Krrish (krish) movie review

Krrish movie

Koi Mil Gaya was one of the best Hrithik’s performances. His new movie Krrish (not spelled as krish) is sequel to Koi Mil Gaya. I saw trailer on line at web official site.
I will keep my eye on this movie.
Story (as told by my friend)
Krrish (aka Hrithik Roshan) is a man with amazing strength, speed and intelligence (like Hulk I guess). He meets Priya (Priyanka Chopra). She is from Singapore. Krrish falls in love with her.

One day she goes back to Singapore. Krrish is left with heart broken. Her grandma forces him to goto Singapore to take back his love.

During his stay, Krrish and Priya went to a circus. Due to electric short circuit the tent of the circus catches fire. With his amazing powers, he saves the people. However while doing this he mask his face to hide his identity. He becomes a hero and people wants to find out who was that guy. So a nationwide search is launched for this hero in Singapore.

Please note that my friend could be wrong as movie is in post-production stage.

Movie review
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  • Category: Sci-fi
  • Director & Producer : Rakesh Roshan
  • Music: Rajesh Roshan
  • Choreography: Farah Khan
  • Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
  • Stunts: Siu-Tung Ching
  • Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Hrithik Roshan , Priyanka Chopra, Rekha etc

However, my real question is will Krish work at the box office… ;)


  • This movie is already a blockbuster
  • Songs rocks
  • No doubt about hritik’s acting
  • Only thing I miss is sweet pretty zinta (Priyanka Chopra is no match for pretty’s sweet smile ;)
  • Alright I need to get back to work ;) and thanks rest of you, for posting your reviews/views/comments

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91 thoughts on “Krrish (krish) movie review”

  1. I watched the movie today.
    I must tell you guys,this is one fantastic movie with thorough entertainment value. Watch out for attention to detail, stunts.

    Rakesh Roshan & Hrithik have done it again.

  2. Really very nice and wonderfull movie… Hritik deserves oscor
    breath taking stunts and wonderful movie

  3. I am going to watch this movie tomorrow. It will be fun to watch Hrithik and sci-fi thriller with my kids.

  4. Good Movie.. If you can appreciate sci-fi
    like xmen,spider man then this is one of its kind.. Very well shot and the graphics
    are done very neately.

    Not to leave.. Hirthik has done a fabulous job. His stunts are amazing.. No one can match him with the stunts..

    Hrithik you rock…

    one should watch..

  5. this has to be the worst movie I have ever seen. what is it? a romantic movie? sci-fi? where is the story? the script is so weak it appears everyone is hamming! what is naseeruddin shah doing in this movie? why was this movie ever made? even hrithik’s sincere efforts can’t cover all the crap that is happening.

  6. i have not watched the movie, and i dont know to whats wrong or good with the movie. but as i am reading through the above replies. one thing is sure that there is something seriously wrong with Akshay. dont be such a nerd, a pessimist.

  7. Really, a nice movie and Hrithik is soooooooooooooo cute :D

    I am going to watch it one more time with my bro :P

  8. Was a nice movie.. but would have been much better if the plot was written more precisely.

  9. bah if tat romantic crap was in a spiderman movie u wuld have definitely liked it akshay coz its hollywood,atleast appreciate tat bollywood has tried something like dis.yea and the movie is definetely uve given a comment as if u dint enjoy the movie u were rather studying it.

  10. i have full sympathies with akshay. probably,he seems to have either a personal bias or reqires a mental check up.the movie is much above average by any standards,infact it’s too good.

  11. I am a harsh critic of both Hindi and Hollywood films. Krrish however is a fantastic movie. Never before in Indian cinema has someone attempted a theme like this and succeeded in creating a film that looks perfectly convincing with its sci-fi theme and look. Every other previously attempted Indian movie of this genre has had amateurish story and effects if any.

    This movie is comparable to the best in the world. Granted it’s not filled with Special FX choc a block, but then consider that the movie has been made with $15 Million budget as opposed to Superman Returns that’s made with $200 Million.

