How to: Set WordPress Blog on Your Home Page While Leaving Admin Files in Subdirectory

You can easily set wordpress blog hosted in a subdirectory as a homepage. Let us assume that your blog is hosted at To set home page for, create index.php in root directory and append the following code (note blog is hosted in /blog/ subdirectory):

/* Short and sweet */
define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);
define('WP_IN_ROOTDIR', true);

Now if anyone visit, they will see blog home page w/o visiting

This way you can give out WordPress its own directory while leaving blog in the root directory. You can find more information here.

Dell Computers sues innocent Paul Dell the web designer

I just read this story via Digg’s RSS feed. Then I had visited to Paul’s web site. It does not sells computer or IT product. He his just web designer, and this is another one of those David and Goliath stories.

Basically this domain name and business name includes his last name and Dell computer thinks he has committed acts of parasitism and of unfair competition to the detriment of the American company Dell Inc.

Sorry Dell computer I was just thinking to purchase one of your Laptop products but I have dropped the idea :D

Follow the complete news at Paul’s blog and Digg story. If you can help, then please donate to the money to Paul Dell to fight against Dell Computers.

Flicker create a static online gallery of flicker photos

Recently I found interesting online tool called Flickr Album Maker. With this tool, you can create very nice online photo gallery of all your photo in zippy for your blog or website. Visit Flickr Album Maker online form and it will create ready-to-paste HTML code for your photo gallery after submitting your information.

Flicker create a static online gallery of flicker photo

Slide show of sample photos:

You can get lots of other nice tool at fd’s Flickr Toys. You can create a slideshow and share it with your friends.

Google messed up home page

Well main home page looks same but when you put search text and hit enter key you will notice something different at bottom of screen. Yup they got Copyright and other links at bottom repeated twice. Very bad even these days smallest site don’t have this kind of goof ups.

If that is not sufficient they have also messed up top of page by displaying link to all other search engine and blog site, where you can do additional search. C’mon we know google is the best and we don’t need other sites ;)