Flying in your own plane

A few months ago, the India’s first aircraft showroom opened in Bangalore and they have sold few light aircrafts. Each aircrafts costs around 45-50 lakhs.

Time of India (TOI) reporting other costs of owing a light aircraft:

* Rs. 50,000 a year for maintenance
* Rs. 80,000 yearly insurance
* Rs. 2 lakh for a PPL training course (very high cost)
* Rs. 250 as airport landing charge
* Rs. 5-6 an hour for airport parking charge
* In an hour, in consumes 18 liters, cost you Rs.1200 and you can cover 190 km
Even Test flights cost you Rs.5000

Dam it is f*****g expensive. Only millionaires can own such aircraft.

Animated epic HANUMAN movie

Yup finally our own superhero’s movie is set to release on 21st Oct-05. This movie is set to release on the time of Diwali festival so kids and everyone can enjoy it. HANUMAN Animated epic movie

HANUMAN is about the extraordinary journey of this mythical superhero – from his days as an adorable, miracle-working baby, to his ultimate triumph in the army of Lord Shri Ram.

As a kid most of us use to read stories of our superhero, and now it like dream come true to see it on screen :) oh boy i’m awaiting for release…

But hold on it has very nice soundtrack composed by Tapas relia along with playback singers like Shaan and Sonu nigam. Hanuman’s voice has been dubbed by Mukesh Khanna.

Sahara One Motion picture is behind this movie, they spent around Rs. 2,50,000,00 for production and additional Rs.1,50,000,00 for marketing movie.
Update See my review of the movie and more photos :D

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