    Akshay – I think you need to lose your prejudice and bias against the Indian film industry. Watch out man, Hollywood is going to get a run for its money in not too distant a future.

  12. hrithik is the superstar he is mindblowing actor great looking and he can dance better than any one in the industry

  13. Wonderful, watch the movie with an open mind, instaed of nitpicking.

    Just trying to find fault with everything means you are a sadist/an srk fan

  14. Hrithik is the best!!The movie is just superb and fantastic.. It’s not enough how much ever you praise Hrithik’s Hard work.. He has acted the best . No indian actor can do this as excellently as Hrithik has done it. He suits the role ,the best!!Hrithik has done a fabulous job. His stunts are amazing.. The movie is too good .A must watch movie.Hrithik is very very very cute and looks his best in the movie. I loved Hrithik’s performance the most. It’s block buster of the year!! It has created a new superhero concept in our bollywood ,never done before!! It’s totally an awesome movie..

  15. the plot of the movie is senseless.the entire movie is stupidly childish. Waste of money and all the acting talent that Roshan had at his disposal.

  16. this movie was not very good, i mean, it was ok for a one time watch, but this was not as good as koi mil gaya, towards the end of the movie, the viewer just theinks about the poor rohit mehra( koi mil gaya), instead of watching out for the fights and actions sequences, i have to say, hritik and priyanka are not a very good pair, they do not catch your eyes, as hritik and preity did in koi mil gaya, and this movie’s music was also not good as in kaho na pyar hai or koi mil gaya. and at the very end of the film, u just forget about the movie, u just keep on thinking about our rohit mehra, (kmg) instead of his son, krishna.

  17. i am going to watch this movie tomarrow i hope its a great movie because i think its a great movie ,it has to be great because Hrithic Roshan is in it!

  18. This movie sucks!the plot is plain stupid.It doesn’t make sense at all.It was like i was watching tarzan,matrix , minority report and superman all at once.It’s simply pathetic,pathetic,pathetic.Have any of u seen jaani dushman? i think jaani dushman was a better rip off than krrish !

  19. Krrish is a wonderful movie therez no doubt in it. Hrithik and his stunts are just ROCKING!! Dont miss watching it..

  20. Look people, no matter how mesmerised you are by the stunts and the special effects, the fact remains that the movie is all glossy-looking. The film fails in content. As Akshay and Rohan have mentioned above, the script is poor and senseless. Is there even a story to this? The superhero act only lasts for about 25 minutes in the entire film. Most of the film revolves around the love story between Hrithik and Priyanka.

    Just because all of you are too dim-witted to understand what the real quality in a movie is, that doesn’t mean that you go on harassing those who write negative about the movie (i.e. Harvir, stop arguing with Akshay).

    Hrithik’s performance SEEMS excellent, but then again, the role of Krrish doesn’t demand as much histronics as the role of Rohit Mehra did in Koi Mil Gaya. Besides, Hrithik probably only seems like he has just delivered a power-packed performance because this is his first release in 2 years. No doubt he is a talented actor, a head above SRK, Salman, Abhishek and others, but he is definitely not better than Aamir Khan in Fanaa.

    Overall, if you get fascinated by a dull, boring and senseless script with an excellent glossy look and awesome special effects, go watch it! Go watch it for Hrithik’s comeback! Other than this, Krrish is one big disappointment!

    Rating: 3.5/10

  21. i jus read ravi’s reply and IT is CLEARLY evident dat guy is a big AAMIR KHAN FAN but aamir’s performance in fanaa fell way below expectations but hrithik is jus BRILLIANT in this move and it is coz of hrithik dat this movie is the biggest box office of all times crossin over 100!!crores in 2 weeks flat and by the way ravi were u ratin ur article 3.5 out of ten ??

  22. if u people goin in thinkin dat this movie is a superhero movie den u will be a big dissapointment as it is a love story wit a bit of superheroism but as rakesh roshan put it this is jus a foundation for a bigger thing to come SO WATCH OUT FOR KOI..MIL GAYA PART 3!!!


