How to surf securely at public WiFi hotspots

The average user has no idea of the risks associated with public WiFi hotspots.

It’s possible to use your laptop safely in a coffee shop, but you have to take a bit of responsibility for that security. You’ll need to use your common sense, change a few habits, and perhaps install and use some new software.

Here are some very simple tips for them to keep their network access secure.

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Amazon begins taking Microsoft Windows Vista orders

Amazon begins taking Microsoft Windows Vista orders

According to BBC news:

Online retailer Amazon has begun taking orders for Microsoft’s long-delayed new operating system, Windows Vista

The US branch of Amazon is offering a number of different full-price versions of Vista, as well as upgrades from the widely-used current system, Windows XP.
Windows Vista Home Basic is listed at $199 , while the home/office version, Vista Ultimate, is priced at $399. Upgrades will cost less.


  • Vista Home Basic: $199 (Upgrade: $99.95)
  • Vista Premium: $239 (Upgrade: $159)
  • Vista Ultimate: $399 (Upgrade: $259)
  • Vista Business:$299 (Upgrade: $199)

But Microsoft says Vista will not be released until it is truly ready

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Lage Raho Munnabhai movie review

Lage Raho Munnabhai movie poster

First, it is not a sequel to first part – Munnabhai MBBS. This is a new story with Munna and his friends. You will see old characters with a new story.

Movie Review

Munna “Bhai” (Sanjay Dutt) falls in love with voice of the Radio Jockey Jahnvi (Vidya Balan). However, due to some misunderstanding, Jahnvi thinks Munna is a history professor and invites Munna to see her family and give them a lecture on history. What should Munna do …?

Here comes our Circuit with a plan that supposes to help munna. But that not the end of story further munna meets Mahatma Gandhi.

Overall producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and director Rajkumar Hirani delivers the fine comedy movie.

It is Munna and Circuit’s chemistry and Mahatma Gandhi message (all the most of us may not agree with his message) make this movie wonderful. You can seat and watch with whole family.

I will give ****1/2 out 5 stars. Go and watch you will not regret it.


  • Directed by Rajkumar Hirani
  • Produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra
  • Written by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani
  • Starring Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Vidya Balan, Dia Mirza, Boman Irani,
  • Music by Shantanu Moitra

Five Habits of Highly Profitable Software Developers

This article illustrates five habits of software development teams that make them more effective and therefore more profitable.

FTA “Software developers who have the ability to create and maintain quality software in a team environment are in high demand in today’s technology-driven economy. The number one challenge facing developers working in a team environment is reading and understanding software written by another developer. This article strives to help software development teams overcome this challenge…If you follow these five habits, it will help development teams create software that everyone on the team can read, understand, and modify. When software development teams create new value too quickly and without consideration for the future, they tend to create software with increasingly high implementation costs…”


Windows XP find and remove duplicate or similar files

After some time you will realize that how many copies of the same files you have!

There is no easy solution to find and remove duplicate or similar files with Windows XP. Microsoft does not provide any in build software to do same thing.

However with the a special program called DupKiller you can find find unneeded copies of files in those locations where you even would not consider to search.

From DupKiller web page, “The fastest and the most powerful tool for searching and removing duplicate or similar files on your computer. Complicated algorithms, built in its searching mechanism, perform high results — rapid file search. A lot of options allows to flexibly customize the search.


There is comparison not only by name, last modification date or size. One can compare files by their contents, and what’s more, to set what per cent they must match; one can search different-length files, include or exclude files by mask, etc.

A lot of scan options helps flexibly customize your search.”

You can download a free version here (2.32 MB).

Howto: Configure Fetchmail Linux or UNIX client program to fetch emails

Fetchmail is a utility or command for Unix-like (Linux) systems used to retrieve e-mail from a remote POP3, IMAP, ETRN or ODMR mail server to the user’s local system.

From fetchmail site, “Fetchmail is a one-stop solution to the remote mail retrieval problem for Unix machines, quite useful to anyone with an intermittent or dynamic-IP connection to a remote mailserver, SLIP or PPP dialup, or leased line when SMTP isn’t desired. Fetchmail can collect mail using any variant of POP or IMAP and forwards to a the local SMTP (via TCP socket) or LMTP (via TCP or Unix socket) listener or into an MDA program, enabling all the normal forwarding/filtering/aliasing mechanisms that would apply to local mail or mail arriving via a full-time TCP/IP connection.”

How do I install fetchmail?

If you are using Debian Linux, type the command:

# apt-get install fetchmail

If you are using Fedora core/Cent OS Linux, type the command:

# yum install fetchmail

If you are using Ubuntu Linux, type the command:

# sudo apt-get install fetchmail

Configuration file name

The user configuration file is stored in your home directory i.e. /home/you/.fetchmailrc

How do I configure fetchmail to retrieve mail from ISP mail server?

Open .fetchmailrc file:

$ cd; touch .fetchmailrc
$ chmod 600 .fetchmailrc
$ vi .fetchmailrc

Append following text:

poll with proto POP3
user d12356 there with password “password” is “vivek” here


  • – My POP3 server
  • proto POP3 – You are using POP3 protocol
  • d12356 – POP3 username
  • “password” – POP3 password
  • “vivek” – Local mailbox name

To fetch mail or to run fetchmail type command:

$ fetchmail

For more information please see offical fetchmail web site.

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