Linux worm targets PHP based application

There is news of a worm which uses a vulnerability in the PHPXMLRPC libraries to spread a computer virus. It is called as Linux/Lupper.worm. This is not just Linux or BSD specific it would affect anything that use the PHP. McAfee reports that

This worm spreads by exploiting web servers hosting vulnerable PHP/CGI scripts. It is a modified derivative of the Linux/Slapper and BSD/Scalper worms from which it inherits the propagation strategy. It scans an entire class B subnet created by randomly choosing the first byte from an hard-coded list of A classes and randomly generating the second byte.

WordPress blog software is secure from this attack :D Read the McAfee report here. More coverage is here and here.

Seven steps to success

Recently I came across Sunday Time of India article written by Chirs Widener. Article highlights the seven steps to success as follows:

i)Give others your honesty
ii)Give others your respect
iii) Give others your vulnerability
iv) Give others your care
v)Give others your passion
vi) Give others your experience
vii) Give others your help

I must agree with author and just would like to add one more rule to this list

“Every action has opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law of MotionFor every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.) so if you do good to others (by giving your honesty, respect, care, help etc) same comes back to you”.

Indeed last rules summaries all of above rules.