Verisign to sell DNS root server lookup data (whois lookup data)

I recently did a search for a domain on GoDaddy, the domain was available. Week later when I went to buy it, it was not available and had been bought by some firm in UK. The name was unique and there is no way anybody can guess it (untile and unless GoDaddy give out data). My point it if you found a good name just register it. According to this article:

Verisign, the operator of the generic TLDs .COM & .NET registry, is considering selling access to selected root dns server lookup data to registrars. The root servers are what make domain names work on the Internet, meaning that many domain queries hit these servers on their way to a site or an email recipient.

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3 thoughts on “Verisign to sell DNS root server lookup data (whois lookup data)”

  1. But Godaddy SWEARS to me that they dont give out or sell that search data! Nima, in fact, swore to me that this was NOT happening in their company! Why would they LIE to me, after stealing from me. They wouldnt do this…

    Then I woke up.

  2. Mike,

    Welcome to corporate world, where everything is for sale! Now I don’t do whois until I’m ready to buy..

  3. I know. I dont anymore either. I have used successfully (i.e. they dont SEEM to sell the search data, nor do they approve of that). We’ll see how long that lasts because, you are correct: everything is for sale these days! :-)


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