Why God does not listen to our prayers?

Learn about God and prayers – and more about why my wish was not granted.

God is like our Friend. We all are his children. He is the all-loving one. He always listens to our prayers.

However, some time we feel God is not listing our prayers. We go further and think he does not answer prayer and we feel he cannot do anything for us. The truth is everything is possible with God. In addition, God does not answer our prayer because of he knows that they are not for our good. In today’s fast moving world following formula should help all of us:

Worship God in all your happy times,
Pray hard to God in all your difficult times,
Spend time in temple/church in your quite times,
Admire God in all your painful times,
Indeed, remember supreme power every time to draw closer to him.

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97 thoughts on “Why God does not listen to our prayers?”

  1. God does listen to our prayers and he answeres them too. Our ego’s stand in our way to recognise, hear and see his answers. Another reason why we think he does not answer our prayers is because we expect Him to “grant our wish” exactly the way we wanted a situation to turn out (again the ego thing) – and if it is not granted in the exact way we dictated to God, our ego steps in and says “God is not listening to me”. Sometimes I think we behave like naughty children.


  2. i do understand god knows and grant only those wishes which are good for us. but at the same time doesn’t he knows that hw important the wish is for us. and wt if the entire life is dependent on that wish?

  3. when god answers our prayers, we start having faith in His ability. when he doesn’t, he has faith in ours.

  4. i dont know much. but i asked god a wish which is really genuine. it is for my wife. she really worked hard. i can see how hard she worked for that. but god did not help her. she failed. i cant tolerate her crying. i wish god could have helped her. i beleive in god. but some times i feel does god really exisi. can any one help me realise god. i dont blame god. but whom should i blame for such a injustice?

  5. how do u want God to do something for u if u dont trust him?

    how do u want God to make ur wish comes true if it doesnt make any sense?

    how do u want God to help u if u r not helping ur self out of all the trash life u r living in?

    how do u want God to help u if u r examing God and if he made ur wish become true u will believe in him .. and if not u will simpley say he doesnt exist .. as if he is the one who is in neeed of u .. NOT U .. poor creatures ..

    how do u want God to help u if ur whole life is just gambling drinking having sex bringing poor babies without even knowing who is the father .. and cheating all around .. making dirty things and not respecting urself or anyone .. and not respecting God’s laws .. and then u r asking for his mercy ? what a shame of u

    God helps anyone who wants to help himself .. u should be loyal and good from ur heart so that u ask God to help u out .. u should believe in him from the heart and never even let ur mind think that he doesnt exist ..

    what do u expect from a teacher to do for u if u was the laziest student in the class .. and have bad manners and do bad things and break all the schools rule?
    do u expect a clap and an A grade ? or an F would be so little as a punishment for u ..

    this is a teacher .. a human .. that is the same as u .. she could be punished from her boss.. she dont rule the world .. she control only students ..
    and u HAVE AND MUST respect her .. this is what our families taught us .. to respect elder people and never break the rules ..

    so now .. lets see example to something bigggggggggggggggger verrrrry verrrrry biger and there is no comparing betweeen the two things .. because God is something that nothing could ever be compared with .. he is the creative ..

    do u expect him to help u .. if u r breaking his rules? doing bad things? not respecting urself or him? not being honest .. being bad to people .. acting as a devil .. monitoring God on every single thing .. its not u who order God to do something .. and if not then u say he cant do it .. he can change ur life upside down .. he can do miracles .. but he do things for people who believe in him .. and who deserve this thing ..

    sometimes u see that their are alot of people who arent good .. but God always do good things for them .. why do u think he do this?

    he do it to show them that im still good and kind .. are u going to be kind and pray and do my rules?

    they keeep being bad .. and maybe worst.. u find them suddenly living in a nightmare .. everything is out of their control .. this is Gods punishment ..

    and for people who are sooooo good and kind and do God’s rules .. they see that their life is so messsy lots of problems and ups and downs .. but their are patient .. they wait and say .. we trust God he is the only one who can help us out .. and they keep praying and praying .. but .. nothing happens .. and they still say .. we trust God .. we are sure that he is not doing this thing because he is hidding something better for us ..

    and then sudddenly .. their life turnes to a heaven .. everything gets fine without even knowing how ..

    this is God’s mercy .. that people dont know about ..

