Movie review Taxi 9211

Nana patekar is a taxi driver. He needs Rs.30000 end of the day to pay off his loan. John needs Rs. 300 crore by end of the day. Both are in big trouble.

Therefore, john plans to get by challenging his father’s will in court to prove he’s the rightful inheritor. And to get to court he needs Nana’s cab.

On the other hand, Nana needs every passenger he can get to pay off his loan. Now they meet and begins wildest ride for both of them.

I am sure it will great comedy and fun. I will update all of you later on.

Mixed Doubles Hindi movie

From movie trailers it looks like a comedy that looks differently at relationships. After all it cast include Naseeruddin Shah, Konkona Sen, Ranvir Shoery and others.

Sunil and Malti are a middleclass family couple who has married for ten years. They have a child. But they are getting boring with each other after 10 years (how the hell they spend 10 years together ;) ) of marriage. They are not happy at all. But one day something happens, Sunil suggests unacceptable idea to Malti? which result into funny stuff.

If possible I will go tonight or may be Sunday after noon .. I will update all of you later on movie