KANK review – Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna movie review

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I love music of this movie besides we have great stars (Rani, Abhishek, King khan etc). As usual this is a love story (and movie name starts with K .. heh).

King khan (DEV ) was a professional footballer and his career ends because of terrible accident. Preity (Reha) is wife of SRK. They have a son (oh SRK is getting old now ;) ) Arjun.

Other couple is Rani (Maya) a kid’s schoolteacher and Abhishek (Rishi) is a PR consult.

One fine day Dev and Maya meets and the love story begin. Not to mentioned this cause all sort of trouble for rest of family member.

So how all the different characters deal with this new development in their lives forms the bottom of Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.


  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Shahrukh Khan
  • Rani Mukerji
  • Preity Zinta
  • Abhishek Bachchan
  • Producer – Dharma Productions
  • Director by Karan Johar

Overall, it turns out a disappointment. I will give only 2 / 5 (1 for music and 1 for nice photography or whatever you call it).

Update: Most on line review (Yahoo India and CNN IBN) site has given these movie 4+ ratings. Good job Mr. Karan Johar for corrupting online site review providers. Thanks to all Indian bloggers out there. Truth is out! I will never-ever read those sites again.

Update2: Golden Movie Critic left a very nice comment below “..I hope that the DVD version has alternate endings..” I agree with commenter (anyway who is going to buy DVD ;) )

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161 thoughts on “KANK review – Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna movie review”

  1. What a crap of a movie.. torture for 3 hours

    ill watch omkara or krissh but this is the worst movie from Karan Johar.

  2. definitely not worth to watch with all family members in one word I will describe it as – da cheap movie

    total waste of 150 bucks

  3. bad bad bad movie

    and some1 paid to rajeev masand (IBN) for this review. Just go and read site u will see how ppl r angry abt him

  4. lost impression on sharukh and rani after watching this movie.how could they do such a bakwas movie.

  5. Pathetic Movie to say the least.
    If you can sympathize with SRK and Rani’s character, then may be you didn’t watch the movie closely, or may be you saw Abhishek’s if not Preity’s unfair behavior with their spouses. Abhishek was shown so loveable yet rejected by Rani… if thats not selfish then tell me what is. The movie had no charms of KKHH, K3G, or Kal ho na ho… it was pretty average… Even Kkrish was better than this… really. This one seemed hesitant and nervous to play negative lights on Karan’s heroes. I am sorry to disagree that the idea of the movie wasn’t handled well at all. It could’ve been an hour shorter and that last song was such a drag as well. karan tried to show a happy ending by getting Rani and SRK together at the end, but believe me, no one in their right mindsets would want them to get such a reward after their sinful/selfish act. Four thumbs down for this movie…

    Karan, i believe u can bounce back.

  6. this movie stinks trust me don’t watch this it has bigger stars than life but no script , no story shah rukh is finished. It is not his year it is hrithik’s year and aamir khans year. He looks old and he does not act good in this film. Waste of time.

    What kind of ex goes go to your love be realistic karan johar is a bad director he got lucky but he keeps on dwelling on the past do we need the dilwale scence in there with the kids brutal

    do we need abhishek saying good luck to rani go get married and top of that he marries a gori that was seen with big b this is brutal karan johar just keeps on running out of idea. The real director yash chopra and sanjay leela bhansali are way better then this dumb kid. As usual big stars lots of crying does not always result in a hit. I was excited about this movie but trust me not even worth 5 bucks waste of time . yaar paaiso vassool all the way i felt like sleeping half way

  7. i dont understand hindi cause i’m from Scotland but i have to say its an excellent movie with Karan Johar first attempt to make a movie on ‘realistc’ relationships.. now i know why every one loves Shah Rukh Khan in India. :)

  8. This movie was filled with warm and pleasant surprises to cherish always.. i and my pet puppy both cried while watching the film but only that he cried because he wanted to pee and i cried out of utter Glee.. hehe :P

  9. Karan Johar and M. Night Shyamlan fall in the same category this year, not that the two are comparable, but because they break the expectations in pretty much the similar way. The plot of Rani and Shahrukh falling in “love” was a very stealthy and attempt. There was no reason why “that” should have happened. Karan should no that love has an age old definition and a well-conditioned theme in Indian (as well as World Cinema) that has element of sacrifice, selflessness, responsibility, renunciation. Karan, you laid a very easy and false plot. It was just the sachharine glamor to a larger extent and your directorial skills to a lesser that you have escaped your own plot. I hope that the DVD version has alternate endings.

  10. despite all bad reviews out there, my girl friend forced me to spend over 500 rs for this movie. Now I’m badly suffering from headache.

    @Golden Movie Critic lol u r goanna purchase DVD… ;)


  11. LOL movie buff

    see now u r suffering from both your gf and movie…

    the worst movie I had ever seen.. it was like 9pm prime time star plus tv show …

    to be frank this is a mature subject and Karan totally disappointed us handling this subject.

  12. Here is what corrupted movie reviewers write (all are biased movie reviews) :

    Read on Taran Adarsh – On the whole, KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA is an outstanding film from the writing, performance and execution point of view … he gives 4/1/2 out of 5…my a$$ sir, u review is totally wrong…

    And here is one from Rajeev Masand He didn\’t like superman and other gud movies but certainly finds this movie a big entertainer… wow mr. rajeeve well done sir!

    They are not a film critic .. they have sold themselves for money.. b****ds

    ps: i hope my comment is not turned down :)

  13. desi film critic,

    Naa i will not turned down your comment. I agree with you.

    These movie reviews are biased and I understand your anger [especially after 3+ hrs torture ;) any one will go out of mind]

    Appreciate all of yours comments.

  14. my goodness….really bad movie….real headache…..plz avoid this movie…not worth to spend 200 on sucha bad flick

  15. this was the worst movie sad to say but even krish is better wait till doom 2 comes out if it is hit hrithik is number one.

    Shah rukh playing depressed the whole movie was brutal when shah rukh talks the movie is good like the first half the second half was so gay. And to all those review people that bs this movie is a flop don’t listen to those desi review people. As for that guy who went with his girlfriend dump her she wasted your money and go have an affair with married women basically this is what this movies message is if you have loving husband like abhisek and a no kids go cheat on your husband and go for a guy who is depressed and crippled and handicapped has no job and is married and has kids great story karan great.

    this movie is brutal shah rukh finished first pahlei. bs movie and now this . too bad

  16. JAY, I agree with u but I don’t think so this is the end of SRK.

    See AB sr still doing movies.. did u remember once BIG B was also out of movie business…I think DON will give him a real break. Yes krish was better, it was pesa wasool movie

    this movie does not provides any message, I am big fan of SRK (and I really mean it my husband still hates king khan…now go figure out ….)

    don’t even ask me about those desi bs I went because I read one those desi bs reviews

    As for that guy who went with his girlfriend … Haha don’t dump her coz of movie.. it happens all the da time. Hehe

    just my 2cents

  17. Only bcoz this is a movie made by Karan Johar(No doubt a very good film maker(KKHH,K3G,KHNH)), all these so called Good movie reviewers (named by desi film critic) have given it a high rating……
    Otherwise we all know what is the truth…..
    A bad movie is a bad movie……
    There simply is not enough reason shown in the movie for the separation of the couples……
    Also ending is pathetic…..

  18. KANK is cool breeze after all gangwar and magic movies.

    All the people who say KANK idea was bad are people living in dream… this happens all the time it is just we are hyprocrates and we do not admit. I guess Karan has really worked on the characters and each has individuality. Of course the serious topic has been made colorful for box office but i guess karan has grown.

  19. Seriously, what is wrong with all of you? It is movie watch it or forget it…what the big deal is?

    Personally, I like the movie and I do not think so it was dat bad…

    karan don’t listen to these ppl

  20. This movie sucks big time!!!!!!!! Shahrukh and Rani getting together at the end of the movie was so so unfair. I think they twisted the director’s arms for that ending so they do not look like complete LOSERS. Overall a big thumbs down for the story. Bad Bad Bad.

  21. RDB, Fanaa, Krishh, OMKARA… and KANK….

    Exceptional direction and acting in all five movies, but I have to say KANK is sadly overhyped and with a disturbing ending.

    I mean in RDB and Fanaa, the ending were tragic considering the feel good story, and boy, people were heart broken with the ending because the characters in both films were so likeable though demented. In Krishh, though acting wise, Hrithik couldn’t beat himself in KMG, the story was a feel good movie to start with. OMKARA, though didn’t do well at the BO, the feel good or justifiable factor was there for the audience.

    The only thing that will carry KANK would be the craze for the stars involved. The mighty fan groups of SRK, Abishek, Preity, Rani and AB would be more than enough to maintain the movie at BO. But in India, it would be doubtful… I definitely would not repeat the movie with my family and children. The message was wrong. (Karan did say his movies were always made with Indians in mind across the globe….not that I can agree with KANK, it may potray reality in the Indian community, but not the majority).

    I hope his next films would be done in better taste and value.

  22. Is the director trying to encourage and putting his stamp of approval on extra marital affairs by making such a movie??? Hey K.J. people copy these superstars please make movies responsibly.

  23. this movie may just recover financially as they have done some crazy deals with advertisers (u see lots of ads on tv), also it is sold out through out all multiplexes coz of holidays (sat, sun, 15 aug etc).. it may also do some biz out of india

    But overall most Indian (including me) don’t like the idea or end of movie at all .. it may happen with 1 or 2 people but overall we try to save our marriages and not dump our kid(s) n wife/family.. and this the tradition followed by most of us

    Sorry KJ you have done some good work in past. Failure is part of life and I am sure next time all of us will see some good stuff..

  24. And he says GO…

    MR KJ… Life does not start and ends with word GO!

