chetan – Good Job!!!

  18. Any of you people who like it read “Life of Pi” first?
    If so, doesn’t the plagarism just ruin what is otherwise a reasonable (if made-for-tv-adaptation) yarn?

  19. i have read this book it is a very good book, enjoyed reading it unfortunately i had borrowed this book from a friend, and had to return him so i could not read the whole story.

  20. Hey guys!

    I really found the book is very interesting. Simple language!!!

    U must related this with life. Consider the peoples U come across in life who suits the charactors n then read it….U will enjoy. Forgate about the JOBs at BPO.

    But the fun is that I yet not found the Girl who mate the author….If she was not one of the three them who is she?
    Is author trying to tell that he met god?

  21. This book seems heavily plagiarised….how has this guy got away with it? The section dealing with “having God in the story makes it a better one” is directly lifted from “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel. There are other instances…. should we write to somebody about this?

  22. Dear India,

    I live in the USA. I know several call-center workers. They have almost no rights. Many work 7 days a week and have two jobs. They have no vacations and low wages. I want to know something.

    Why can’t the two countries come together, and form a union, a labor union, of call center workers?

    All we have to do is plant the seed… first a secret meeting place on the internet. Second we have to develop an understanding of each other, life situations, desires, dreams, wishes, family situations, employment situations, etc. Thirdly, we have to strategize about how to improve our work situation and abuses of employers.

    Now, the old answer is to form a union, but this no longer works in America, because they simply close the company and send the jobs to India. But if we have Indian workers join us, then maybe they can’t do it anymore.

    Then comes the question: What is in it for the Indians? If the Americans can’t outsource, they will have no jobs!

    The goal is not to stop outsourcing, nor is it to stop globalization, nor is it to stop trade between countries. these things are good and can benefit the world.

    The goal is to protect workers rights and human dignity, and to restore the rights and laws that have been discarded by the corporations in recent years.

    To do this, we need to do what corporations have done…. multinationalize. Unions can no longer be single-country unions. They must be international in membership and goals, strategy and nature.

    I think the Indian and American call centers are a good place to start…. they share one language, they do almost exactly the same job, and they are both treated like crap by their employers.

  23. Hi guys,
    have read the story…..i still can’t figure out the girl who narrated the story to the author..….If she is not one of the three girls in the story, then who is she?
    Is the author telling that he met god or the whole thing a lively dream?
    can anyone clarify?

  24. hey, can anyone suggest a download link for this onen8@calcenter please..
    i was awating it from about 3 months.. pleaseeee..

  25. what’s problem off call center. sorry I don’t know pls tell me about the services and problems. all peoples dont like that is job y?

  26. Wow! *claps* ok dude! u have problem when he copies but why you don’t have any problem when 3 Idiots was coppied by Five Point Someone and no doubt, 3 idiots has more fans than Five point someone! Why?
    This movie has been viewed by almost all Indian states and yet, no more than 0.1% of Indians know whose creation actually is it!
    Plus, what if i give you a tv series, and ask you to write a novel more creatively, more beautifully about it, Can you do that? If yes, atleast when you’ve done with it, remember what you have done. You have done the same thing that is been abused by you about Sir Chetan!
    I hope little guilt about your comment rise within you!

  27. “Dear India”… That’s hilarious. After 4 years, your idea still sounds brilliant though I wish you’d stop calling yourself a coward.

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