Miss India 2008

Miss India is an annual, national beauty pageant held in India and organized by Femina & Pantaloons.

Simran Kaur Mundi of Mumbai was crowned Miss India Universe 2008 at a glittering function held at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai on Saturday night.

Parvathy Omanakuttam of Kerala won the Miss India World crown while Harshita Saxena of Goa was declared Miss India Earth.

Simran Kaur Mundi

Simran Kaur Mundi
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Parvathy Omanakuttan

Parvathy Omanakuttan

Update: Parvathy Omanakuttan – First Runnerup at Miss World Contest 2008

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Harshita Saxena

Harshita Saxena
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=> More information – Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2008 (Photo credits: PTI Photo by Girish Srivastav / TOI / offical web site)

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  2. Isn’t it quite strange enough that Miss India World was announced after Miss India Universe? I think everybody knows that the pagaent of Miss Universe is for the winner of the Country Pagaent and that means the winner is Simran, then why is Miss India World standing in the middle as if she is the winner?

  3. I Agree with the Debaleena Shah. Its really strange that Miss India World was announced after Miss India Universe. Plz Let us know who is the winner of Country Pagaent ?

  4. that’s because now the status of Miss World is much higher than Miss Universe for some strange reason..

  5. Hi, Parvathy, You are our pride and we are proud of your achievement, being Miss India World. “A great daughter of the God’s own country” . You may be really a beauty as experts vouched: Caution:- We can be proud of you and your beauty but YOU DON’T BE PROUD OF YOUR BEAUTY because face of a proud beauty human look always ugly. Finally one piece of advise – do something different from other crowned ex-beauties (Most crowned ex-beauties end up in cellulloid exploitation who became champions of minting money there by un-wrapping their beauty) and try stand alone specifmen i.e. a unique one. Also note beauty always stand beauty only when it is within required wrapping. Wish you all the best in the days to come and pray for all fame & happiness.

  6. Harshita Goa is proud of You. You look gorgeous. All the best to you, I know u will make GOA and INDIA PROUD.

  7. I feel none of these girls are beautiful compared to other Asian beauties.Indian women do not have nice smooth skin,gentleness and lack the genuine smile.Aishwarya and Sushmita are nothing great as many think.look at them they have aged and is covered with thick make-up. Indian women tend to have sagging skin when they reach the thirties and age fast compared to any other Asian women Those who have been picked will not even be in the semi finals.South American women are the likely candidate to win the crown. Its a pity this year too the contestants picked are nothing to look at or be proud of

  8. The picked contestants are not likely to win as the are normal looking girls.Can’t understand why they pick girls who are not beautiful enough to be candidates for the contest.All the best anyway and am not happy about the selection.

  9. Keralites are usually gifted with a natural smile but unfortunately not Parvaty.It could be because she grew up with hard looking Indians of Mumbai.All the best but doubtful if you could even be picked in the finals

  10. None of the selected girls are beautiful.India is picking just normal looking girls with thick make-up. Parvathy however seem to have intelligence and beautiful hair.The other 2 are worst looking.I wish all the best .Only a miracle will help them

  11. I have been looking at some other Asian contestants but am disappointed our selection is bad.The other Asians have beautiful smiles but ours look so fake.Smile is what the judges look for and its should be a natural gift.Indian women lack such gifts unfortunately. We rarely see smiling faces but more among South Indians.

  12. I think that each year indian gals are looking really gorgeous & some of u here have a problem with that. If you think that there are better gals than the recent winners, Y not ask the “so called” more & better looking beauties to join? At least these gals woudn’t have to spare their precious time in the pageant & making you people condeming them? It’s time for you people to shut & accept the fact of the winners & anyway it’s not you bunch of people representing India. It’s Them who’s doing & Frankly speaking Our India Beauties are bringing More Pride & Honour each year to the country. I think it’s either you people come forward & take part in this contest & not teasing the gals. It’s easy for you A******* to talk behind the screen. Ynot try to come forward & do it So that you will know the pinch of it. Adios!! I love India!!

  13. hiiiiiiiii
    i like u that u won miss india.i also wanna to be participate in miss india 2009.can u suggest me, plz plz plz. i m crazy to be participate in miss india and also desire to win miss india contest.plz,guide me.

  14. i don’t understand why india send Simran to the competition she is not pretty enough,i like Alisha pekha she is the most beautiful indian i’ve ever seen when i look her my very 1st time i bet india will won that Miss Universe but poorly India has send the wrong person for compete.Alisha Pekha has experience enough to do that she is modelling and very attractive not like Simran even her name also not popular and no fame at all.So sad india~ a small mistake will bring more loose…

  15. As a personal view point, i believe that our beauty contest is a night mare. i have’nt really seen any diva or exceptionally good looking girls in this contest. The kind of girls who take part in this competition actually have no competition. they are as normal as a house wife. it has been a dissapointment to see such ugly faces winning the competition, and dont get me stated on the answers that these girls give to the questions asked in the competition, its appalling!
    i personaly feel that the real indian beauties dont even take part in such competion any more, because unlike before, there is so much more for girls to be successful in.
    i believe that indian women are the perfect blend of beauty with brains (like Sushmita), so why waste time in a contest where you need to mug up “world peace” and just vomit it in front of some XY and Z. We can do much better than that!!

  16. i waan to participate miss india contest 2009 so please reply me about what will require for the contest.

  17. I just want to point out that Debaleena Shah is actually wrong cause Parvathy is Miss India and Simran only came in second. However Miss World is has better reputation compared with Miss Universe thats y India sends the winner for Miss World Competition.

  18. everyone should just be proud, and there’s no reason to call someone “ugly” thats just terrible…not only are these girls beautiful, they are representing your country at such a high level, they need all of your support…im not even indian, but im really happy for them….and to all those ppl that called them ugly — you’re pathetic, plz don’t ever call any0ne that.

  19. miss parvathy is looking beautiful! well she is intelligent also, but gals they picked are not that great compared to other awesome gals in india….

  20. hai,prabhaty congratulats u won the miss india we and our contry pride of u, one thing i m saying u never hurt others and u go ur won way and work hard then definitly u find sucess, sucess is the fast part of our life, take care Love u…………….

  21. they are really good looking…and developed a plesant personality but my request to u all beauties is please actively motivate all those beauties of india who are hidden…means to motivate people who dare to take participate in this kind of contest…make them confident …ur words can help them a lot

  22. miss universe is a better title holder for a country the miss world is 2nd to that ,miss universe is more of a beauty pageant than the miss world ,miss world is more of a fund raising organisation

  23. Hi Simran,

    Congratulations on winning the Miss India Universe crown. I really like your profile. You are slim, fair and sexy. Just the kind oif girl I was looking for. I want to marry you. Will you marry me? Would you like to go on a date with me? Please send a mail to me. I am 32 years old and still single. I am assiduous, candid, even tempered and accommodating. I like internet surfing and listening to music. I have travelled both in and outside India.

  24. wow Simran Kaur you are just so pretty i am not being mean or anything but i am much prettier than you sozzzzzzzzzzzzz

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