    Warning – avoid watching movie with family it sends back all sort of wrong singles

    *** I know the problem KJ is not married so he does not understand what marriage is ***

  25. P.S.,

    I think they twisted the director’s arms for that ending so they do not look like complete LOSERS

    ROFL :))

  26. What on earth did Karan Johar make up his mind to direct KANK, it’s a complete waste of time (cannot tolerate for 3 long hrs), money (crazy huh? buying tickets in black! Shelling a lot of money) & of course wasting energy of your eyes to watch such a pathetic movie. KANK is a complete disaster and is trying to rupture our culture and the most surprising element shown in the movie is whatever shahrukh and rani does is correct, phew!! I can’t believe this stuff. MORAL OF THE FILM: Be ready with ur money to find a new home for urself if u r not loyal to ur wife/husband.

  27. I have been a faithful fan of SRK ever since his Fouji days. But after so many years of dedicated loyalty towards him I first decided to cheat on him with Jr Bachhan !!! Why? because Karan Johar preached for almost 4 long hours that commitment and loyalty is so boring and backdated. KJ taught me what true love means. True love is even after you are married to someone you thought you loved, and have children with them, you can ditch your family and go have sex with others just to feed your looser ego. That is true love and that is what prevails! So if you have low self esteem or suffering from self hatred, no matter how much your spouse wants to work hard to save the marriage, you should go out and look for someone to cheat with…that will help you achieve ultimate satisfaction in life.

    Oh Great KJ! being an unmarried person yourself, I am amazed to observe your profound knowledge in relationship!

  28. Fantastic movie !!!… only typical narrow minded and orthodox people wont be able to handle such a modern theme. Most of the marriages in India are nothing but marriages of convenience and compromise. Marriage should be a bond of love not compromise. It is one life and everyone should live it to the fullest

    Good job Karan Johar.

  29. Yeah. and in order to live life to the fullest ruin the lives of all the loved ones including own children! Why not wait for the right person before jumping into a committed relationship? Why marry and bear children and make promises to them and then go and live life to the fullest with someone else when the previous marriage is not working out? What kind of a message is this?

  30. Real cheap movie, not for desi’s. Even Didn’t expect AB to do that character.. was NOT requied at all
    Just 1 question.. why he went us for make this crap..:)
    What to say to Karan.. please don’t bring any gay stufff after tht now.. plzzzz……

  31. Hey this was really the worst movie and i lost all the impresion on Karan Johar. n wat surprises me more is how could the big casting accept such a cheap story…..neway hope karan keeps away from such films in the future

  32. Actually thought ending was very fitting. At least those two whiny, boring losers get each other at the end of 3.25 LONG hours, and dont ruin anymore lives with their annoying attitude.

  33. I really dunno wat to say. The movie is neither gud nor bad.

    Everyone knows before the release of the movie, that the story line is abt infidelity. Hence there is no point in complaining abt that.
    But when i saw the movie, i felt that there is no reason for SRK and Rani to fall in love with each other(that too when their spouses love them a lot..Remember the scene when Priety and Abishek shout “Single! Single!” in the streets…). Karan failed miserably in portrayin the love between them in an acceptable manner.
    At the end, it seems jus becos Rani and SRK should get married that AB and Priety r getting married to someone else.
    BigB’s character is a total waste and is so irritating with all those red and pink colored costumes and call gals etc etc. He shouldnt hav accepted this kind of a role.

    Over all.. ppl who beleive in culture, tradition etc pls keep off the theatre.

  34. Forgot to add a point in the previous messge..
    It seems SRK and Rani are fallin in love with each other jus becos of their inferiority complex.

  35. I think now sharukh will come out of “King Khan” Image. My sincere advice to Shahrukh , watch Amir and Hrithik’s movies, giving hit film is not childs play. U have to struggle and do hardwork. Forget that u r Star, be an clever actor.

  36. what da hell was Karan Johar thinking ? does he want to ruin all the married couples’ and their children’s lives ? totally a crap movie. srk should havent hev accepted dis movie ?

  37. I think the topic of the movie is practical and mature. This kind of extramarital relationship(between shahrukh and rant)can happen. It is a bold step by karan johar to direct such kind of movie. But….yes but,it lacks many things. There was no genuine reason for Rani and Shahrukh to fall for each other. Remember the scene where Shahrukh tells Rani that he loved her the very first day.??????Even the emotions between the two was not displayed properly if there were any emotion at all. There was no reason for Rani for not loving Abhishek where he was very caring. Even Shahrukh’s relation with his own kid was not appreciated. He seemed so depressed that he was misbehaving with almost everyone around him including his son but he was very good with Rani.?????
    This movie has a bold theme but the execution is poor.
    Bad job…….Mr. Karan Johar.

  38. I think people are complaining and criticizing karan johar and all of the cast of the movie simply because it is a karan johar film, and thus has already sky-high expectations. i dont think people should blame karan just because he wanted to try out something different, and it did not become a hit on his first try. i mean, he has a lot to live up to. as for everyone saying that srk should not be called king khan any longer, well i think that he has proved himself time and again in the past, and thus a couple risky storylines will not end his career. the theme of the movie was new, and i think bollywood needs NEW in order to break away from its cliche love stories and action packed movies, which is all that it brings out. hopefully this theme will be touched upon again, and then karan’s film will be used as a jump-off point. remember every story line and every hit movie needs some sort of starting point to work from.

  39. Hey you guys out there… Listen to me. Yes listen to me before writing anything more on this film. I haven’t
    watched this movie and will probably
    never do so ever. I have already
    talked to many of my friends who
    want to kill themselves for spending
    $$ on this worthless piece of crap.
    One thing we need to understand is
    SRK is not God. We have chosen to
    glorify him. To me he is nothing more than Ka, ka ka ka Kiran. I hate his laugh, his teeth and his
    looks. Believe me I was a stage
    actor myself and I have seen much
    much better actors than him. They
    couldn’t make it big because of
    politics and no big backing.
    KJ is GAY… yes he sure is. He
    said he will never get married because he can’t get his bloody thing up. Once SRK had made a
    comment about KJ saying if he wasn’t married and if KJ were a girl he would have married him. Now
    isn’t this enough proof?
    As far as AB is concerned, I think
    he should stop acting and think
    about meditation, at least his soul
    will be saved.
    Jai Hind.

  40. I have’nt seen the movie and I dont plan to, thanks to the word of mouth. The reviews written are all rubbish and PAID for, I guess. Audio is good though, video i will give a miss

  41. This is THE WORST movie ever, what is KJ trying to prove..that you get married, have kids, and then when you find the love of your life to marry her, and ditch your family? If so, KJ great job? I would never watch this movie..ever!

  42. i dont know why people are hating this movie.this movie deals about the depth of a relationship.
    a marriage is union of souls and we all know that today’s marriages are based on conveniance and compromise and thats why people fail to understand when a marriage is broken.
    the central theme of the movie is about becoming complete and when this happens the incomplete relationships fall away like pack of cards.thats what karan had shown.there is no point in criticising him.
    life is about becoming complete and make our partners complete and when we fail to do it atleast we should give them a chance to break free and let them find their own soulmates.
    its not about sex its much deeper than that.truth can surface from a false relationship and when it comes it makes false into true and true into false.thats what the movie is all about.what is true to u may not be true to other and the one which is supposed to be false turned out to be true in the end.
    [email protected]

  43. A crap of a movie where..you its shown OK to sleep with another man wife ..in the name of compatibility!!!

    I dont think even modern thinkers will stoop to this low level thinking!!!

  44. I had 2 extra tickets and could not manage to sell them last saturday last show. U can very well understand the publicity this movie got within 24 hrs of its release.
    Not at all advisable to see

  45. Very realistic movie….like Abhishek even I will wish my wife good luck if she decides to run off after 7 years of our marriage. …but alas she has Indian values (Why the hell don`t we live in New York instead of New Delhi??)

    Karan you understand men very well…..I wonder why?

  46. KJ is planning is a love triangle between SRK, Kareena kapoor and KJ himself (could not find any one else to do the role).

    It will be called Kis ko Pyaar Karu (KKPK)

    Looking forward to such themes. Keep it up Karan (oops! you cant get it up…sorry)

  47. “KABHI ALVIDA NA KEHNA”… its a movies to whom viewers have said “alvida”.
    the movie is really a waste of 3 long hours and 150 bucks…
    what a dam stupid movie is made by Mr. Karan Johar…
    why always he forget that this is india… with larger than life sets of NEW YORK and beautiful camera work why he over emphasises with relations…
    one sincere advice for all directors ” please show us a movie which is not inclined towards west but should have indian touch”
    and please! please ! next time work more on yhe story!!!

  48. It’s a stupid movie of the year. I wasted my money and time by watching this movie. I want back my money.

  49. It is the Worst Movie Ever..Where are our Ethics??? REmber “Woh Saath Din” of Anil Kapoor, What a Ending That was, This..This is not our culture…Cheap, Discusting, Tourture for 3 Hours..DUDE SRK ,, you are finish

  50. i really liked the movie.its very closeto real life. i am really happy with all the stars performance.specially rani and srk i love them. the movieis mind-blowing.thnx kj

  51. HEY

    What is the message? we live by films as we don’t know how to live.Promiscuity is portayed subtly as real and good.
    The veryword relationship is maya and sex or love is a god given selfih genetic oppotunity.Just showing the leanings on other leads to Bombay Bindas.Many bombay girls already differntiate sex from love.But the relity is money or economics comes in between and it is not filmy.
    Bore and trivial to the value based cons,but bold and nice for young who want variety of “relationships”.These type of movies corrupt many family relationships and bring in “ashanti” in families.Any relationship including love cannot be 100% attainable.

  52. To all of you out there who think that this is a waste-of-time movie, WAKE UP! This is REALITY! Face the world for what it is, and for what is happening. As much as I dont support extra-marital affairs, I think the movie will allow many couples to look to their marriages and relationships, and to seriously think about all the reasons they have for being with that person. A marriage or relationship should not be based on convenience, family-pressure, or obligation. It should be based on Love. Not only love for being your partner’s best friend, but the love for being their soul-mate.

  53. This is 3 hours torture. Complete waste of time. Reviews by film critics are biased. They should first see and then give reviews.None of the actor was enough to get accolades

  54. totally flopp movie all the time so ppplz dont waist your time and kj is gay so he doesnt know wat the meaning of love its 3 and half hr headache …..