  24. this movie is amazing i love it i was cryin through the whole thing like when rohit was being mistreated..i always cry during hitrik roshans movies..hes so inncocent :P and i loved the end of the movie how they all get back together!

  25. ok its me again lol and im 12 yrs old..i dont understand hindi that well cuz im candian but my parents r indian so my mom had to translate for me lol

  26. Hey alyssa,

    So cute tat u like hritik.
    wow pradyumna, you are so hardcore fan of hritik, aren’t u? ur already expecting KMG3 n how it wld be. i hvent seen this movie but gonna wach it soon.

    but the bottom line is kMG1 is inspired by ET and krish is inspired by lot of moviz like hulk,spiderman…

    Rakesh roshan needs to think originally. what say?
    no hard feelings, ok.

  27. I think its a lovely movie.We should appreciate the fact that hrithik has made an attempt to do a different movie with so much of perfection.I think he has given his 100% to the movie and yes Its the biggest hit of the year. Ravi you cant call us dim-witted coz be it a negative or a positive comment, its all about perception which differs.We are happy that such a movie has been made in Bollywood and Hrithik will take the award this year whether you like it or not.

  28. krrish rocks…akshay and ravi.. just go and visit another website please…you’ll be doing us all a BIG favour! Indian cinema has come along way and give it some credit!

  29. ya i am die hard fan of hrithik roshan(duggu).yes ur rite sangam dat rakesh roshan needs to think originally but i havent seen any movie which is original for ages except for maybe rang de basanti roshan sr himself has announed dat he will make kmg 3 if he has gotta gud script .

    if any 1 wanna chat wimme plz mail me on [email protected]


  31. i agree with u too ..even though im am not sure wat ur name is??anyways i love the song dil na diya, i’ve liked memorized the whole song even though half the time i dont pronounce the words rite lol the songs a pretty good to, i cant wait until it comes out on dvd im so buying it! i wish i could meet hitrik roshan in real life, but if u think about it its so easy to like meet them than to meet american actors. and i never knew that hirtrik roshan had two thumbs on one hand, anyways i heard theres gonna be part 3, and there should because at the end of krrish u can so tell theres gonna be part 3, maybe part three will be abt rohit and krishna forming into one big person, i dont no! and i cant wait untill october 20th …DHOOM 2 AND HITRIK ROSHAN IS GONNA BE IN IT! i love u hitrik, i wish i related to him somehow, omg so many of my family members have been in indian movies, uhm, my aunt was in one, i forget which one but she was the main actress ‘s friend, thats so cool! i wish i could be in indian movies…but i dont no hindi!! AHH, well i just understand hindi, just most of it not e vrything. and i understand marathi quite well. my parents are from vasaii…if thats how u spell it:S
    ok byeee!!
    dil na diya…di di dillll
    dil na liya, dil na diya
    bol bolo na bolo kya kiya
    dil na liya, dil na diya
    bol bolo na bolo kya kiya
    aake duniya mein bhi agar pyar na kiya toh kya kiya
    aake duniya mein bhi agar pyar na kiya toh kya kiya

    lol thats my fave part of the song

  32. I haven’t yet seen this movie, but from the promo it had me pretty impressed. This is saying a lot considering that I have grown up around the Matrix, Spiderman…etc.
    So far it seems they have already done a great job considering the 10 million budget they were on. (I received that number from another article)compared to the 200 million that Superman took. I can tell a lot of hard work was put in to this so I give them that credit in advance. This appears to be a big leap for India. I’ll keep an open mind and I’m curious to see how this will turn out.

  33. hrithik is gonna be the coolest villian in the history of indian film industry as he will be sportin blonde hair , a bandana, torn jeans ,and will be doin more action sequences than just ridin a bike .he will be doin stuff like roller bladin etc .hrithik has just shot his entry scene in namibia and he says thr r loads of action in it !!!! alyssa y dont u chat wimme in yahoo wat say ?
    and ur hindi is actually better than mine

  34. i watched this movie again yesterday in PVR CINEMAS and i enjoyed it mopre dan i did the first time and i too jus love hrithik !!!

