Black Hole Pictures

Black hole pictures – about a theoretical region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even electromagnetic radiation.

A black hole is created when a giant star is died and it creates a region in space with extremely high gravitational field. The gravitational field so strong that nothing can escape from it. There are many popular myths concerning black holes, many of them perpetuated by Television and Hollywood movies. I strongly suggest you read this Nasa page which explains “Black Holes.”

Black holes

Black Holes videos

Picture credit wikpedia black hole article

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  1. Are you serious? A black hole is larger than half of our solar system. It would engulf all planets and the sun they revolve around. And it doesn’t give any evidence to such infinite beings (a.k.a. Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha, etc.) as the creators of all matter. In no way am I saying that such divine creators should not be praised or believed in, but this sort of information is the wrong path to innovating believers.

  2. black holes can be very dangerous if we ever come face to face with one.they are so strong they can consume light if it ever gets close enough.all black holes really are, are planets collapsed into them selves. but i believe there are things beyond a black hole that we never would have imagined to exist.

    Its a large quantity of energy. that energy we can not belive.
    so how the scientists are prove this blockhole finally this theory was an imagination.

  4. My girlfriend is a black hole!! She has the same properties as one at least. Seriously though, is it me or is it really difficult to grasp the concept of a star collapsing in on itself and forming some sort of matter eating infinite vortex that has such a great gravitational pull that not even light can escape? And wouldnt that make light a matter also? Too much for me to compute, I know that!!

  5. Black hole is the unproven mistry . This EARTH is also inside the black hole, where we live. FREEDOM FOR IMAGINATION.

  6. FREEDOM FOR IMAGINATION.Black hole is the unproven mistry.So,we can think that it is formed by the black energy.We and our universe is also inside black hole.

  7. Silvia: God is great. what we just watched is amazing.
    Mark: all I can say is woohohoho majestic

  8. Energized Gravitons and dying stars.

    Fate of the star is decided by fed thoughts which were triggered as the end stage of star is reached. These fed thoughts were fed in precreation era by highest center of the universe.

    1. Thought of Red Giant leads to formation of red and finally white dwarf.
    2. Thought of neutron star leads to formation neutrons star.

    It never depends upon the different masses of suns as predicted by Prof. Chandrasekhar. Though the different masses ( critical mass 1.44 times the sun’s mass) of suns could decide the type of thought expressions ( conditioned stimulation of atomic transcriptions)

    When binary stars come to end stage , its one star takes the shape of red Giant and the another star takes the shape of neutron star or so called highly dense black body having very high gravitational effect such that the escape velocity is more than speed of light. Thus making it a highly dense black body.

    Having reached this critical stages, the hot material of red giant stars falling into highly dense black body in circular manner such that it forms a circular disc all around highly dense black body. During fall, as the matter is made up of charged particles , there develops a electrical field right angle to the falling matter .

    The effect of electrical field is very high and as it reaches the limits of event horizon , the falling material ejected out right angle to the electrical fields. During fall , the velocity of the matter increases and it reaches at the speed of light ( body falling under gravity gets accelerated due to g) and it obeys so called Flemings right and left hand rules simultaneously that is why positive charged material is ejected in one direction and the negatively charged is ejected out in opposite direction with speed of light .

    The hot material of Red Giant never falls in highly dense black body ( it is not Black hole ) .


    Black holes are formed when the white holes or quasars stop their functions at the end of expansion phase of the universe.
    During contraction phase the white holes or quasars would transform into black holes . Black holes are the phenomenon of contraction phase of the universe rather than expansion phase of the universe.

  9. y d force of black hole dat swallows evrthing connectd wid gravity only?????
    may b sum othr attractive force iz acting..!!!!!
    if itz immense gravity den evrythng shud jus automaticly fall into it irrespectve of itz location……….y only wen things cum close to a black hole,dey get into it???????

  10. Shadi, our sun couldn’t even create a black hole, let alone a planet. you need to go back to astronomy

  11. um…. wow. that vid is cool and space is cool. i wish that there was a nebula like SUPER close to earth, were you could see all the colors and everything. that would be cool.

    P.S. if u look at a pic of the very dead center of the whirlpool galaxy, it looks like Jesus on a cross.