  55. iam from kuwait aand iwatched the movie.. is good…very good..
    the king is good..preity is fantasic..rany is very good..
    ilike this movie.

  56. iam from kuwait aand iwatched the movie.. is good…very good..
    the king is good..preity is fantasic..rany is very good..
    ilike this movie.10/10

  57. I watched KANK and let me tell you…it was TERRIBLE!
    All this stuff on “real” relationships is complete and utter rubbish. Very, very dissapointing.
    Unfortuneately, this will do well at the Box Office because of the star cast and it’s much awaited release.
    Remember the last segment of Koffee with Karan? The one with SRK and AB? Rememebr when SRK turns to AB and says “sir,when i see Amitabh Bachan, I see integrity, respect…etc..”..yeah well, not any more. Karan Johar has killed that AB “integrity” brand. If you ask me the character was LOW. Indian fathers that’ve lost their wives don’t sleep with all the young women in the world; they maintain their self-respect and remain faithful. They are free to marry if they like, but they certainly dont behave like sleazy pimps. Jaya Bachan was right about this all along. Amitabh should have listened and should not have done the role.
    Saif would have done a better in Abishek’s role, but because he had got so much acclaim for Kal Ho Naa Ho, he became a threat. Karan Johar feels that their might be a new King Khan and he just wants to keep SRK at the top.
    But poor SRK is coming down. His charcter was bad. You normally see SRK dance in KJ’s movies but NO…He’s this limping, back-stabbing, stubborn failure.
    This was Hrithik and Aamir’s year, not SRK’s. They ahve tried a variety of roles and have not stuck to the same Chocolatey Romantic Hero.
    If only Omkara released after KANK it would have been a mega hit. I guess the only reason KANK has made its money is because people had high expectations. I mean come on, it’s a “Karan Johar” movie, its’ just “bound” to be smashing!
    WRONG in all ways. Sorry KJ, but no matter how many times you make Kajol appear as your “Lucky Charm”, you can’t turn this around. A bad movie is a bad movie no matter how many ever Kajols you put into it. A BIG dissapointment and an ENORMOUS waste of time. KANK proves that a movie is all about its “CONTENT”, not it’s superficial gloss.
    Save your money and go watch something else.

  58. Total flop.
    This is ot a SRK year.
    KJ should take other topics than the same rona dhona and mega star cast.Do not waste your time and money or else you will get a huge HEADACHE.

  59. Hi…
    I read through some of the reviews on KANK…I guess they have been little too kind in their words…KANK IS ONE OF THE MOST DISGUSTING MOVIES EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF INDIAN CINEMA…What a wonderful way to degrade a divine institution of marriage…Arth and Silsila still remain the classics in Indian cinema that justified a extra marital affair…
    I know how excited I was to watch this movie…I had watched quite a lot of KANK campaign programs and my god…I must say this movie created a lot of hype…
    I don’t know if you heard Karan say how he dervived inspiration to make KANK…he was in a coffee shop @ London and he overheard a couple discussing their break up…He said it was one of the most interesting conversations he has ever heard…he inferred that for a marriage to fail..its not necessary that one of the partners is bad…or sick or whatever….its possible that both are correct but just that they do are not meant to be together and the marriage fails…Karan at this point of time realized what his next movie going to be and it was KANK where he wanted to get into the minds of the people getting to extra marital affair and to make people understand their point of view…A marriage can fail even if both the partners are right in Karan’s words mainly because “Mohobbat is not the foundation for such a relationship…”…
    I went to watch the movie with this thought…I wanted to see how all the 4 are correct and still extra-marital affair happened….
    But I must say…Karan has failed to pull it off…the script sucks…

    Abhishek rocked all thru…So did amitabh…well preity has done some decent justice to her role……it came out very clearly that Shahrukh was not involved in the movie…I guess its high time he realizes if you do charity to your friends…you screw up your image and your career…Shahrukh has paid a real big price for his friendship with Karan…and so has Rani… So please keep career and friendship apart.

    There is a scene that comes out strongly in the movie where Shahrukh and Rani are making out while Abhishek and Preity were partying on reviving their marriage, was the scene beyond human tolerance…Yuck…

    Moral of the story:
    * Fight and agrue with your spouse for no reason…and at the end of it all dont forget to blame your spouse for the missing passion in marriage
    * if you have some free time after marriage look for having an extra marital affair
    * Buy a blue car if your gf outside your marriage, likes the color blue…and she will shamelessly dance with you on the streets of Newyork…But when her husband asks her to join him for a dance in a party organised by their own family….she will just yell saying she hates all that….make faces and walk out of the party.
    * Your wife is not even allowed to share her career development…as in her promotions etc with you…she is not allowed to say that she denied a promotion because she loves you and her family because she is trying to pin point on your failures…
    * Dont feel passionate for your handsome..romantic…caring loving husband…but fall prey @ a hotel room for a cynical…crippled…man outside your marriage

    I duno what next to write ..coz I still did not understand the end and in no way I enjoyed it…I kinda liked that Abhishek and Preity moved on in their life and did not waste time sobbing for their disgusting partners…

    So…you are looking for some good movie…its defnitely Omkara…and if you wanna have a bet that you are super cool person and you have excellent temperment believe me you will lose the bet if you watch this movie…

    Damn KANK…


  60. Forgot to add the following points to the Moral of the story in the above comment:

    * You cant bear a child…not at all a problem…leave your husband
    * Your wife is more successful than you are…not at all a problem…leave your wife…
    * If you suffering from inferiority complex inside your marriage…extra marital affair is the treatment…

  61. Very pathetic movie ..
    Director handled this subject poorly ….
    Entire movie is totally filmy ..all “kyunki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi ” viewers will like this movie !!

    the only exception in this film was – Jr AB …he done good acting … !!
    SRK as usual done “OVER-ACTING ”

    pls dont watch this movie !!

  62. WoW!

    @Archana thanks for sharing your views I enjoyed more than the movie. The way you described.. It is just funny

    @Priya Chandran – some good thought

    And all other people who wanred rest of us about this shity movie. Keep it up good work.

    Boy I hate those desi film critics they have only one agenda BS.

    KJ you sucks …

    I hope DON will be the one for SRK

  63. I wish KJ and all other film critics read this page. At least they will come to know how we feel. How all movie lovers bash them.. the worst movie ever

  64. Kank – sucks like hell ! Undoubtedly the worst flick from Karan Johar by a mile. Shahrukh sucks too. The Ham-King frowns, twitches, sulks, grudges and scowls at everyone throughout the movie like there is no tomorrow and yet has time to wet Rani’s panties.

    Abishek acts well but is given a raw deal by Karan who in any case will never allow a lesser mortal over-shadow the ham King Khan or whatever – but actually Abhi does a much better job than Karan and Shahrukh combined together.

    Amitabh is hillarious but, tends to act over-the top at times. Priety has little to do and that’s sad. Rani Mukherjee is a letdown this time coz she does nothing except look sick throughout.

    Even the songs are no great shakes and the picturization – worse.

    KANK is a disgrace and should be discarded like rotten eggs.

    What say KARAN – at leatss top buying paid reviews like the ones you have floated on the NEt from one Taran Adarsh and another Rajev Masand. They are pimps working for money and will right anyhting is paid through their ass.

  65. I hope this movie flops cuz it will be the saddest thing if I see this movie getting Filmare awards!!! Siccckkkkkk Moooooviiiiiieeeeee

  66. i dont understand u people.the film was superb. karan johar is a wicked director. loved every minute and cant wait for it to come out on dvd.
    watch out for srk ‘don’ thats gonna be a heavy movie

  67. Ek Dum Bakwaaaas Movie
    3 odd hours of super butt/headache

    Shuruk is officially a Gay, Karan is born Gay who these days wanto badly sleep with Shuruk…

    What a nasty movie, there was an effort made to make a different bollywood movie but Karan stop thinking throught your d*** always wanto picture sharuk and all other heros so that u can look at them all day and go home and sh*g off!

    What kind of an Idiot makes a movie like this, I have seen all your movies, same rona dhona ladki nahi mili waaaawn waaaawn waaawn, abe dhakkan, kabhi yeh to soch log kitne tezi is aage bad rahe hai..teri ghadi ruk gayi tho iska matlab yeh nahi ki 5 saal pehle jo chodu movies bana tha tha vaise hi banata rahe…

    Karan tu jaa koi khandaaani LADKA doond shaadi bana..kahin jake mar, vapas movies ya coffe karke dikhai math de….

    Abe cho*u Sharuk…tereko aur koi role karna aata nahi hai kya..abe Amir khan ko dekh..alag alag role karta hai..hit pe hit deta hai..abe kuch seekh Akshay Kumar se…pichle 9 movie mein 8 hit te uske….tu sale badshah bolta hai..tu sala Bikhari hai…acting to tune 10 saal pehle chod di thi..ek kaam kar, jake karan ka aur choos..tujhe agle movie mein bhi lega aur isbaar karan ko bhi bol act kare, aur tum dono shaadi karlo…

    Public ka sar phir gaya na…tum donon ko aise laath maregi ki hasnabaad mein bheek mangoge…

  68. I saw this movie yesterday – and it was too damn long 3.5 hrs. It was a SCARIER than DARNA MANA HAI..

    I hated the way they all looked in the movie –

    Big B’s character was too disgraceful. Such a JERK..in the movie. PERVERT + SUGAR DADDY.

    SRK – sucked – his acting was as usual very common and TYPICAL. TRAIN + AND A BAG on his right shoulder + JACKETS. Character of the movie was weird as well. Was living off his wife’s money + Rented a Room in a hotel using his wife’s money there as well to screw Rani. Maybe this is what’s happening in his real life with wife Gauri, well all these actors cheat on their partners.

    PREITY – looked weird – seems like she got sum surgery done. Her lips looked weird. Dressed like a SLUT although she was a DAUGHTER IN LAW + WIFE + MOTHER. She looked more like a slut than Rani.

    RANI – looked retarded, typical way of her’s to wear the halter neck sari’s. No change in her look + makeup. Clean Freak – gets horny with SRK but doesn’t get turned on by such a loving romantic handsome hunk hubby like ABHISHEK!!!

