Animated epic HANUMAN movie

Yup finally our own superhero’s movie is set to release on 21st Oct-05. This movie is set to release on the time of Diwali festival so kids and everyone can enjoy it. HANUMAN Animated epic movie

HANUMAN is about the extraordinary journey of this mythical superhero – from his days as an adorable, miracle-working baby, to his ultimate triumph in the army of Lord Shri Ram.

As a kid most of us use to read stories of our superhero, and now it like dream come true to see it on screen :) oh boy i’m awaiting for release…

But hold on it has very nice soundtrack composed by Tapas relia along with playback singers like Shaan and Sonu nigam. Hanuman’s voice has been dubbed by Mukesh Khanna.

Sahara One Motion picture is behind this movie, they spent around Rs. 2,50,000,00 for production and additional Rs.1,50,000,00 for marketing movie.
Update See my review of the movie and more photos :D

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66 thoughts on “Animated epic HANUMAN movie”

  1. Bhushan,

    What information you want? You want to know the name of software which can be use to create animation ? Explain it so I can give you few hints

  2. i did not see the movie because it is’nt their in any theaters in chennia.

  3. I do not think so it will be released in USA. However soon they are gonna release DVDs which can be ordered from or other ecommerce site.

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  5. hi i want about hanuman film how you design story board and anmation
    i am in last year indigital arts,pune

  6. Hey Vivek, just gone through this article.
    I’m planning to setup a high-end animation-cum VFX studio in India.
    DO you do a bit fo animation too?
    Are you associated with “Hanuman ” in any way ?

  7. Well I’ve heard about one new full length 3D animated movie which is in making process now. The name is “Parth The Ultimate Warrior”. Well If anyone get’s any news or confirmation about this then please infrom. I think it’s a MAAC’s project.

  8. After Hanuman, Krishna Was Made n Now Another Animated Movie Is Coming Which Is My Friend Ganesha, Am Waiting For It,
    I Have Seen The Others,
    Simply Genius Creativity… :D

  9. the animation is not based upon the original epics. it contains certain fictitious scenes. as amovie has great impact on the minds of viewers its originality should be retained.

  10. Hi

    I wanted to know the name of the animator for the movie Hanuman..and also a few leading animators in India, pref in Mumbai


  11. My name is vishwa we had two small kids in my home they sing full song of hanuman and they did practice like small hanuman and very thankful to hanuman animated series director&team members we are very happy to see this type of movies with our child and also with friends, thankyou.

  12. Hi!
    I am writing an essay about the Ramayana, in wich I will discuss the Hanuman-movie. I would then like to know in wich city it was produced, who produced in and in wich year it was produced? Thank you!

  13. Sandra,

    Hanuman is a 2005 animated feature film released by Sahara India Pariwar of India, Percept Pictures and Silvertoons. The film dramatizes the life of its title character, Hanuman, a Hindu god. The animation was created by Silvertoons or Pentamedia Graphics

  14. hey… the movie is gr8. i m collecting details of this film. can u just help me out? i want the details about which characters voice is given by whome? pls can u help me?

  15. Such type of film should come on a very regular interval. It gives a lot of enthusiasm to public. All the actors and actress had done a wonderful job.

  16. jay hanuman
    please send the name of books releated to multimedia & animaton cause i have sub:- multimedia & animation &are books avilable in market? where from i can get in pune city.

  17. thats cool animated film…….. that brings you close to the lords greatest epic……………

  18. On that time, after the Street Fighter 2 Animated movie is the best hit comes to the next of Hanuman The Animated Movie. I still looking for that Movie, but…
    I am looking for the English dub(Voice Over) version of the Hanuman’s animated series.
    Do you know where I can download it?

  19. Hye
    Dear Sir / Madam

    I request you please tell me which software you used for creating this animation movie. Please

  20. This movie looks and feels like a real treat for us Indians and any kids from around the world.

    The story of Hanuman is so engaging, and the artwork in this movie is exotic, inspiring, and catchy.

  21. can u tell me one thing .best institute of animation in chandigarh n delhi.

  22. well wat i suppose to say abt hunaman he is my buddy yaar i love every thing abt him he always stand beside me where i need he i love u hunaman ………………….

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