64 People Have Been Arrested For Using Blogs

More bloggers than ever face arrest for exposing human rights abuses or criticising governments, says a report.

According to article published at BBC, Elections in China, Pakistan and the US could prompt more arrests for exposing human rights abuses or highlighting bad practices followed by governments. This is scary.

From the article:

Citizens have faced arrest and jail for blogging about many different topics, said the World Information Access (WIA) report.

Arrested bloggers exposed corruption in government, abuse of human rights or suppression of protests. They criticised public policies and took political figures to task

Babe theory of political agitation

Sunday TOI (April, 30, 2006) has a small article on babe theory. According to article “Where there are hot babes men will show up. If 100 cute girls are protesting you can count on a thousand men being there as well

But, then I thought it may be correct. After all why do some movements work while others fail? Just today morning I saw few medial college young women students protesting against reservation quota. Within 30 minutes, there were more men (students).

According to WillTheory may be shallow, but in the end Babe Theory describes whether a movement will be successful, not why the men are attracted to a movement ~ also if no babes show off for the cameras, the media attention of protests is scant, at best. It’s shallow but it’s reality.”