    Abhishek was the only one who did justice to his ROLE. He looked hot, and acted really really cute!

    Kirron Kher – was excellent as well.

    Arjun – the kid – the nerd..looked really cute..hehe!

    Overall, the movie sucked. If they showed smthg like they were ex.’s from the past and were forced into arranged marriages, it probably would have made more sense.
    But they showed that SRK + Preity were once in love – and just that the love faded away.

    Gosh..just writing about it is giving me a headache. So FOLKs…don’t waste ur time on this stupid movie.

    BTW the only BEST THING about this movie was KAJOL’s guest appearance in the song ROCK N’ ROLL SOHNIYE…


  69. Kank wuz an ok movie. I believe it is honestly made. Love can happen anytime……… but still KJ brought the reality into picture…which many can’t accept. Anywayz it wuz a good movie. But see these moviez only once…otherwise u may hate it when compared 2 indian culture and tradition. Itz a good movie.nywayz not a crap.

  70. very good movie very bold subject of todays generation but this is reality kj did a good job every one in the movie is funtastic im big fan of rani and AB rani is looking gorgoeus her sarees her make up and manily her acting.

  71. I’m planning to watch this movie today and after reading all ur comments…im soo scared..lol.Is the movie that bad?or were the expectations too high?

  72. Reading through most of the review, it saddens me that the Indian society is still continuing with its hypocritical look on marriage considering a big increase in divorces and hushed affairs of marriaged men. Also it is interesting to read about what people construes love. Most people seem to think that if you have looks+job+security=what more possibly could you want. The whole mystery about love is that it just happens at any time in your life and you have no control over it.

  73. worst karan johar movie of all time!!!!!!!!!! worst ending!!!!!11 waste of time, money(well for u cause i watched the bootlegged version on youtube.com suckers!!!)

  74. Wow. It’s pretty interesting how 95% of the people here are criticizing this movie. I think the whole controversy is really cuz Karan is sending out the message that love is greater than marriage.. and that’s hard to accept for us Indians since we’ve dealt with compromises in marriages for so many years..

  75. Horrible film…

    Karan johar is either out of his mind or has become desperate..!!!

    Solution : karan johar ..settle down ..get married and then make films

  76. I see some people commenting here about “Indians not ready to accept the truth..”…”Indians not ready to accept love to be greater than marriage”…Guys…if your defnition for love is what was portrayed by cynical..depressed characters like Dev and Maya in KANK…phew..get your basics right…Love is anyday greater than marriage..but these characters noway showed they had love for each other..its just that they are like minded…depressed…low self esteem…people with lot of time after marriage…and they termed they r in love…As I said in my review earlier…Silsila was one movie where they show couple in extra marital affir with true love for each other…It was a bad movie…If all these Page 3 personalities are telling that accepting infidility..adultry…etc is mature…they are just trying to call their disgusting lifestyle with names…Marriage is a divine institution…unless in cases of abuse and extreme cases as society looks @ it..there is no need to walk out of a marriage…it can be worked out with some commiment and interest…if some bigshots like Karan and Shahrukh are coming and telling you that infidility is reality and understanding that is mature..they are just doing business and they want to recover the huge amount spent on KANK…infidility and adultry is a NO NO…and its de-grading a divine institution of marriage and in no way maturity…I guess statements like finding your soulmate after marriage…love is more important…such statements have been used very cheply by these people for finding some escape routes after marriage…do all this before marriage…now thats maturity…dont get into it if you feel you cant stay committed…


  77. Ashish Mittal, heh good soultion buddy.

    Archana, to be frank I still not able to get message from this movie. He is just trying to copy (read as inspired) from Before Sunset, IMPO.

    KJo, please stop this classic copycat game.

  78. rishna, it is based upon ‘Never Say Goodbye’ or may be mixed of both.

    Whatever it may be it is total disaster for rest of us.


  79. The movie is crap crap crap.
    Mr. Karan Johar, if you were not the son of a famous father, where would you be. You would be a nobody. You have money, but you don’t have the juice that makes movies so great.
    Karan Johar you are a daddy’s boy. Wake up, get a life. Don’t flaunt you luck.

    Don’t make those feminine movies.

    Get a life and Get married.

  80. Before Sunset is a very different sort of movie. And it was a sequel to Before Sunrise, where they show the two characters spending a night of discovering each other in europe. And in Before Sunset, the guy has a mutually acknowledged less than perfect marriage and the girl is not even serioulsy engaged.

    Karan Johar has no idea about life or love. I am not a moralist, but I agree with Archana’s comment about waiting it out before taking the plunge of matrimony. Every relationship calls for a responsibility. While infidelity is a reality, mainstreaming and accepting it is ridiculous.

  81. ethan hawke, thanks for throwing out some light about Before Sunset and this movie.

    It may be hard to accept reality but wait movies made to make profit and fun or may be to give out some good social message (this movie does not delivers anything). The topic is too serious and it handled very poorly by KJ.

    KJ needs to change with time. Enough is enough how long he will keep making movies with NRIs in mind.

    I agree with Archana, whatever you want to do it, do it before *marriage* but once you are *IN serious commitment* don’t do wrong things. It will not bring any good to anyone. KJ may be use this theme next time ;)

    anyways I need to get back to work…

  82. I liked this movies, Indans need to wake up and face reality, this happens in indian community, Johar had ba!!s to do it. Why do indians think we are perfect? because our divorce rate is low, please check why is it low. I bet it not because of perfect married life, its fear of family status. I agree this movie was long, but true be told finally we are talking about this issue.

  83. I completely agree with Archana and Ethan hawke…

    If a person starts to look out for a new “soulmate” after every 2-3 years, no one in the society will ever feel secure or have a sense of belonging which is the very basic need of a human being.

    I think KJ has very unfairly equated the word “soulmate” with a new word “sexmate”. This is a very typical concept in the west, people have multiple spouses, many children from these different spouses, where is the maturity in all of this, when do these people stop looking for their soulmates at the cost of so many lives attached to them?

    We all are different from the animal kingdom, there are rules / regulations which are good for everyone, they protect everyone in the society.(imagine driving without any traffic rules). While these things do happen in real life you cannot say or show as KJ has in KANK that they are ‘just’ and everyone should follow this example.

    Well said Ethan –

    “Karan Johar has no idea about life or love. I am not a moralist, but I agree with Archana’s comment about waiting it out before taking the plunge of matrimony. Every relationship calls for a responsibility. While infidelity is a reality, mainstreaming and accepting it is ridiculous.

  84. Borsha,

    … pretty scary. I had also read somewhere that after watching Krrish a man jumped from balcony …

    Movie buffs (fans) must control their emotions.

  85. Raghu,

    I understand that movie fanatics do a lot of stupid stuff by confusing real life with fiction. But in this particular case where the guy shoots his wife, the movie was a justification to the lust the husband has for his girlfriend and the hatred he has for is wife. He thought that if a movie advocates emotions like the ones he feels, it’s the wife who is the villain here, and he has every right to kill her. Karan Johar preached something in KANK which will show it’s ugly face in a huge section of Indian society!

  86. I really believe we are all a bunch of hypocrites. These kind of things happen quite a bit in reality. I personally thought it was disgusting Big B passing the comment about how Rani has brought in the most filth. If a man goes and sleeps out of a marriage no one will point fingers at him. Women are expected to forgive and forget about it. If they slept together it was most natural thing to do as they were in love needing affection and attention from each other. They felt inadequate and two people who are going through similarity only they could understand where each other was coming from. Dont forget they were at least honest enough to try to make things work and did the right thing by being honest about what they felt was a mistake. People who copy these things from movies are crazy anyway. They obviously dont have a mind of their own to let movies influence them. No one is encouraging extra marital affairs. It just shows that most of us compromise and take decisions in life that at times we regret. We only live once and whats the point in being in marriage where one or the other isnt happy. You could be old and thinking about these things and have immense regret about wasting time in a marriage where only bodies meet and not minds. Its rather sad and only a person who is going through it will understand it. Its very easy to judge. We feel we have to put up with marriages now that we are in it and compromise but how much more does one need to compromise after few attempts. Few years down the track if you see a bleak future in your marriage its best to walk out and find where your happiness lies. And its true you could be holding yourself back from finding the love that you so desire. Lots of men sleep around with women even after marriage but he is considered macho for doing so if a woman does it she is considered cheap. KANK has touched the truth of many peoples lives. A pat on Karan Johars back for making a bold and realistic movie of this century. Way to go!!!

  87. Hi All,
    Thanks Ethan, P.S, Simran…Its good to see someone sharing the same idea as you…
    Last weekend I was watching this show “We the people..” on NDTV hosted by the one and only Barkha Dutt. I guess this is one of the best shows on NDTV where they discuss a topic by getting a panel of experienced people who can very well add and comment on the selected topic and a set of common citizens like you and me who not only comment on the topic but also ask some right questions.

    This weekend the topic was “Modern marriage…”. While we were all on the mood to give our reviews about KANK last week..I guess NDTV also found it very interesting and hot to discuss on the same…and the result was the topic “Modern marriage…” (very much inspired by KANK..) on this show “We the people…”.

    The panel consisted on our good old Karan Johar, Shahrukh Khan, Sunita Menon(she is a astrologer, tarot card reader and counsellor), CEO of Shaadi.com, Anjali ( I think she was a editor or some doctor… forgot…) and Shobha De.

    Some very interesting points that came out, which I thought I will share with the group…lets hear from you all what you think about the Modern marriage…

    What I derived out of the program…

    1.Marriage is a good institution for people who can commit only. If you are a person who is kinda getting attracted to more than one person..then marriage is not recommended for you.

    2. In India, we need to get out of this age bar for marriage. One must not feel tensed if he/she is not settled at the age of 32 or 35. Its okay to remain single if you can support yourself and self dependent. Society must stop putting pressure on people to get married before a particular age.

    Now for some interesting points…

    3.Kabhi alvida na kehna does not in anyway support the idea of infidility. It just dipicts one of the paths a person like Dev or Maya(played by shahrukh and rani in the movie) might take in case of a unhappy marriage. It tries to bring about a point that it is possible that you could be married to a perfect person but still the connection might be missing between partners and the result is “Unhappy marriage”.