  12. There is a nebula, a nursery of stars, fairly close to our solar system. It is M42, the Orion nebula; it forms the end of the sword in the constellation of Orion, & it lies at a distance of about 1350 light years. You only need a small telescope to get a glimpse of the beautiful nebula being lit up by the newly formed, hot stars within it. I’d like to address the towelheads on this page and their moronic, completely non-intelligent remarks. You obviously have NO idea what you are talking about, & I should say I am not entirely surprised; you are all stuck in the 7th century, if you have any idea of the history of the abortion of Islam, then you know what I’m talking. Try and catch up with the human race, if you can. And as far as “Allah” is concerned, Allah should have been left in a bloody puddle on the floor along with the rest of his mother’s afterbirth, left lying to stink & be eaten by animals & the flies to lay their eggs in his poisonous flesh. The bastard-child of “Allah” should never have been given the chance to infect this earth with “it’s” evil, poisonous soul of darkness, straight out of hell. “Allah”, and all that follow “Allah”, are children of Satan. Burn in hell, for all time and eternity, bastards.

  13. It’s cool and scary in the same way. I mean it’s cool how the graphics and how black holes form. It’s pretty scary by what if a black hole came to earth. That would end life as we know it!!!


  15. does anyone know if something was sucked into a black hole if it would strech or be compacted??? im just wondering. Is our sun a low mass star??? if it is it would turn into a red giant, in about 5 billion years and turn into a white dwarf wouldnt it??? sorry for all the questions, im very curious.

  16. Can anybody answere that who control this black holes or the galaxies. The answere “The Almightly Allah”. Allahu-akbar.

  17. man thats too scary,i agree with everyone of you guys,everything has areason for existence,so is the blachole.But i pray to God that it should never cone to our planet. i have two kids ang i still want to see them grow,this thing consumes everything it passes through.

  18. everyone ,i believe i know what im talking bout when i say GOD created it and if he fill like it he’ll make one come straight up to earth and suck up you nun believers .see on jugdement day ………….dumb a’s

  19. You are obviously a very insecure person. I mean, did you read what you wrote? Do that for me. Just read it and listen to how it sounds. Who are you to put down anyone for what they believe in or insult their religion so vulgarly? People like you make me want to vomit and make the world a much more miserable place–your self righteous hypocritical blabbering is nauseating. You call “Allah” and his followers children of satan, which leads me to believe you are of christian faith. I believe in god and try not to judge when possible, but i think you need to stop trying to bad mouth people and crack your bible. Because you’re coming off like a RACIST ASSHOLE and i doubt god is very proud of you.

  20. I believe “god” (im of christian faith) has control of these black holes and everything in the universe. I believe he makes these phenomenons in space to test our faith. There are enough evidence both ways to convince anyone on earth either way. Its in our nature to figure out these things and have it in black ‘n white on paper. Well what happened to the bible god said “I am the alpha and omega, maker of heaven and earth”. Its writen work that we believe cause we go to church believe in heven and hell. Were just not happy with anything cause someone feels they have a better idea then the guy next to him. Well how many single celled organisms come out of sea and create this multicelled organism working all together, you dont and never will. If that was true you would see a walking talking form of the H1N1 virus, aids, or ameobas. Even eggs in reproduction need two exist. You dont see women getting pregenate just cause of that one rogue egg who just wants to be a multicelled organism. You dont see new species just walking out of thin air. Of course we evolve to our surroundings to compensate i believe that. I mean an african is of darker nature cause they are from a continent that gets an amazing amount of sun. To an irish man is of lighter skin color because the sun is not as strong in there part of the world. I believe there is something else out there besides this life aka a higher power. An alpha and omega, every religion supports a single high power god. Allah, god, zeus…ect. In greek mythology there were many gods as in christianity there are patron saints. But there is no religion that there is one god as powerful as another god, there is always a god above gods. Many more simularities than differences between different religions. True there is a lot of conspiracies in churches because of who runs the church and all they want is to make money off of god. I know im rambling sorry….but in the middle east you blow yourself up you get how ever many virgins in heaven and whatever is bull. We know it and the guys who tell others and make them believe it are wrong. Cause if they truely believed that you would think they would be first in line to sacrifice but no. They get others to do it and they know there not just gonna end there life for nothing. In christianity it doesnt get that crazy but i live in the bible belt, i went to one of there churches and for going there for your first time you get a coupon to get something free in there gift shop…a flippin gift shop. Come on…its rediculous. Its just like the catholic church selling repentence for your sins and if you didnt come up with the money you were damned to hell. We know thats bull a conspiracy against the church not God nor christianity. So did Martin Luther King (Not the one we know of for civil rights for african americans) and wrote 95 thesis and split off of the main church to create a true church that taught nothing else but what is in the bible, nothing conjured up off the top of his head to make money or to convert more but to truely show the world what its comeing to and to never forget gods word.

