Sun’s new Ultra 20 Workstation

This workstation supports multiple operating systems, runs both 64-bit and 32-bit applications, offers outstanding graphics capabilities, and provides one of the fastest single-processor x64 performances, bundled with enterprise class development software.
* Comes Preloaded with Solaris 10 OS and enterprise – class development software including Sun Studio 10, Sun Java Studio Creator, and Sun Java Studio
* Sun claim Blazing fast performance
* Runs 64- and 32-bit applications simultaneously
* AMD Opteron CPU, advanced 2-D and 3-D graphics accelerators
* Runs Solaris, Linux and Windows (I would like to see FreeBSD os too)
* Tech spec:
– AMD Opteron Processor
– 1 GIG RAM (512 + 512 Free)
– 80 GIG HD
– ATI Entry 2D graphics accelerator
More info at Sun India web site.

Sun’s Linux killer shows promise and worries for RedHAT/SUSE

According to new artical “Sun gets very serious about Solaris 10 on x86 and the Open Solaris project that it hopes will nourish it, Linux vendors such as Red HAT and Suse had better get very worried”. Well first of all Sun’s support on x86 sucks. It works better on Suns hardware but not on the normal x86 hardware. Second if they really wanna get somewhere they need to correct that path stuff and include GNU utilities and they have much more to do. Read full artcial online.