    hey people .. wake up .. and stop saying stupid things that are not true about God..

    clean urself from the deep inside ..
    be honest with urself and God
    help urself out
    change ur bad habbits
    do what God wants u to do

    TRUST HIM ..


    ask urself this question everytime u want something from God..

    how do i want God to helpme i DONT BELIEVE THAT GOD EXIST and dont TRUST HIM and not doing his ORDERS?

    u’ll find the key to God’s mercy & wishes will be true .. if they r good for u .. and if they are not against God’s rule ..

    i know that some people will put verry bad comments about my comment ..

    but i want to tell them 1 thing ..

    if a bad thing happened to u after commenting on my words in a bad way ..

    maybe then .. he will believe that he is not good .. and that God really exist and that God is the friend of people who really wants to change their life and be good from inside and outside:)

    best regards ..
    Alaa (female from kuwait)

  6. about the guy whos wife faile who should you blame? well mostly it might be her fault i mean if the people really want something that person that only person should pray for it. things just dont work out sometimes. but the lord will let her succed in something better i will pray for you dont worry have faith and belive and it will come.

  7. I want to marry a guy nd i am praying for our marriage since last 6 years.I dont know what happened to my bf.He loved me so much but now he is involving himself in bad habits.I believe in God so much that I know he can change my boyfriends bad habits into good habits agan because I know God can do anything.But please pray for me because its very painful for me.I cant stand it anymore.I want things to settle down now.I will always pray but I need alot of strength.I am a human.Please pray and ask God how can a human bear so much pain

  8. im always asking if God is really listening to my prayers..just a simple wish to my life,and im hoping if he granted,sometimes i feel ashame to myself why i think about God only in the times of my problem..im just asking him ito comeback the one i love..im really loosing hope but they told me to have faith in him and to the one i love..i really hope..

  9. 1. 3rd commandment – “Worship no God but me.” Does that mean there are other Gods? If that is true then God is jealous of other Gods who are good, powerful and important and we humans are unaware of these Gods. Isn’t envy one of the seven deadly sins mentioned in the Bible. 2. God is Alpha & Omega. What does that mean? It does not make any sense. There is no such thing that has no beginning and no end. 3. God sent his own son to die for man’s sins? What does that mean? Men are sinners before and after the coming of Jesus. Why would a merciful God crucify his own son? Sounds more like a Pagan God. Aren’t there other ways to spread Christianity? Why would God make Holy Mary go through all that pain as she was a virgin when she delivered Jesus. Because he is so holy?4. God is the God of sinners? God is a bad God who is not an ordinary & suffering man’s God. Will God forgive all the horrible psycopaths in this world. If forgiving is a virtue ,God himself does not have it. God’s enemy is the Devil. Revelation 20.10 – God will torment the Devil in hell forever & ever. 5.’Thou shall not tempt the God’. So God does get tempted easily. Then why would he punish Eve and Adam for eating that fruit? He punished the whole humanity because of such a forgivable sin that came from ignorance. 6. God’s anger is mentioned in the Bible several times? What kind of a God is this? Isn’t ‘wrath’ another deadly sin? 7.Why did God make the Devil? From where does the evil from the Devil come from? Lucifer, the Chief angel along,with certain other angels,became rebellious and turned against God. How can an angel become so evil so fast. From where did the devil possess such evil. Did God inspire such evil in the devil? If God is alpha&omega, did God possess this evil himself? From where did evil come from? It definitely is not
    that of the Devil. It came from a far more powerful source than the Devil.
    The expected answers to my questions from a religious freak will mostly be – 1. She is Devil’s true disciple set to deviate man from God. 2. Come back to Jesus child. 3. You should not question God.(why?)Because God’s ways are mysterious & man does not understand them. The answers one would get when you question God’s ‘myterious ways’ are only accusations. From whom? From hypocrites and liars who are the respectable, church going , too holy to be human , religious freaks.
    What right does a ‘religious person’ have to comment on your questions. The power a ‘religious person’ have against you are answers that are not direct and they answer,as they say,in the name of God. Jesus himself stood against the church and other religious freaks and they crucified him. If they did it once they would do it again. The only difference is they fought against Jesus in the name of God and now they fight against you in the name of Jesus.
    Sorry, I just had to let this out.
    To answer your question,prayers are answered. Perhaps God himself answers it. Or perhaps an extremely powerful source greater than God that controls everything including the universe and much more than that answers it.

