Aryan Unbreakable Movie

Sohail Khan and Sneha Ullal coming together in action packed Aryan – Unbreakable movie. From the promo, it looks like movie inspired by famous Sylvester Stallone Rocky movie.

It is all about a young man and his passion for boxing and love life (Sneha). He is the college champion. However, one day he gets married with Sneha and he quits boxing starts his life as a sports commentator. Since he is born as a fighter, it is difficult for him to live an ordinary man’s life.

Therefore, he decided to get back to game and become a national chap. Nevertheless, without any practice for years it is hard to come back into game…

I am looking forward to see this one… music is okay

Seven steps to success

Recently I came across Sunday Time of India article written by Chirs Widener. Article highlights the seven steps to success as follows:

i)Give others your honesty
ii)Give others your respect
iii) Give others your vulnerability
iv) Give others your care
v)Give others your passion
vi) Give others your experience
vii) Give others your help

I must agree with author and just would like to add one more rule to this list

“Every action has opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law of MotionFor every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.) so if you do good to others (by giving your honesty, respect, care, help etc) same comes back to you”.

Indeed last rules summaries all of above rules.