  35. oh ya guess what??? todays my bday, july 12th!!! im 13!! right now its 1:19 PM, i live in canada so the times different.

  36. Ok heres the real deal about this movie. The story was alright although being a fan of comic based cartoons and movies (english ones) ive got to say that the ideas were gathered from all over the place. The stunts and graphics were great FOR INDIAN CINEMA. the climax came in pretty late and towards the end the producer was just pulling stuff out of his ass to make everything fit together. All in All im gonna say that people who dont watch a lot of english movies should definately go for it because something like this has never been done before, to the guy who compared this to x-men and spiderman, shame on you.

  37. pradyumna, you seems to be a big fan of Hrithik :). No matters what others say, they have collected good amount of money from movie. At least one can seat with family and watch the whole movie :)

  38. pradyumna, you from bangalore? I was there for friends wedding. PVR is nice but little expensive. We have better movie hall here in Chennai, Sathyam.

    I can’t chat to you. I am at work. They have blocked Yahoo :(


    Hey alyssa, LOL you don’t understand hindi and still watch movie. Good. u are a die hard fan. Same here most of us (at least i don’t understand i am just 14 yr old) don’t understand english movies but i watch movie for action.

    Hey guys why not write more movie reviews for both english and desi/hindi. this is a good site to discuss the movies

    babai. see ya

  40. to fromchennai
    i am from bangalore pvr is expensive but for any hrithik movie i dont mind spendin any amount of money !! lol
    i cant blive dat u guys dont understand hindi and still watch hindi movies ! i never movies only for action though !
    c ya guys
    we shud rite allda movies dat release every week

  41. hi every1 ,
    i jus saw golmaal 2 day and i shud say it doesnt live up to the tagline of ” fun unlimited” actually the fun is very very much limited .do not waste ur money on this movie.
    Better wait another week and catch up wit pirates of the carribean 2
    alyssa y rnt u replyin to message ??

  42. I Liked the film very much. I want to buy the CD to watch the movie again & again.

  43. krrish has brought indian cinema to the next level.every scene was well conected and story well defined.the biggest achievement is that it can be compared to superman and other superhero movies which r made with the budget of 1000-1500 crore rs whereas krrish had been made with the budget of 45 crores.even the film was quite long but was completely exciting.hats off to hrithik and rakesh roshan

  44. This movie is not only a highlight of the Roshan productions but a highlight for Indian film industry. This movie certainly gives Hollywood the run for the money, at least in India and in the Indian diaspora elsewhere.

    A very well made movie with an exceptional actor and crew.
    It is a real shame that mediocrity rules in Indian cinema especially in Bollywood when such great talent exists amonst them.
    Hritik beats all other so called ‘stars’ hands down.

  45. This is the best movie in the world!!
    Akshay, you are so stupid, watch the movie one more time..or more and you’ll see how great it is.
    The stunts are great and the storyline is the best yet, I rate this movie ***** ( five star-unmissable).
    I’ve seen this movie once but I will probably watch it at least another 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times.
    ( I have no idea what that number is!).
    But, guys, you gotta watch this movie one more time.

  46. This movie rocked!I watched it about 3 times so far,it great,and the songs are good(especially the circus one,the dance moves and the backround dancers looked relly nice)

  47. i think Krrish was an xcellent movie… u jst dnt get bored and Hgrithik u lukd xcellent in da movie and soooo cute wth that hair f ures…


  49. the film was really gud, first time i hv seen a holliwood touch in graphics n action,so thanx to mr.rakesh roshan,no doubt it is a huge blockbaster but i just wanna tell tht it could hv been more attractive if the villan in krish wud be equally powerful as krish,n for ur sequel of krish i hv an idea to share but cant gt the contact to mr.roshan if i do thn i think i may able to help a bit for thr sequel to krish,so can i gt thr contact?

  50. Awesome Movie !

    First time, in Bollywood, they have made such a nice sci-fi movie. It can be compared to Hollywood easily.

    Its true only Hrithik can do this role. And he rocks.


    ***** (5 of 5)

  51. I have watched the movie and there was a flaw. When krrish dad was in development of future computer for 2 years then how come his wife was pregnant and delivered the child .