  21. the Theory of the ancient mayan was that there’s a black hole in the center of our galaxy and on the winter solstice all the planet and stars, will become aligned with this black hole, (supposed date for all the planet and stars to become aligned is December 12 or 21/2012, this info can be found when researching about the Mayan Calender, it doesnt state what will happen when all the planets align, but just something cool to look out for in the future

  22. Whoa man, when’d religion come into relation with a black hole. First of all, don’t put down religions because you think your religion might be right, whether you have a religion, or your agnostic, or whatever; I really don’t care. There are much more things to do in life than put down someones beliefs. Some people use religion as a way out of life, as a stress reliever. Some people choose to be blind followers just because it relieves all the questions that come up. For example, who created god. That might a little overdone, but in the end, this page is about BLACK HOLES, not religion, not who’s right and who’s wrong. Instead of finding the mystery of which religion is right, if any of them are, go solve the other problems in the world. You might actually do something that would be good for society.

  23. I’m of muslim faith, I think that the whole virgin thing is just total bull shit, the thing is you dont get virgins, it just says you go to heaven for being a martyr. NO YOU DO NOT GO TO HEAVEN FOR BLOWING UP CIVILIANS OR YOURSELF. Suicide will lead you to hell, actually if people were going to torture you to death you shouldnt commit suicide, so what gives them the excuse of suicide bombing. well they’re idiots, just because one man did something doesnt mean that everyone is like that, and so if its not just one person. lets say there are 10,000 suicide bombers, they only happen in countries that are in a bad state like iraq or afghanistan. you hear about those everyday yet have you heard about one in turkey recently. it has many muslims in it and it borders iraq, yet i dont see it on the news daily with suicide bombings. i really cant stress this enough that people just assume. The comedy shows about muslims, hell i love them myself, like akmed from the jeff dunham show. That guy is hilarious, he makes fun of everything. So, people please dont judge the largest religion in the world (islam passed the biggest sect of christianity not a whole ago) by the actions of some idiots. I’ve heard empathy is great, you might want to try it.

  24. I can’t wait till 2012, the day that we all DONT die. So far what have the mayans gone, and what are they doing now. o ya their dead. They might have expected soemthing but come on, human error is possible. Or is it going to be some great cosmic event. Well i dont really care either way, i graduate 2011 so first year of college and well, i think i might just get a telescope and watch it all go down. Tv stations will probably have it on all day. maybe some looting and riots. MIGHT ACTUALLY SEE THE RIOT POLICE. so who actually cares about 2012. If the mayans were so good at astronomical events, that they could expect a ONCE in a hundred billion years. and multply that by another hundred billion. What kept them from doing other stuff. did they just excel at atrsonomy to this extent. What explains why they didnt think about electricity. Im getting all excited about peoples’ reactions to this event more than i am to the event itself. I think that day im just going to watch tv all day. no news channels of course. and just sit back and either laugh when the event passes and nothing happens. or thank god for a beatiful life so far and die. Cmon people, just because the mayans were good astronomists doesnt mean they could expect the end of the world and if its every single planet and star linning up, well the end of everything that might have been alive on those planets too. It would kind of suck that humanity came so far as to make what we have so far. By the way if no light actually touches the blackhole itself, then shouldnt we be able to see the other side if the light goes around and gets bent around the black we could be seeing the same picture from multiple angles. Now that should be cool. look at me rambling on, im sorry.

  25. flippin welldone for making this video, its explains to everyone else just how vast our universe really is to contain these blackholes and many other things, it also shows us how insignificant mankind is in his tiny planet compared to the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!

  26. a black hole can be smaller than u think not all black holes r big u know!! maybe if u read more u will c

  27. Well that’s supermassive black holes aren’t they? There can be smaller ones maybe about the size of our planet or even a continent.

