How to: Get Feedburner RSS Subscriber Count in plain text or html code with feed count plugin

Recently, I saw few site displaying their feedburner feed count using html / text code. After googling I came across very nice plugin called Feed Count:

Feed Count 1.2 is the latest version of WordPress Plugin that displays the number of subscribers to your feedburner feed in text. You don’t have to use the feedburner chicklet, This plugin can be easily integrated into your wordpress them.

=> Download and Installation instructions

Howto add table to wordpress with WP-table plugin

Adding an html table to wordpress is problematic job in visual mode. My old solution was to go into text mode and enter html code. However there is a new plugin called WP-Table. It allows you to a table directly in the Visual mode or import from a spreadsheet. Cool isn’t it?

WP-table plugin to add table

According to author:

This plugin creates and manages tables for wordpress. So you can post i.e. sport results in a fixed table format. You don’t need to enter tables anymore in the plain text mode and the WYSIWYG editor didn’t damage the table layout. The table layout can be changed via a css file and you can import a csv file as table.

Download wp-table