Mumbai Marathon

The Mumbai Marathon event was first staged in the year 2004. It is held annually in January. It is 42.195 km long Marathon race. And the winners are for 2008 Men race :

# 1: John Kelai (Kenya) – 2:12:22:21

# 2: Tariku Jiffar (Ethiopia) – 2:12:27:98

# 3: Philemon Boit (Kenya) – 2:12:34:57

Women Winners 2008
# 1: Mulu Seboka (ETH) – 2:30:03:19

# 2: Mogaka Kemunto Irene (KEN) – 2:32:50:91

The Prize Money for 2008 is US $240,000. The prize money break-up is as follows:
a) The prize money for the fastest runners in Men’s and Women’s category are $31,000 each.
b) Additional $2,250 being awarded to the fastest Indian citizen (men and women) in the Full and Half Marathon categories.

WINNING WAYS: John Kelai celebrates after winning the Mumbai marathon
( John Kelai Winner 2008 – Photo Credit – TOI)

Congratulations to all Mumbai marathon 2008 winners. More information including photos available at official web site.

PS: Flick has more photos.

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  1. I want to take part in maratho anyhow,just I want it to you to write my name in marathon . I am 8th std gril .i am 15 year old .I will be 16 in 9th std . I was really want to go marathon . I just want to come collage arlly in 1 year I want to complete school .andlook tall girl . bus , like that I want to come first inmarathon , i love marathon ,i am proud to take part . love you.

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