    If you see this point then the whole story looks ugly. the same thing was said twice in the movie

  52. I have watched the movie and there is a big flaw in the movie. When krrish dad was away for 2 years then how come his wife become pregnant and delivered the child (basic sense say’s that a women becomes pregnant and deliver,s a child in 9 months).

    If you see this point then the whole story looks ugly. the same thing was said twice in the movie

  53. I just saw the movie and after reading all the comments i can plainly see everyone’s a hritik fan. But guys seriously this movie could have been better. Actually there could have been lot more improvement. I do appreciate the fact that the indian film industry is trying something different. As far as i can see it seems that Bollywood has way more resources than hollywood, then why do we have to be the second best. Oh i know why??…it’s because even though we have the technology we don’t use it. Just compare the EFX from a hollywood movie to a bollywood movie. The EFX in Krrish could be seen in the 90’s. Don’t forget that for some reason we always have to include a love story…..i can go on forever…but i think you get the point.. to be more specific the movie sucked because there was too much info and the movie never grasped on the key parts of the story. AND TO ALL HRITHIK FANS….HE’S NOT A GREAT ACTOR!!!!..AMITABH IS A GREAT ACTOR. HRITHIK IS GOOD COMPARED TO ALL OTHER CURRENT GENERATION ACTORS

  54. this would be a very great movie. i havnt seen it yet, but i know how it will be in film fair this year.

  55. The songs were great.

    The last half was good.

    But this movie didn’t meet my expectations. Even the last part with the stunts…some were really good (reminded me of the Matrix), but a few were overly done and looked fake. (like when they put some parts in slow motion).
    The beginning was so slow…

    I didn’t fall in love with the characters as I normally would.

    But I must say Hrithik Roshan did the best he could which was great. I blame everyone else.

    and once again. The songs were great.

  56. superb movie….best movie ever seen……..hrithik has done fabulous job…….deserves best actor award…….krrish rocks.

  57. priyanka chopra she is very telented actress this movie one big hit priyanka career and all wish you thanks

  58. I REALLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYY am in luv with hrithik. he is very sweet. i love his smile

  59. hrithik is the best ever krish is the bomb best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. hi, duggu. you’re so multitalented acators for me. you’re perfect. suzzane is the lukiest women. i’m the one who really attracted to everything ’bout you after i read your CV in one of bollywood magazine in my country. but i really2 dissapointed,coz i can’t watch your new movies in Indonesia. it’s difficult to get your movies here. i’m collecting your movies.if you don’t mind, would you send me your DVD movies:doom 2, and krishh to me. this is my hasyim ashari km.1 sepatan – tangerang banten 15520 indonesia. i wish you will. was your web off/expired? send me your message in my e-mail in:[email protected] send my best regards to mrs.suzzane roshan. lots of love from indonesia.

  61. I believe this is one of the best indian movie i have ever wtached. i like watching Hitrik and in this film he was amazing. I believe those with negative comments are just spoil sports.

  62. I dont understand peoples judgment here. Im sure a lot of these people commenting here are teenage girls who will love Hritik no matter how bad the movie is :)). Im a big critic of Hindi movies. And this one failed to impress me. Bad direction, bad music, unnecessary overacting esp by Priyanka and weak story line. The only saving grace is Hritik and the cinematography – by Tony Ching, which is saved also by the movie shot locations. The dialogues could be better as well as the script. No doubt he is a good actor, but the director could’ve saved the overacting and over dramatic overdone mushy scences esp in the beginning which totally ruined the movie for me. The movie does get better than bearable towards the middle and later half. But I dont understand why people go out of their way to say its better than Spiderman, or Superman. Oh please. It definitely cant be compared and its not even in the same league with either. Its an ok movie in its own right. If only Indian movies had better actors..

  63. wat is every1 talkin abt :D :P..???
    wat is Kkrish..???? :P

    :D :D :D

  64. Hi Krish
    I love you very much. Would you please come to my home? I invite you all the time, any time.
    All the best.
    Loobdhak, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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