How do I burn ISO images to a CD using Windows XP/2000?

If you have downloaded Linux ISO cds or other ISO format software and would like to burn ISO images to a CD using Windows XP, you must get special CD burning software.

Windows does not provide any in build software to burn ISO images to a CD.

When you purchase a CD Writer, you get burning software with your product. For example Nero CD burning software. You can order the same software or download trial version from Internet

Download Nero Burn (I am dam sure you will love to purchase software after trial)

Install Nero Burn, double click on ISO image, and just click on Burn.

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  1. This is the exact reason why I wrote my article Create a Self-Burning ISO with AutoIt. Many computer people often assume that others have the same level of technical knowledge as they do and assume (incorrectly) that anything they can do, others can do.

    What I am attemping to do is bridge the gap between the new computer user (I hate the term n00bie and its variations) and the more technically skilled. Needless to say, this is not an easy task but I believe one worth pursuing.

    For those of you who are technical in the audience, I hope that you can take my Create a Self-Burning ISO with AutoIt article and other articles on Daily Cup of Tech and put them to good use.


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