  10. I am in love with a girl. initially 1st 2-3 years i was not serious about my relationship and got married to a village girl according to my parents. but now we are not together from last 4 years. as soon as my marriage is broken. i came close to my gf. till now i am not legally divorced but we are not together. I dont want to continue my marriage. i want to marry with gf. my gf has got one proposal & she accepted the same. she got engaged also in last week. now she doesn’t want to be with me because she doesn’t know how much time i will take for divorce. so she is not with me from last one month. Things are so complicated. I can’t really figure out the solution. legally it will take 2-3 years and my gf is not ready to wait more. i really love her so much. I wish god can do some miracle. i can’t bear my pain. I know why god is punishing me? I can not tell this openly, but i know. I trust in god but whatever i do, things are going wrong. I know i only resposible for this. for whatever mistake i did, i can not change now. please tell me what should i do??

    If anyone really wants to help me? please revert. my gf had compromised & sacrified lot of things in life. I want to make her happy. please dont tell me that i should let her go. i know what is life without her?

    Please pray for me.

  11. Hi.
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  12. when i was a kid god helped me because i simply parked my problems with him and forgot all about it. i got all that i lost because i never thought or worried about what i lost. i got back my health because i never knew what all could go wrong in my condition. i simply prayed to god, the usual way (nothing special) and i never suffered.

    when i became a teenager i still had faith in god. despite corruption setting in slowly i still was able to communicate with god. he saved me on many occassions and i never had to worry much. i was still a bit innocent ( i guess) despite girl friends and college politics

    when i became a young man and got married i started checking on god. by now i was corrupted with unwanted information and thoughts and opinions and faiths. i started asking why god never punished the dirty rich and the stinking evil politicians? i started asking what was so great about ramayan? i started asking why the rich went a dumped black money at tirupathi and got richer? i started putting on ego…and now…despite being much better a soul than what i was as an uncaring kid, i am facing god’s wrath…’cause i started questioning and doubting god’s intentions. I STOPPED HAVING FAITH! i never knew that god was within me and i had shrouded him into ineffectiveness due to layers of my own EGO!

  13. i have had nothing interesting in my life neither have i enjoyed things which has to b later got addicted to sex which took me nowhere…. tried 2 understand life which never let me to… but couldnt live this life anymore… wt 2 do had 2 live i dnt know for wat!!! trusted him felt like he was close to me.. and was next 2 me evryime i wanted but wat 2 do? things didntoccur the way i wished them to b always have been feeling bad for wt not i had in life ..!!!!
    i know that ,was a craziest thing dat any1 cud do but that’s all i cud!!!
    i know dat my life sounds funny but that is wat the truth is!!!
    wenu do no get wat u want then y do u hav 2 live a life dat u dnt want 2!!???!! wen god himslf says “dnt do things ,wen u really r not interested!”
    atlast thre was sumhting much worse awaiting for me….
    found that i was gay!
    and @ a very yung age of 16 but dat was too late!
    things tuk its worst form…
    had sex with any1 n evry1 was a sex addict by then …!!!
    atlast fel wateva i did was wrong den decided 2 hav a real time long term relationship
    fell in love with sum1 special… who knew evrything about me inch by inch… but he went oceans way . dat was an obligation which none cud stop!!!
    atlast we decided 2 break up which ws too hard 4 me… n for him too….
    neva did we hav sex nor did we touch each other but he knew dat i was literally enjoyed by many n me also had fun wit too many but dat was not at all wat he wanted.. a person whom even the history or even love would luk great upon.
    he changed my life
    but was gone as dream…
    he called me evryday and poke to me for hours like 4 or so but which fetched us nothing all dose talks were of no use wen we cudnt stay together!!!
    all i wanted is him n he wanted only me!!!
    but neither of u got wat we wanted!!!
    tried to divert myself
    got into modelling where had to proceed the same as wat i did before..
    started from the point which was left incomplete started sleeping with people to et my work done!!!
    wich even he knew….
    i dnt kno wats my life upto…
    all he people whom i hav met till now spoke about faith divinity which i had too.. and took me nowhere….
    so then hav planned for a life where am not myself!! goin to take a very big decission which i really didnt want to
    not DEATH ofcourse… though i tried that 1 too….
    will post the rest of my feeel.. and cries of grief afer sumtime….