    Shahrukh’s point of view about marriage came very strong and it came straight from his heart and his experience…Also one more thing I liked was he never supported the character he played in KANK…he was dead against it…the interesting point he made was the characters Dev and maya would not have sticked on together for long and they wud not have lived a happy life…

    4. Everyone in this world cheats if they can get away with it. Lack of opportunities is one of the best reasons why people stay committed in a relationship/loyal to their partners.

    5. Infidility at times is viewed as minor flirtations by the current generation and is not taken too seriously. So infidility is not enough of a reason for some to walk out of marriage. Infact for some infidility is a non-issue in current scenario.

    6. Marriage is very individual. Please do not generalise the meaning of marriage. The meaning of marriage to you is your marriage. No one can predict what works and what does not for couples in general. Its a very individual matter and should be dealt individually. KANK was one of such individual issues in marriage that Karan johar tried to portray. So dont take cinema too seriously. But unfortunately in India cinema is taken quite seriously.

    7. In earlier times, communication was not an issue in marriage, but today it is. Lack of communication is one of the main reasons why today’s marriages are weaker. Same with incompatibility. It was not an issue earlier but in today’s marriage it is. We see that today’s marriage is more demanding in terms of involvement, communication, compatibility etc and this is reviewed at every stage of marriage. It is possible that you have had a happy marriage for 15 years and fail in the 16th year. So today’s marriage need to be worked every day.

    8. People who walk out of marriage many times are not happier. Ofcourse in case of people who have walked out of abusive marriages or in other real serious cases are defnitelty happier. But in cases of walking out of marriage because of infidility and such other issues, people after divorce are worse than what they were inside their marriage. This soceity somehow does not allow them to forget their bitter past. They are reminded all the time that they did ruin the life of their partner. Or at times guilt haunts them.

    9. Walking out of marriage is a solution only in case of abusive marriages or such other serious cases.But in other cases it is still recommended for people to work on marriage rather than walking out of it. Children are one of the main reasons why people avoid walking out of a marriage. But still a question remains “Can unhappy parents bring up happy children…?”. The Answer is “NO”. Unhappy parents cannot bring up happy children but one has to take decision amicably in such a case of parents separting.

    At the end of it all….”Its your life…its your relationships…if you think intellectually you might take one type of decision and if you think emotionally you might take a different decision….This entire life is lead in this space between the head and the heart…”

    I tried to share with you all what I derived out of this show…if anyone else also watched this show and have some comments do share it with us…others are free to comments on my derivation :-)

    I am married with a sweet little child.

    Based on my experience…this is what marriage means to me…

    * An excellent feeling of security,a sense of belonging and a feeling of completeness and contentment…
    * A feeling so special to share your life in companionship where there is mutual love and understanding
    * Good times or Bad times…there is always someone to listen to you and stand by you(if not solve your problem)

    Slight disturbances but not problems though:
    * One aspect of your life(specially kids) that affect every decision you take and at times forces you into compromises and also sacrifices
    * At times you feel you cant make time for your self and your other interests
    * Tend to take partners for granted

    Some things that work for me…
    * Never sleep on a fight
    * When to say “Enough is enough..”…..The answer is “NEVER”…always give it another chance and it will defnitely work…and you feel much better for you understand your partner today more than yesterday…However dejected you feel..the D word(Divorce) is not at all an answer…believe me…the life is worse after that…
    * Your spouse is the best…;-)…there arent too good chiks or chiknas around…they might all look rosy but your spouse is that Golden flower that never fades and is the most priceless posession of yours…So dont even bother to regret your marriage…
    * @ times take a chill pill…life is not as complicated as we see it…infact its quite simple…give a jaadu ki jappi and see the magic…Life is beautiful…

    All said and done…How much people try…KANK does get on my nerves…I believe its we who pay Shahrukh,Rani,Karan and all these guys in the entertainment industry and we expect to get our money’s worth…They keep thanking their fans and audiences in the award functions and we expect some integrity from them…KANK dont deserve to be glorified…rather Karan and his crew better accept the fact that they have not impressed the audiences…Unfortunately this movie might have done well @ the box office only because of the huge fan following the cast of this movie had…This also puts an extra responsibility on their shoulders that they do not disappoint their fans…PLEASE DONT DEGRADE MARRIAGE…atleast not this way with characters like DEV and MAYA…created by Karan johar.

  88. Naina…I agree with you that whatever has been shown in KANK happens in reality…but please complete the sentence. It happens in reality with those people who are cynical, depressed, confused set of people who just do not know what to get out of life. I am sorry to disagree with you that Dav and Maya sleeping together was the most natural thing to happen. Did you feel so. I also wish if they had shown in the movie that this would have happened naturally.But they showed that Dev was jealous and cynical too see Maya’s husband kissing him in a dance balle and he wanted to show that Maya was kinda his private property and it didnt come naturally to them…but they planned it…booked a hotel room and did it…How disgusting was that…

    If you observe these characters Maya and Dev were married to relatively strong people like Rishi and Rhea who were also in the same situation.Even they were going through this agony of a unhappy marriage. But they used positivity to stick on and move on but these two went out and had an affair…only because they had negative appraoch to life…they did not have an abusive marriage…they were married to quite good guys…but what better can you expect out of these negative depressed souls. So we are not hypocrites but we want to see life in a positive way. Believe me(or atleast shahrukh who said) Dev and maya wud not have lead a happy life ever after…


  89. Archana, again I completely agree with all your comments. If they (the adulterous couple) did not find happiness with their first spouses who were strong individuals and bore with their negativity with a smile, they will definitely not find happiness with each other or with anyone else.

    These things happen in real life but to think that everyone in the audience will clap at their reunion was a disgusting imposition. I believe that even in real life if people play with the sentiments of good people they have to pay for their sins. “What goes around comes AROUND”.

    You reap what you sow in this LIFE itself. Everyone in the world may not see that BUT you have to settle scores here in this world and in this life.

  90. im still kinda confused!
    *1st half was pretty good…
    *2nd half a lil draggy…
    *amitab bachan rocked
    *amazing outfits. reallly!!
    *arjun rampal??? yyy??? lol i think he was better off on the ramp
    *john abraham… umm ummmmm loll watevr… jus .. i meeann y???
    *alllllotttttt of ppl are havin digestion problems!!! after watchin kank.. i suggest take a pill or sumthin!!!
    *srk’s kid was relly cute… chicken lil!!!
    *SRK…altho am like a HUGE HUGE fan… n always will be… but i tink sumthin was missin !!
    * ppl don be so harsh… it is def a one time watcher !!!!
    *abishek bachan… i jus cudnt see beyond the STUBLE!!! tooo much of it… gurls.. wats the big deal????
    * rani … wat do they do to her man??? she actually looked good!
    * preity .. not a fan of hers!
    *kiron kher always does a gr8 job!!
    last but not the least!!

  91. I haven’t seen the movie (thank goodness for small mercies) courtesy the real audience reviews and not critic reviews.

    My two cents on the storyline:

    If KJo and SRK are not advocating the end then why show it and what is the meanining of showing it to gullible audience who do plagiarize their lives in a sense on these so called fictional themes and chracters. We are not strictly talking about the Western audience but Indian audinece and mind you even the NRIs (I being one) have found the very pattern, ending and the message conveyed through the same quiet indigestible. Let’s leave kids out of this for a minute. Even adults be it middle aged, old aged or young couples either married or embarking on marraige will struggle to accept the underlying and hidden truth in such a theme. What are we saying here. Adultery is a part of our base instinct and most people would like to follwo their base instincts and hence indulge in it. I am sorry but I would like to disagree here. Most people whether in teh West or East will not subject themeselves to teh ordeal or trauma of losing tehir peace of mind and their family life just to give in to their basic sexual drive (that is what this move seems to be driving at). People do respect and value the institution of marraige and will give it their 100% best to make it work esp if kids are involved.

    If the idea is just to show free life and sex then KJo should say that this is the message. At least he should not be confused in his concepts. I do not know what he means by saying that what Maya and Dev did was wrong. If that is wrong then why show it. What Maya and Dev did I am sorry a majrity of the married people in India will nto do at least. So why purport such a message in a society which will find the whole concept unacceptable.




  94. what the h*** is with you people this is a graet movie i saw it times and for all of you that have a slightest idea that this film will finish srk are wrong big time srk is the best actor in the universe long live srk

  95. Amitabh brings hookers to his house in front of his son and daughter in law, flirts with every woman in vicinity, flirts with SRKs mom, passes comments on Kiron Kher’s anatomy, SRK passes comments on Rani’s buttocks and breasts, visits sex shops, etc. With so much vulgarity in the movie how come the censors gave U certificate for the movie, not to forget that the movie deals with extra marital relationship.


  96. Karan.

    Shame on you…
    Just cant compare this movie with KKHH, K3G , Kal ho na ho……….

    Please dont waste ur time and our time.

    Any way by making this kind of movie u r earning money and we r loosing money…

  97. what a bakwaas movie.
    can somebody tell me what was AB doing in this movie.
    totally waste of the money and time.

  98. Karan johar should be ashamed of himself for making such a horrible and disgusting movie…The movie had a strong subject but it was handled badly and immaturely…….The characters of Dev and Maya were disgusting and not worth of any symapthy, they were selfish people who despite having loving spouses could not hold their marriage and I don’t know what the heel they wanted…
    Abhishek and prity’s characters are sensible and strong unlike SRK and Rani’s..
    Isn’t Amitabh Bhachan ashamed of doing the role of “sexy Sam”, it was not required and what was the need to make him sleep with those calls gals… the movie was enough disgusting in itself that KJ needed to add some calls gals along with Big B . This movie has surely brought a bad name to Amitabh Bhachan …
    And i couldn’t understand why SRK kept on scolding his such a cute kid all the time……
    PS: Plz stop making such movies in the future

  99. An uterly useless movie
    Karan johar should be ashamed of himself for making such a horrible and disgusting movie…The movie had a strong subject but it was handled badly and immaturely…….The characters of Dev and Maya were disgusting and not worth of any symapthy, they were selfish people who despite having loving spouses could not hold their marriage and I don’t know what the heel they wanted…
    Abhishek and prity’s characters are sensible and strong unlike SRK and Rani’s..
    Isn’t Amitabh Bhachan ashamed of doing the role of “sexy Sam”, it was not required and what was the need to make him sleep with those calls gals… the movie was enough disgusting in itself that KJ needed to add some calls gals along with Big B . This movie has surely brought a bad name to Amitabh Bhachan …
    And i couldn’t understand why SRK kept on scolding his such a cute kid all the time……
    PS: Plz stop making such movies in the future

  100. My wife forced me to watch this movie in London, I think Batchan regret this movie like he did it for Boom. Silsila is still the best movies on this subject.

