Flicker create a static online gallery of flicker photos

Recently I found interesting online tool called Flickr Album Maker. With this tool, you can create very nice online photo gallery of all your photo in zippy for your blog or website. Visit Flickr Album Maker online form and it will create ready-to-paste HTML code for your photo gallery after submitting your information.

Flicker create a static online gallery of flicker photo

Slide show of sample photos:

You can get lots of other nice tool at fd’s Flickr Toys. You can create a slideshow and share it with your friends.

DesktopBSD is out!

DesktopBSD combines the stability of FreeBSD, the usability and functionality of KDE and the simplicity of specially developed software to provide a system that’s easy to use and install. Take a look at screenshots
. More info available at offical web page.