Insect Attack May Have Killed Dinosaurs

Insect are the most diverse group of animals on the Earth, with over a million described species— more than half of all known living organism. Insects may be found in nearly all environments on the planet, although only a small number of species occur in the oceans. Now there is a new theory that suggests that insect attack may have finished off dinosaurs. An important contributor to the demise of the dinosaurs, experts say, could have been the rise and evolution of insects, especially the slow-but-overwhelming threat posed by new disease carriers.

Insect Attack May Have Killed Dinosaurs

From the article:

Asteroid impacts or massive volcanic flows might have occurred around the time dinosaurs became extinct, but a new arguemet is that the mightiest creatures the world has ever known may have been brought down by a tiny, much less dramatic force — biting, disease-carrying insects.

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Discovered: the missing link that solves a mystery of evolution

Guardian Science reporting that “Scientists have made one of the most important fossil finds in history: a missing link between fish and land animals, showing how creatures first walked out of the water and on to dry land more than 375m years ago.

A cast of the fossil goes on display at the Science Museum in South Kensington central London today.

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Update: See Missing Link pics @ BBC news site: