Windows XP/Server 2003 search and replace registry effectively

Windows registry editor has simple search function. This is not good or powerful tool for power users. In addition, if you want to make bulk find and replace changes to registry, windows registry has no tool or option.

Registry Agent is a tool for bulk find and replace option. It is part of Creative Element Power Tools, which is a collection of productivity tools for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, and Windows Me. This includes

Search and replace Registry entries – Perform quick Registry searches, view the results in a convenient list, and optionally search-and-replace Registry keys and values. You can download this tool here (free 1.5MB).

Caution: Before using these tools make sure, you backup the registry and important data.

How do I use Search and replace Registry entries tool?

  • Step # 1: Download Registry Agent
  • Step # 2: Install Registry Agent
  • Step # 3: Open Creative Element Power Tools
  • Step # 4: Click on Start Registry Agent
  • Step # 5: Search the required string or data
  • Step # 6: Click on replace and type replace string
  • Step # 7: Click on Replace button

Here is screen shot of this tool:
Registry agent

I am dam sure after some days later you will love to purchase license for this tool :)

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2 thoughts on “Windows XP/Server 2003 search and replace registry effectively”

  1. Great Tool. It would be nice to connect to the registry on a remote machine and run this program. Most of the changes I need to make are on network computers.

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