  28. I think there is a galaxy inside every black hole …….. and blackholes are a kinda entrance and exit into it

  29. Organisms have 7 characteristics: 1. organisims use energy 2. organisms mantain themselves by using food and producing waste 3. organisms are made of one or more cells 4. organisms reproduce 5. organisms grow, change and develop 6. organsims interact with their surrounding 7. organisms have a lifespan.

    How many of these characteristics do black holes have? I dont know the answer what do you think?

  30. this website is really very informative and accurate.but i dont understand why some persons bring all this religion quagmire in such a scientific concept…..why cant they just think of understanding it and exploring something about it instead of using such bad remarks on religions which is not having any connection to it…..

  31. Science and religion are same things, this site is really galaxy has some power that it all that things is handed by invisible power.Religion is included with galaxy.and its a such a restless hole has no end till no should be a adrift in galaxy.its has immense space to put anything the earth,sun, moon,etc..
    just try to understand only a nature because nature has a answer that who is the black hole

  32. in this world has no one can says that i know about the black hole because.our mind has limits but black hole has no limits to kill the all that things which are adrift in galaxy.
    The power which can Handel all galaxy,is make challenge to solve the black hole,but all that things is planed in earth or in galaxy,

  33. religion is connected with ? if u want some information than tell me i give a books name u have to just read it than tell me

  34. our indian religion are know about it ? its not a imagination its a part of power which power can Handal all the galaxy !!

  35. Can you do time travel using black hole? Did anyone (NASA human or robot) went through it?

  36. no! actually no one could survive if a man will go close enough to a black hole. you will be like a spaghetti and will be chopped like a carrots! men your really dead of you fall close enough to a black hole!.

  37. wot are you saying are you stupid all because any religion god created the black hole doesnt mean they dont have to be believed in or worshiped they must of created it for a reason anyway y do u care your gonna die 1 daii anyway so shut up n respect others beliefs!!!!!!

  38. Well if u want to know the truth about a black hole then just think simple. We don’t know squat about what a black hole realy looks like or what it even really does. The only thing we actually know is that a black hole really doesn’t eat anything it just stores it in the center in in some cases spits the objects energy back out so we really don’t know what happens when u get close to a black hole other than the radition and heat would kill u. Other than that we don’t really know anything about a black hole.


  40. so you know that blackhole can suck a planet …. no na cheak the video on you tube’

  41. well there is an ergosphere around an event horizon. it is possible to escape the ergoshpere but once ur past the event horizon theres no escaping.

  42. hay maria I found out that if u jump in a black hole u will get super powers. and u will live forever. so u should try it and see what happens. WOW

  43. Black holes do different things depending on their mass, their rotational speed, and their surroundings. Small black holes have a much steeper “gravity slope” compared to larger ones, so the larger ones don’t rip you apart until you are closer to the singularity. When black holes are eating matter, the matter heats up and releases radiation, which will burn you to a crisp when you get close to the black hole. Rotating black holes don’t have a “point” singularity, they have a “ring” singularity, so if you enter the black hole through one of its poles, you will encounter a wormhole in the center of the ring singularity, if you can hold that wormhole open, you can get through, but if you cant, you will collapse the wormhole, and de-stabilize the black hole, which could collapse the black hole completely because of the your gravity and momentum combined. Nuff’ said, If you didn’t understand that, then you really have a problem to deal with

  44. Scientists need to get on! They can’t prove what happens in a black hole, and they can’t even prove that it has enough gravitational force to disenigrate(or however it’s spelled) you or anything else. Just my opinoin if you don’t like it then you can suck it

  45. oh wht a god creation.I feard to see such an amazing god’s creation.hope it hasnt do any harm us

  46. jpsj

    Black hole is the gate to go into the Sukshm Lok or Parlokik world, where we go after life.To go into the black hole one should know one’s existence (self/ rooh jeev), because only your existence/your self which is inside the body and which is not matter is able to go inside the the black hole. But for this one should have sukshm drishti (kind of divine eyes) and there are the people who can open your divine eyes. Only the Mercy of GOD.

  47. Wsnna survive a black hole?
    First find a way to travel as fast as light.
    Do that, and you’ve solved the main issue of being ripped apart.

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