  14. It all about faith. We need to under stand that our soul is more important that anything we want. God know what we need before we can even ask. Anyway what i we here on earth for?

  15. actually i think that god sometimes doesn’t answer our prayers because some of our prayer we can work out by our selves or ask family and friends through those troubled times when you do normally turn to god

  16. i believe only god knows what’sthe best for us.we tend to believe that he is not listening to us or he is not able enough to help us.but trust me god can help us .remember we really have no idea whats the best for us .i am at present facing the worst phase in my life……worser than you can imagine .i am being denied of something that is my right.something that most students wish for.THERE’S JUST DAYS LEFT FOR ME TO SUBMIT A PAPER TO GET AN ADMISSION.UNFORTUNATELY ICANT GET THAT PAPER. I BELIEVE GOD WILL HELP ME.OR IF SOMETHING BETTER THAN THIS IS WAITING FOR ME………I LUV U JESUS


  17. God never answers my prayers. I have been praying for something for some time mow , I trust him, believe in him but he just not listen to me. In troubled times one will asks for help. When he doesnt help faith decreases in God. One starts thinking if God is really there. Do prayers really help. Has it helped anyone.

  18. god answers prayers all the time,it happenes that sumtyms u dnt pray abt somethng and he answers,wht i fail to understand @ tyms is when i dnt feel like a beleiver,i dnt like that and i hate to c/find out after a trial or challenge that i have fail god.failing gods test is a big challenge.let us all seek the kingdom of god 1st and all shall be added to us.

  19. god said it is not good for man to be alone, thats stated in genesis
    this was his motive for creating woman
    there are people out there who are insisting god has called some to be single
    to devote their whole lives to him
    but im not catholic anymore and thats called a nun!!!
    what i dont like is god allegedly interfering with ever getting married or dating
    i want answers from god, not bad christians who think they know better than god
    telling me why i am still single at 34
    “other plans”
    what about his initial plan for man
    when he saw and acknowledged its not good for man to be alone!!!!!!
    i am alone
    i am half way to the nut house becuase i am so alone
    i am so lonely i talk to myself
    just to hear someone talking
    to hear an audible voice
    medical studies point its not good for the overall health either

    what i can accept anymore are these stories
    that go like this
    “god brought a wonderful man into my life. if he can do it for me he can do it for you”
    why hasnt god

    i was told god is so jealous he cant bear even thought of someone taking his place
    thats wrong because god doesnt have a place in my life anymore
    then again god did never did on the account that hes not real to me
    and being real becuase someoen else said so
    he needs to be real becuase of what he says
    not sorry
    the bible fine
    but i live in 2009 ad
    not in biblical times

    is there a thin line between faith and wishful thinking?

    i wont make god real
    god needs to make himself real!!!
    i have asked
    he has not shown up

    and people dont speak as god
    or for god
    or hypotheticalize about god
    be a person
    be a human
    be something you are
    not something you cant be!!!!!

  20. i have had a physical problem for nearly 10 years,

    and prayed and prayed constantly,

    after ten years no help at all – why.?

  21. i have made the same wish over and over to god and he doesn’t help me
    sometimes i feel as if he hates me.
    i know he is the busiest man but can’t he make time to just listen to my reasons?
    i make time to talk to him, but i waste my breath and time because i feel like im talking to myself.
    i’ve prayed to him about many different things but i get nothing but silence?
    i dont only make wishes that help me but i make wishes that will help the world in a way
    i know god is real
    but i need some proof. like one of my wishes being granted

  22. with the life i live and everything like that i feel as to i need someone to hug. i want that person to god. i just want him to appear so that i can just talk to him for a while. just so i can understand his reasons and he can understand mine. i know he has alot of children to take care of since they got their life taken from them. but what about us who are still living and are in life and death situations. what about children who are still in danger. that still walk on this earth. i make wishes to god so that he can be with them. but the next day everything ends for that person. EVERYTHING if he made us and created us shouldn’t he be able to control our actions. people kill and he does nothing to help mend the families broken hearts. sometimes i feel as to if god denies dreams sometimes. he takes away childrens dreams and he needs to control those sick sick people who kill or abuse children. god needs to help the living the dead are completely safe with him. but everyone on earth is in danger. my wish might not be good for me but i think it will make everything better. but i also feel like a bad person for making the wish. but i just want god to understand what we want. and what he thinks that we dont need. his wishes can be granted by himself but what about all the other people without powers like his. there are somethings that even god doesn’t understand. i love him and always will. but none of my wishes have ever come true and my life is living heck. all i want is one of my wishes to come true no matter what i say i will to to give god back something for what he did for me nothing seems to work. i need help from him. just one wish please god please i promise i will never abuse your power if you just grant one of my wishes

