Would like to work at Google India? Just participate in competition

There is absolutely no prerequisite, except, you win a writing competition to work at Google India.

If you have a clear, concise style and can use words to inform and persuade consumers, Google would like to hear from you. Google is looking for exceptional individuals to join the Google team in India, and organising a contest the Google Wordmasters Challenge to find and reward India’s best writers.

The contest will be judged by a panel of respected professional writers.

And hurry. The contest is open only to the first 300 participants, so the sooner you enter, the better. The deadline for entries is 25th September 2006.

More info @ Google website

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18 thoughts on “Would like to work at Google India? Just participate in competition”

  1. en-route mt. everest -the UN should intrude in the developments that china is undertaking …keeping in view not
    only the inhabitants of earth but also the generations to come!!!

  2. i have done M.Sc.(I.T) from veer narmad south gujarat university, surat and i am eagar to work in google.

  3. Yeah I am very much interested in working with google, well i have head that people are now working with google from their home also, I was wondering if any one on theos can share their ideas…

  4. Many reason for global warming, like airpollution,ozone layer defect,more of radiation ,etc.. But i say the earth goes close to sun.in solar system the earth orbit track is changing,in this reason lunar or solar eclipse happan two,three or more time in a year.one more thing earth’s magnetic power is increasing.because in the earth surface, lot of eloctronic radio waves passing.due to this the earth magnetic system is disturbing.this will make earth quakes etc. This all are my thought. This type of thinking push me to work in google.

  5. Hi
    Certainly wana work with google india. Done MBA into International Business. with 4 years work exp into Business Development.

    How to go further?? let me know

    Thank you

  6. hai guy

    iam B.Tech(IT) 2008 pass out doing MCSE & CCNA very interested to work in google
    what are the way to enter in google . what are the things want to learn expectating response

    Many thanks

  7. i want to job in google.i hv comleted m.sc.it from ravenshaw universitty in this yr.if any vacancy i want to face interview

  8. I’m neither a CA nor a certified MBA…..i’m just a graduate who can only think and type Google once i lay my fingers on the keyboard!!! I would love to explore, learn, contribute and certainly achieve those by working for the master itself “Google”.

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