    Karan johan is crap he makes movies for NRI’s without sound stories, I think he made so much loss on this project.

    Sharukh looks old like Anu kapoor he hasnt got a good hit since DDLJ

    Aditya Chopra, Bharjatiyas, Mansoor
    khan they are the best directors
    Hrithik and Abishek are the best actors

  101. Lata Khubhchandani

    It’s difficult to know where to start this piece.. It is completely unbelievable that anyone can pass off this bilge as a much thought out grown up film. It’s surprising that after two successful films Karan johar has actually been able to regress. Or is it because he has 2 successful films behind him that he’s unable to move on? For those who believed that tripe about Karan johar addressing an adult subject and moving from the mush of his last two films- don’t be misled..

    When one moves from loving one’s family to loving the neighbour’s wife it isn’t necessarily a sign of growing up. Why you might ask? Well for one because Karan hasn’t been able to let go of his last two films yet. So what you see is an overlapping of his films into this one. Apart from his usual peccadillioes- of course the sudden advent of Kajol his lucky mascot and the introduction of an all but idiot child.[the premise is that cute little children touch audiences hearts better than adults]

    The story is convoluted and both Karan johar and Shibani Bhatija seem unaware of where they are taking it.It’s surprising that two heads together couldn’t see that this was pure unadulterated bilge? Or again was it because there were two heads that they couldn’t tell each other.. A case of you scratch my back I scratch yours??

    But the only feeling that the audience experiences is one of frustrated humiliation that this bilge has been served up to them. One suspects that poor Karan has surrounded himself by so many sycophants[journalists included] that no one can speak the truth to his face so unfortunately it’s left to the audience to tell him “grow up Karan”.

    From the pre release interviews that Karan johar gave one assumed the the boy had grown up enough to deal with marital discord , extra marital relationships and an ageing rouge in the guise of Amitabh Bachchan but he has failed miserably. Lets deal with Bachchan senior first- for god’s sake if Bachchan is a rogue at least let him BE a rogue , don’t let him be an apology for one by making him give moralistic puky speeches when convenient!

    The obvious omissions- the characters are not developed at all- pretty looking robots all of them- they are not even fully one dimensional. SRK as the bitter, frustrated football coach married to a successful Preity. But Preity who is purported to be an ambitious, hard, self righteous career woman is shown as a caring wife with empathy for her child,when her husband is cruel to him , her waiting for a kind word or attention from her husband, her immediate response to SRk’s even slight and fake advances.

    Also, her refusal to shift to the UK for better career prospects-all of this shows her as anything but what she’s supposed to be. Karan obviously can’t bear to show his stars badly even at the expense of serving up trash. They’re all his friends first and actors only a late second. Rani ,this sweet little orphaned girl, who by a cruel turn of fate was caught in a ” loveless”relationship in which her husband smothers her with love But she cannot respond to him so she expends her energies in cleaning the house..

    Granted that her husband’s passion need not find a response in her but karan where is the justification of giving her dialogues like”a husband /wife relationship isn’t only about sharing a bed it’s about sharing life?” Now where have you shown poor Abhishek not sharing her life? Every single scene in the film is contrived, not one and I mean NOT ONE scene brings about a sense of identification, hence the audiences end up not giving a damn about what happens to the characters.The characters are so fake that nobody sees any parallel to any real life situation and this is the film Karan has made after listening to real life stories from his friends caught in bad marriages.

    That entire episode where Bachchan senior passes away and Rani shows some compassion for a helpless Abhishek was again a misleeding waste of footage. The scene is an isolated one without abeginning and end-it doesn’t come from and doesn’t lead to another logical or even illogical movement in the script. You can get rid of a character without killing him off Mr Johar. No scene led to another, the film was s a string of individual scenes strung together without any rationale and audiences were squirming so much that when Preity finally slaps SRK for his wishy washy explanations , everyone claps!!

    The film intended to show the main protagonists finally taking an adult decision and leaving their failed marriages for their great love but here Johar messed up the film so completely that one would’ve walked out if one didn’t feel curious as to how he’d extricate himself from this stupid situation he’d created for his actors! SRK and Rani don’t even have the guts to stand by their convictions-they don’t leave their marriages, their spouses throw them out! Both are in fact willing to continue in the horrifying messes they’ve made out of their respective marriages. Ye Gods!

    If the relationship between Rani and Shahrukh was to be seen as the great passion of their lives- I am afraid Karan knows very little about the relationships he talks so much about. If the two were falling in love, they didn’t seem to even understand each other enough to figure what would be happening to the other. No dialogue between them suggested that there was anything but a facetious relationship there.

    The scene where Rani and Preity both walk towards SRK holding flowers in his hand. pray what was the scene’s intent. that SRK is a coward? That he wants to have his cake and eat it too? That cheating on a marriage is better than walking out? Both Rani and SRK must be seen as wimps when they don’t want to leave their marriages. And that beautifully directed scene is merely an isolated one which again doesn’t come from and doesn’t go anywhere.

    The flaws in the script are too many to enumerate..After separation Abhishek tells Rani that he cant get her out of his mind but in the same breath says he’s in love and about to marry. And then confesses that she’s the only family he has so she must be best man at his wedding and in a paralelly stupid scene SRK retains his right to BLESS Priety. BLESS for god’s sake after being the most ineffectual complaining,whining husband one ever saw! As if that wasn’t enough the dialogue is sprinkled with profundities about life and marriage.

    When none of the actors seem to know how to deal with their relationships. And bad ambitious Preity agrees to keep her mother in law with her after quitting her relationship with her son? Was that Karan ‘s idea of tying up loose ends? Killing Bachchan senior and relegating Kirron kher to Preity’s life? For the love of heaven- God has given the human being the capacity to think.. When a preity doesn’t or cant make allowances for her husband why should she extend that understanding to his mother???? And this is the hard ambitious girl??

    To recap-every scene in the film can be systematically destroyed, so superficial is this bilge Karan johar has served us with. Sorry Karan no hard feelings here but 50 crores do not a film make. Pick a story idea which has the power to touch you and then film it. This film isn’t even good enough for a debutant let alone a successful formulaic director. All you’ve done this time is prove the dictum that there are no formulas for success and this time I don’t mean the commercial success.

    Surprisingly I find people are EXPLAINING this film to each other as if there are extreme subtleties which lesser humans are unable to see. Film making is a visual craft, if you cant see it, it doesn’t exist. This apology of a film can be given a miss but I guess audiences will see it to understand how bad can a bad film be.The director has been heard to say”This is my view, others can have other views”. This film is not a viewpoint buddy, it’s a confused dish served up by a confused mind. Karan should and probably can remake this film a decade later and find himself more able to address this subject.

  102. KANK is the worst movie ever. worst than B-grade movie. putting huge money in making dosnt make it A-garde. even some of the b-grade movies are better directed than KANK. man this guys a crap all the way. isnt he nt embarassed. shame on karan.

  103. Somebody save me… No medicine is working for me. I am in coma….
    Moral of the story is: GROW UP YOU FOOLS… THERE IS INFEDELITY IN SOCIETY… SO ACCEPT IT….. I wonder if Karan also wants us to GROW UP AND ACCEPT TERRORISM because THERE IS TERRORISM IN SOCIETY… Worst movie in history of indian cinema

  104. Forgot to add that KARAN should stop bribing the critics to put favourable reviews… I wonder if he can bribe filmfare too… well we will know soon…

  105. I don’t believe i wasted 3 freakin hours watching this shit movie…!!! This movie is one of the gayest movies ever made.. Whoever hasn’t seen it yet, DON’T WATCH IT!

    Warning: Please DO NOT waste your time by watching KANK, THE BIGGEST FLOP OF THE NEXT FEW DECADES…~!

  106. I too like many others, would have giving a poor feedback for KANK. However it is a sad but very true depiction of real life. I will say from that its as if Karan Johar has witnessed my story and read it out aloud. There must be so many people how have filled in different shoes. No one respects maya and Dev for what they have done. But hearts are not ruled by terms imposed by society, it is the depiction of free will. Two people did worng their spouses…but they also did have the courage to speak the truth.

  107. please dont watch this film ….. please please please please please please please please please please

  108. If KANK is trash, the same goes for 90% of Indian Movies. And, the 10% that constitutes
    “meaningful cinema”, according to that occasional bunch of nit-pickers aka reviewers/ elite intelligentsia, is what cinema should really be about. Its kind of highly amusing to think that ‘so much’ is expected out of a 2 and half hours: the script to be flawless, the characters to be incredibly credible, solve all those little loopholes, deliver tantalizing performances, scenes to be “natural and realistic”, the dialogues to be sensible, the songs to be mesmerizing, the humour to healthily-tickle the funny bones, keep the mush within limits, convey the pathos subtly and eventually “touch your soul” and give you that enlightening experience! PHEW! Now, some might quote popular directors and their
    ‘soul-stirring’ and ‘mentally rejuvenating’ films and fume on the “trash” being dished out these days! Its all about entertainment, and if you are n’t entertained, never mind, skip all the humbug and seek your kind of amusement, whatever. Now coming to KANK, personally I will give it a 7 on 10. Agreed, phaps it is not “path-breaking” cinema, but nothing to be ripped apart and trampled upon in this manner. KJ is just an amateur director, not some veteran who has always given his audience that “elevating” cinema
    that he has to be judged like this. KJ’s movies have always been kind of colourful, pleasantly silly, mammoth star-cast, romantic and entertaining and that’s a genre indeed
    amidst the different kinds of cinema. K3G, KHNH, KKHH and KANK all fall into the same category, except that KANK chose a new subject to experiment on. The film ambles along beautifully, with e few hitches here and there. But then putting your finger into those crannies and ripping apart the whole picture is simply preposterous and very outdated in the context that we are living in the 21st century!