  23. i dont know but i feel the same way just not with a medical problem
    i have been making the same wish over and over again and still he shows no sign of caring for me

  24. Question: “Does God exist? Is there evidence for the existence of God?”

    Answer: The existence of God cannot be proved or disproved. The Bible says that we must accept by faith the fact that God exists: “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him” (Hebrews 11:6). If God so desired, He could simply appear and prove to the whole world that He exists. But if He did that, there would be no need for faith. “Then Jesus told him, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed’” (John 20:29).

    That does not mean, however, that there is no evidence of God’s existence. The Bible states, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world” (Psalm 19:1-4). Looking at the stars, understanding the vastness of the universe, observing the wonders of nature, seeing the beauty of a sunset—all of these things point to a Creator God. If these were not enough, there is also evidence of God in our own hearts. Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us, “…He has also set eternity in the hearts of men.” Deep within us is the recognition that there is something beyond this life and someone beyond this world. We can deny this knowledge intellectually, but God’s presence in us and all around us is still obvious. Despite this, the Bible warns that some will still deny God’s existence: “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1). Since the vast majority of people throughout history, in all cultures, in all civilizations, and on all continents believe in the existence of some kind of God, there must be something (or someone) causing this belief.

    In addition to the biblical arguments for God’s existence, there are logical arguments. First, there is the ontological argument. The most popular form of the ontological argument uses the concept of God to prove God’s existence. It begins with the definition of God as “a being than which no greater can be conceived.” It is then argued that to exist is greater than to not exist, and therefore the greatest conceivable being must exist. If God did not exist, then God would not be the greatest conceivable being, and that would contradict the very definition of God.

    A second argument is the teleological argument. The teleological argument states that since the universe displays such an amazing design, there must have been a divine Designer. For example, if the Earth were significantly closer or farther away from the sun, it would not be capable of supporting much of the life it currently does. If the elements in our atmosphere were even a few percentage points different, nearly every living thing on earth would die. The odds of a single protein molecule forming by chance is 1 in 10243 (that is a 10 followed by 243 zeros). A single cell is comprised of millions of protein molecules.

    A third logical argument for God’s existence is called the cosmological argument. Every effect must have a cause. This universe and everything in it is an effect. There must be something that caused everything to come into existence. Ultimately, there must be something “un-caused” in order to cause everything else to come into existence. That “un-caused” cause is God.

    A fourth argument is known as the moral argument. Every culture throughout history has had some form of law. Everyone has a sense of right and wrong. Murder, lying, stealing, and immorality are almost universally rejected. Where did this sense of right and wrong come from if not from a holy God?

    Despite all of this, the Bible tells us that people will reject the clear and undeniable knowledge of God and believe a lie instead. Romans 1:25 declares, “They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.” The Bible also proclaims that people are without excuse for not believing in God: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—His eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse” (Romans 1:20).

    People claim to reject God’s existence because it is “not scientific” or “because there is no proof.” The true reason is that once they admit that there is a God, they also must realize that they are responsible to God and in need of forgiveness from Him (Romans 3:23, 6:23). If God exists, then we are accountable to Him for our actions. If God does not exist, then we can do whatever we want without having to worry about God judging us. That is why many of those who deny the existence of God cling strongly to the theory of naturalistic evolution—it gives them an alternative to believing in a Creator God. God exists and ultimately everyone knows that He exists. The very fact that some attempt so aggressively to disprove His existence is in fact an argument for His existence.

    How do we know God exists? As Christians, we know God exists because we speak to Him every day. We do not audibly hear Him speaking to us, but we sense His presence, we feel His leading, we know His love, we desire His grace. Things have occurred in our lives that have no possible explanation other than God. God has so miraculously saved us and changed our lives that we cannot help but acknowledge and praise His existence. None of these arguments can persuade anyone who refuses to acknowledge what is already obvious. In the end, God’s existence must be accepted by faith (Hebrews 11:6). Faith in God is not a blind leap into the dark; it is safe step into a well-lit room where the vast majority of people are already standing.

