AMD to set up $3 bn chip plant in India

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced to setup chip plant and technology support for India’s first semiconductor manufacturing plant. The $3 billion plant will be set up by SemIndia, a group of overseas Indians.

Dr. Vinod K. Agarwal, is a Founder, President and CEO, SemIndia, Inc. He has made a rare transition from a distinguished researcher to a notable entrepreneur. With SemIndia, Inc., Dr. Agarwal and his colleagues, have a new enterprise to create “Semiconductors Made in India ”

Announcing the partnership, Mr Vinod Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, SemIndia, said the project is expected to take off next year and will lead to a world-class industry in India to meet domestic and global demands of semiconductor chips for cell phones, PCs and set-top boxes.


Earthquake Prediction ?

According to US-based quake researcher Zhonghao Shou, who has been using satellite imagery to predict quakes on the basis of peculiar cloud formations, ancient Chinese and Italians studied special clouds which were indicative of impending earthquakes.

A website on earthquake clouds and short term prediction maintained by him ‘Earthquake clouds and short term prediction’ homepage, states that he had predicted “a China or Neighbour EQ Cloud” more than 24 hours before the Pakistan quake happened.

That is really a good stuff, IMPO.