Flying in your own plane

A few months ago, the India’s first aircraft showroom opened in Bangalore and they have sold few light aircrafts. Each aircrafts costs around 45-50 lakhs.

Time of India (TOI) reporting other costs of owing a light aircraft:

* Rs. 50,000 a year for maintenance
* Rs. 80,000 yearly insurance
* Rs. 2 lakh for a PPL training course (very high cost)
* Rs. 250 as airport landing charge
* Rs. 5-6 an hour for airport parking charge
* In an hour, in consumes 18 liters, cost you Rs.1200 and you can cover 190 km
Even Test flights cost you Rs.5000

Dam it is f*****g expensive. Only millionaires can own such aircraft.

Not wanted: Successful woman!

Time of India has new story. It reads “A recent book by New York Times columnist suggest that men are afraid of women who are successful and bright :/?”. Sure, the article sucks ;)

Wow, it may be because of power trouble issues or may be something else. All I can say it is not a good idea to afraid of Successful woman. If she is Ambitious, Independent, and Smart then men should appreciate that :)

My friend questioned me would you go and accept success women? I replied why not. You have to accept facts in life and this is one of them. Heh…

Intel india fires employee

Intel Technologies India has sent out 250+ employees to home. All of them are fire because of faking bills to claim allowances like conveyance, drivers’ salaries and LTA etc.

Intel India is recognized as a top employer in India, Intel placed in the top 10 rankings for both the “Best Employers in India 2004” survey and CNBC TV 18’s “Great Place to Work 2004” survey. The Intel Development Centre in Bangalore has about 2,700 professionals.

According to Time of India (TOI)Intel set up an independent team to investigate claims, which then proceeded to take immediate action against the employees found guilty.“.

According to Intel, “the matter relates to code of conduct violation. Intel does expect very high standards of employee conduct and business ethics. Intel does not discuss personnel matters“.

Faking bills to claim your allowances and Corruption in public life is very common in India especially in government offices. However it is believed that private sector is free from Corruption and malpractice. Intel chose to crack down on the malpractice and that is good choice because corrupt people are very bad for any work. They can sell your top secret too. A new study by Transparency International ( TI ) brackets India with some of the world’s most corrupt nations. Of the 102 nations surveyed in 2001, India is ranked 72 (thay have also published 2004 survey).

My personal opinion is Intel did take correct action against all people involved in malpractice. Most of these people get paid five figure salaries and still they do all sort of malpractices. I’m sure Intel could have taken more serious actions against all of them but they have just opted to sack out them.

Seven steps to success

Recently I came across Sunday Time of India article written by Chirs Widener. Article highlights the seven steps to success as follows:

i)Give others your honesty
ii)Give others your respect
iii) Give others your vulnerability
iv) Give others your care
v)Give others your passion
vi) Give others your experience
vii) Give others your help

I must agree with author and just would like to add one more rule to this list

“Every action has opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law of MotionFor every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.) so if you do good to others (by giving your honesty, respect, care, help etc) same comes back to you”.

Indeed last rules summaries all of above rules.