    And about the characters, so what if the Big B plays a mischievous old man, making out with the girls? The character cherishes the memory of his wife, but not to the extent of pining away, and naughty as he is, still lends dignity to that role. I mean why on earth should n’t he have his own principles, his perspectives? Are principles the sole proprietary of impeccable men (there are no such, by the way!)? Rani and SRK are shown indeed as characters, who are weak-minded and confused and even their love is kind of random, that it could become their greatest solace, if not passion of their lives.
    Phaps they decided to go back to their spouses because they felt they would confess and wait for the desired consequence! Rather clever of them! And Preity chases SRK out, but
    keeps his mom, as she’s apparently not done anything to hurt, so why extend the banishment to her. Besides, who’d look after the kid, when the lady wonder has gone to work? Though Rani’s character seemed a bit arbitrary, KJ in portraying JB’s character does indeed show him to have not been able to stop for her little whatevers. Now if all the things have to elaborately depicted in those few hours, then we better sit and draft our own scripts! And JB can still love Rani, why not? So what if he’s going to marry someone else? He needs companionship. Its that he doesn’t want to remember the past with a bitter heart, considering the merry bugger he is! And for Pete’s sake, as if, there the likes of SRK’s and Rani’s characters do not exist at all! The earth abounds in them!

    Undeniably, cinema is contrived most of the time, intermingled with nuances of reality and it comes in various packages. Commercial cinema (in fact, I think all of them are) mostly relies on all sorts of gimmicks to entertain/make money whatever. Some films may be outstanding, some may fail individual expectations and some just hover by mediocrity, but mostly the agenda of cinema is to entertain. And Indian cinema is to a great extent, just about that. Masala, mush, villains from hell and super-duper heroes, hapless heroines and happily-ever-afters. And its interesting to watch our directors experiment. When a film has been made, one should be able to judge it, not on a comparative scale or from the stubborn standpoint of unimpeachable guidelines, but for that particular story, characters, living context, omissions of cinematic convenience, director’s style, if the star-cast was appropriate and blah. In simpler words, let it breathe a little bit. Give cinema its space.

    Anyway whatever be KJ’s intentions, he’s going down in history because of his KANK, not as the greatest movie ever made nor even the most condemned, but the most talked about one of its times! I think that should prove a point by itself.

  109. i think i have never seen a worst movie than this.
    the songs were gud but the storyline was horrible.
    i just want 2 say alvida 2 this movie.i hope that karan johar will never again make a movie like this.
    the movie was disgusting and unbearable.

  110. /*Rohit Says:
    September 10th, 2006 at 2:46 am
    Somebody save me… No medicine is working for me. I am in coma….

    Wow! A genius in logic…..comparing a LEGAL CRIME – with international laws passed against it – with an act that is not illegal in most of the world yet……and even openly discussed/allowed by a good number of couples (remember open marriages, Kabir Bedi and Protima?…there are tens of thousands like them….).

    Adultery may arouse “moral ire” but each one has his/her own set of values. There is no such thing as homogeneity – some support one set of values, others do not, and so on.

    What is disturbing is how people try to impose their moral values rather than look at the movie artistically – yes, you may think it is bad art, or even no art, but make an artistic point rather than bring up retarded nonsense about “terrorism”.

  111. I actually knew Karan Johar as a boy, he and I lived in neighboring apartment buildings. I remember sitting one night with him – when we were about 10 years old (gosh, 25 years back!) and this too late at night (like in between 9 and 10 PM). He was in anguish over his weight, and other difficulties. He poured his soul out to me back then, and he was a complex and sensitive character (one whom I recall with great fondness).

    Interesting to see all those “fatso” jokes in his movies, it really reflects the trauma he at some level underwent as a child (good to see him grow a lot trimmer and successful). The movie also shows the turmoil that his own complexity probably recognizes is there in some folk.

    If KANK started off with a bang, it had many “unreal” parts that were connected with plastic. I mean, meeting at the train station at all odd times was a definite weakness. SRK’s character was awfully difficult to understand or stomach…Dev was a basket case, far eclipsing the personalities of the headstrong / self-centered if intrinsically good Rhea (Preity), or the emotionally dank Maya (Rani).

    Yet the movie – despite seriously needing an hourglass to time it – had things going for it such as witticism, oddball humorous scenes, some of the revelations and insights of the characters, a good part of the musical score, and the glorious looking (if out of place) costumes.

    Perhaps most laudably the film showed that our “pre-conditioned” logic does not have to hold true. We see (the most excellent) Abhishek as Rishi Talwar smothering Maya with love and desire, and despite this and the two being long-term friends there was no inner connection, no real compatibility. Incompatibility with a friend, compatibility with a basket case sparrow with a temper problem and a limp….talk about “unreal”, yet similar outlandish tales are known to have happened. If anything, this is food for thought.

  112. Shiv,

    Thanks for sharing KJ’s child hood stories. Despite all good or bad publicity film made over 40 CR. Now bad at all..

    My advice is simple just watch and forget it. You cannot apply/take decisions just based upon a film ;)

  113. Yep, that is what I find amazing…that people are ripping apart Karan. He is a storyteller, not preaching any “moral” view from a pulpit. If a director made a movie on rape, do we label him a “pervert”? Rape happens. So does adultery.

    Karan made a story that showed his hero and heroine as flawed people, with their own weakness and lapses. I mean, Dev’s problem involved a lot of things: anger, cynicism, bitterness, intolerance, touchiness, etc. In fact, amazingly the least of it was that he was adulterous (as he did not seek the relationship like some Casanova but “lapsed” into it).

    Maya’s problem was that she was a real dank, stuck-in-the-mud with a loving husband but a luckless marriage. Nor did she actively seek the relationship, the initial motive was to save her own marriage.

    Karan did not create a heroic or “proper” hero or heroine, but common people within a defeatist situation. They could not handle this (with some reason), were unable to fix the problem, found unlikely love, then greedily grasped at it. This has happened.

    For that, Karan gets called “gay”, and then is at the butt end of sarcastic remarks about him being unmarried and yet providing all this insight!! I mean, he is just telling a story, maybe a bitter one, but some movies do have that.

    Where Karan *did* gave his own interpretation is in the conception that people should leave unhappy and unfulfilling marriages that give nobody any real happiness. That is also controversial, but not so wholly unsound that it requires this kind of bashing. Indeed, in the end, all of the concerned grew happier.

  114. Shiv Says:
    September 21st, 2006 at 11:50 pm
    /*Rohit Says:
    September 10th, 2006 at 2:46 am
    Somebody save me… No medicine is working for me. I am in coma….

    Wow! A genius in logic…..comparing a LEGAL CRIME – with international laws passed against it – with an act that is not illegal in most of the world yet……and even openly discussed/allowed by a good number of couples (remember open marriages, Kabir Bedi and Protima?…there are tens of thousands like them….).

    Mr Shiv Einstein,
    If your buddy Karan wants to show INFEDELITY, so be it… I make no qualms about it. For all I care he can show lot of wierdo things (ex of which I dont want to mention here) because they do infact exist in society.
    But, the problem I have is with the JUSTIFICATION of it… and that too with out any logical reasons. Only Karan and Shiv Einstein seem to find reason and logic in this movie…

    And Shiv, kudos to you for enlightning me to the fact that Kabir Bedi and Protima are the role models for the “Sacred” institution that we call “Marriage”…

    I do not know what an “Open Marriage” is…. and you know what, to me it looks like an excuse for those corrupt minds and souls trying to find a reason and justification…. for their corrupt behaviours…

  115. 1. Mr Shiv Einstein,

    Genius, you don’t even have my surname…let’s keep it that way.

    2. If your buddy Karan wants to show INFEDELITY, so be it… I make no qualms about it. For all I care he can show lot of wierdo things (ex of which I dont want to mention here) because they do infact exist in society.
    But, the problem I have is with the JUSTIFICATION of it… and that too with out any logical reasons. Only Karan and Shiv Einstein seem to find reason and logic in this movie…

    PROVE IT, sonny! I have no justification for Dev or Maya, NOR provided any. I don’t like adultery myself.

    I don’t think Karan “justified” them, either. In his interview, he said Dev was a “flawed” character – hardly a justification.

    He showed a story that is based off reality in *some* cases…in fact, it is claimed he got an inspiration from a café in London where he “overheard” a couple. Kapish???

    He DID justify that a loveless marriage should be ended with Amit bringing the topic on his deathbed, but he did not justify adultery per se. It “happened” as it sometimes does in the real world, and Karan showed the SUFFERING it creates – remember the scene with Abhishek?

    As for your having “no qualms” about infidelity – you actually made that deadbrain comparison with terrorism (an international crime vs. your moral opinion), and now accuse both me and Karan of “justifying” it!!! You can’t even get my name right…it is just Shiv to you.

    3. And Shiv, kudos to you for enlightning me to the fact that Kabir Bedi and Protima are the role models for the “Sacred” institution that we call “Marriage”…

    WHERE did I provide say that they were “role models” of anything? Instead of going into the manufacturing business (making FIBS about others) – read carefuly and try to pick up the concept. What I said is that there is no homogeniety, and instead of imposing values and overreacting, try to provide an artistic commentary. Don’t bash a guy for telling a STORY about a reality, whether that reality fits into your cozy moral conceptions or not.

    4. I do not know what an “Open Marriage” is…. and you know what, to me it looks like an excuse for those corrupt minds and souls trying to find a reason and justification…. for their corrupt behaviours…

    And?….all your values should not be imposed on others, you say? It may not be you or I who believe in it (we don’t) – frankly, do you or I live the lives of others? They choose for themselves. So your comments should really focus on the movie, not your ideals. I don’t like lying for that matter, now can we imagine all movies made where characters do not tell lies? (Half the murder mysteries would be gone by then….)

    Same way – adultery EXISTS. It is a “reality” for several people, whether it is good or bad is an individual judgment (I certainly despise it, before you go once again with your fantasy trips about justification).

    If someone made a movie on a reality (and adultery is one of them), that does not mean that the storyteller should get insulted like being called “gay” etc….or accused of “justifying” it when he never really preached it. This is not a propoganda film for adultery, but a story of flawed people who got entangled into it (without initial desire on either’s part for that matter), so chill a bit about comparisons with terrorism.

  116. ******************
    Shiv Says:
    September 24th, 2006 at 9:48 pm
    1. Mr Shiv Einstein,

    Genius, you don’t even have my surname…let’s keep it that way.
    Why do I care about your surname… you seem confused…

    I know the problem with you. You have a split personality. Just read your responses, you contradict yourself all the time. You should first debate with yourself before debating with others…
    Get a Life………

  117. Rohit, I ain’t confused, nor a split personality. The problem is you do not read too well….your first remark says it all about how you care about being “accurate”…

    What I suggested is that you keep your moral posturing to yourself.
    If adultery does not fit your concepts, fine.
    That is no reason to bash a storyteller….or bring silly comparisons with justifying terrorism, a legal/international CRIME vs. your “view” on things – not that you are the moral police or societal standard in this planet per last note.

  118. Well said Shiv…I ve been reading this totally lopsided reasoning abt
    KANK that I m sad for Indian Cinema. It can never progress if these are its reviewers! Its just a story…what’s wrong with all these chaps…and KJ is really one those young achievers who has done pretty well and will go a long way!
    I thk next he shud make a movie on hypocrisy of the masses! You and I know were we can find its ideal star-cast….blogs.cyberciti.biz/KANKreviews……; )!

  119. May or may not agree with the movie’s message, but it’s definitely interesting.

    Worth watching, only to evaluate your own view towards the movie’s storyline.

    There may be a few things we may not agree with but what is more interesting is that there are many things we do not actually want to agree with.

    Do we want to know what happens when we marry for convinience? or what our reaction is when a spouse strays? or the more interesting, do we want to know that we cannot be angry at each other forever?

    It’s natural that being of Indian heritage, we do not think of these things – it’s a perverted line of thought. But to have it put out there is appreciable to some extent.

    Heck, if you don’t think the above warrants a movie like this, there’s alteast something about an indian movie that starts with a wedding than end with one.

    Not worth the ticket it’s printed on, but watch the movie – if nothing, u’ll love to hate it.

  120. What in the monkey?…bad?…waste of time?…too-long?…I think that you guys are crazy…the story line was great…nicely directed…great script…and above all else the actors!…great job!…Karan I loved your movie…although it was different from the usual Karan Johar movies I enjoyed it very much!…keep doing what you are doing…don’t let the criticism get to you…instead use it as your motivation! :D

  121. What the f____?
    This is the crappiest pathetic show I ve ever seen. Why do you blame Shahrukh and Rani its teh bloody KJ and the fact that we hate this movie is only a proof of commitment to our values. Rani;s charecter is teh epitome of frigid selfich capricornian woman. WHy in teh fu…. first place did she f…. marry Abhishek. When there is such a doting dad & accomodating Abhi, samjhouta karne ka jaroorat hi kya tha? Its all fu… comfort and riches.

  122. the worst movie of the year, perhaps the decade. i have never seen such a stupid, disgusting and irritating movie. the disgusting would be the best word, as mentioned by salamn khan too in a chat on indiafm. everything from start to end in this movie is nonsense and stupid. the love between srk and rani is disgusting and have no reason. and by the way why did not rani like such a good husband like abhishek. amitabh sucks in this movie, his character is totally waste. i would recommend you to not see see this movie and waste the time. moreover, it is certainly not a family movie karan johar used to make before. it is a vulgar and shameless movie full of vulgar and double meaning dialogues which you can not see with your family. one word: DISGUSTING.

  123. To whoever reads this review,

    I give the movie a thumbs DOWN. Here are the reasons why:
    1. I still do not get the point of the movie. Married couples always have difference. That doesn’t mean that you go on and find a friend to lash out (which is still ok) and then sleep with that person (that’s not OK). Especially when your partner is trying hard to make the marriage work. Either Karan Johar doesn’t know the meaning of marriage or he just wanted to make a drama. Instead of portraying moral values through movies we are actually saying it is ok to get divorced and leave your kid behind. Then we blame the Western world.
    2. Can Sharukh Khan get any cockier? Oh my god….his cockiness showed throughout the movie. He sucks…..Everyone else did a great job including the kid. Sharukh needs to get off his high horse when shooting and just be himself like when he made Kabhi haan kabhi Naa, Darr, etc.
    3. Did the movie really have to be played in America? I do not understand what is the fascination of making movies in America. Are the movie makers trying to say that the couples cheated on their partners because they were in America or is it the trend to make movies in America. If the first part is correct then I emphasize my first point.
    4. Please do not make 40 something Sharukh play any sport. The soccer scene looks ridiculous with Sharukh’s chicken legs and his gay head band. Do not get me started on the tattoo.

    If I said I hated the whole movie, I would be lying. I liked Big B. He did an awesome job and so did everyone else. Overall the movie was ok but I would not watch it again. Thank you for reading.

    Disappointed Fan.

  124. I liked it…it was made for mature audiences not numbskulls of indian rikshawpullers with same old male patriarchy and marriage is forever whether it is to the most wrong person for you…it showed the differene between love andlike between situational love and infatuations…the comment above saying yes devs of the world need mayas…devs suffocate rheas and hold them back and mayas are unjust to the rishis of the world but then again rishis are unjust to mayas of the world who want a trophy or puppy to love…this movie reinstates the fact about frequencies have to match not the last names for a relationship to exist and prosper and it is better to cut it then carry on a stagnant relationship…and love can take years or seconds…nothing is unrealistic in this move…first of the karan johar movies that was worth watching….oh but america doesnt have soccer as football it has rugbya s football switched system people keep track….

  125. Sweet Jesus!!

    This movie sucks bigtime, don’t waste 3 hours of your life watching this crap.
    You’ll have more fun stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork.

  126. KANK is just a movie( definition of a movie = a cinema picture). Some of the responses gives the perception that KANK is a “sermon”. From auguries of innocence- To see a world in a grain of sand and a Heaven in a wild flower….

  127. @ shiv

    KJ is a story-teller and he says something … fine … similarly Rohit says KJ is gay … why can’t the matured shiv who can see KANK, neither support it nor oppose it, just consider it a different perspective or view point, look at the statement “KJ is gay” and neither support it nor oppose it and look at it as a view point or perspective of rohit?? … so, even u hav ur own values and preferences right? … why cant you take it when KJ is called gay? coz he told u stories at 9 when u were 10 or what?? .. wahtever it may be, you still have ur own views and when someone contradicts it, you bring out your opinions right? … thats the samething rohit did as well …

    thr are many things happening on earth … and, everything is relative, i agree … whats right to you may not be right to me and vice-versa … but, we as human beings, to live peacefully on earth with some respect and dignity, we have set some principles … we have set some limitations … ppl like me, rohit etc feel that characters like dev and rani’s are like the dogs in our street, changing partner’s from season to season …

    its after all a movie, true … everythin shown in it happens in life true … but everything thats happening in life cannot be shown on screen … then what is the need for a censor board? … why should we have laws? anyone can do anything thats right to him or her …

  128. Bold subject but handled badly.
    SRK is showwing his age and is
    annoying. He is finished as a
    ok to see it once .

  129. Hello there!

    I recon people are being quite harsh…

    The subject matter i admit is questionable… But we cant overlook the brilliant performance from Abhishek… Never once did i think id prefer his performance over Shahrukh… But theres a 1st time for everything i suppose!

    Soundtrack and the overall look of the movie is typically of a very high standard, as we have come to expect from Karan Johar and crew…

    In hindsight i also think that we should have been given forewarning of the nature of the content of movie… Maybe the warning would have helped its case?

    Anyway… Worth a watch… Just not with your parents about!

  130. The first thin i wud like to say is that KANK is really a mess!But the songs were really grt!

  131. i may not speak hindi but i luv shahrukh khan’s movies but this 1 was kinda worth of watching movie.

  132. Good film quite experimental and judging by some of the comments above I dont think some people are ready to deal with the subject or accept s%^&t happens everyday! But I can appreciate the more simple minded/plain stupid types will only tend to enjoy the normal lame typical song & dance rubbish with a happy ending! This is bold, brave and brilliant and probaly one of the most important films made along with rang de basanti!

  133. I think it’s a great movie. SRK is the best! HE is my favourite actor! And he is loved all over the world and in Moldova too(where I’m from)

  134. Be beat the culture drum so hard every time that it first ruptures the drum leather and then the dancers ears. The movie is a different theme all together. It is a very bold subject in a modern India that is not as spiritual as all the negative reviewers are painting it to be. The story did not do justice to the great cast, but then had it gone explosive you would have had 2 police cases of domestic abuse, etc too, so the actors were very emotionally balanced.

    Could KJ do a better job? Definitely. The movie on the whole is 2.5/5. In fact was the cast new I would have given it 3/5 because of the delicacy of the subject.

    You need to watch this movie with an open mind, leaving the culture gene out. Infidelity is increasing in India day by day. This movie does not support it. It tells that all marriages of compromise are really bad news and in fact a sitting time-bomb. The actors are married/happy in the end as they have found love. In reality many people mistake sheer physical wants to be love, as there is no guide to fall in love.

    Enjoy the movie, the songs, and the theme. Alternate ending could have been shooting the SRK and Rani, them committing suicides, never knowing the fates of each other, etc. But then we are policing the outcome again.


  136. well I liked the movie but the story was not that very good….
    every one performed well in the movie…..
    the movie was good as u can rate it 4/5
    Shah rukh looked very good…..

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