  25. GOD is perfect, if no one die then the world will be so full of people, and then we will have no space to live in…….. Think about it, and bring all the people back alive from the early days. Would you be leaving comfortable around so many people?…His perfect plan: you live and one day you will die,..Just my opinion

  26. Super powers are faith, believe in him and love him……Ask for thus first. once you get them, you will see the light and you will see you don’t need super power to help other.

  27. You said it my friend! he grants you what is good for you, if you wish that life to remain here only because YOU want it!…..GOD may see: if I keep that life longer in this world, that life may remain suffering alive but suffering, may wasted them self later by another tragic event, GOD may already know that life has already an spot under his kingdom….or that life my friend as hard as this may sound, that life you want to remain, may can’t take it anymore and is ready to depart…..But you don’t know that.

  28. First thing you need to do……. don’t blame GOD, don’t blame your self, don’t blame no body. Instead look forward what went wrong and try to help her and encourage her to remain strong. Thinks will change better times will arise. Do you praise the lord whe she is not crying and things are good?. Try this, GOD answer almost all my prayers and I stil let him down many times. But you ask to GOD your self, ask him to give you the strenght to understand, if what you want does not happens, than after that you still will praise him and you will not DOUBT of his existance….Then let us know what happen.

  29. Linda, he can change have faith. I’m telling you this because I want to change and my woman just finish with me, I’m at the other end of your tail…..But he will change as long if he wants to change, for that you will have let him know and help him, until you don’t put your self in the line, then as painful as this may sound the situation can go beyound repair and you will end up in a worst place, I’m changing and now my woman may not want me back in her life…guest what, I still will praise him even if my woman don’t take me back, I have change because i want to and I love her…draw your own conclusions please….I will keep you in my prayers!

  30. I’m in the begining of that journey my self, I will be hopping and waitting as well as you do, but do not dwelt in the past, ralize if that person wants you back or not, be truth to your self. I will do the same you have done, but also will ask GOD that if that person is not for me, I also will ask that in my prayer as well…..And Michelle one answer one of the two answer I will get and I will be happy eventually.

  31. Pardon big guy! you are stil married…..Work one issue at the time,
    She loves you but she will not wait for you…..Work one issue at the time would you blame her?
    GOD has not punished you, you gotten your self into this my man, you were not true to youe self to begin with, when you married the other girl THAT YOU WERE NOT IN LOVE WITH.
    Yes things are compliacted and a miracle will not happen until you really aplogized to the woman from the little village, summit your self to GOD and ask him to help you the proper real way!

    You will be surprise, I’m about to loose my woman because I lied to her (so i may not the right guy talking to you)….But you are lucky you have that woman after a woman….Fight for it and the proper way is she is worth the world to you…..Ah!!!! don’t forget an apology to the big man.

  32. Yes they do get answer. believe me!

    Three months ago I lost my job of 17 years and the same day GOD have one great interview for me…..Guess what it was so easy, that it never crossed my mind that every morning I pray to GOD to bless me in my job for 17 years.(he was looking after me)….Then one month later I turned that job down beacuse it was not for me too many implications, relocation and my girlfriend of 3 years. I told to my girlfriend then, a job will come.(GOD also put in my heart before I lost my job to come truth with my woman but I ignored him, I lied to her, about my self, did not told her who I really was) Then I pray for a job few weeks later, my old job open up for six more months with out a relocation (again? and I’m a sinner!!!!) I promised to GOD then I will tell her the truth before year end, because I do really love her and something was not correct in me. Why GOD put that in me? because I also get up in the morning and while asking him about my job of 17 years, I also asked him for the past years to prepare me and her for a marriage every morning…..Can you see how hypocrate I was on the eyes of GOD?, Well as promised, I did told the truth and I did some damage to the woman of my life and our trusted relationship, I may not get her back ever, I’m in pain, I’m hurt, but she is in worst shape and I feel so bad for what I did to her, she did not deserve any of this!….I’m hurting for what I have done to her……May this is the way GOD will asnwer my prayer if she is the woman I prayed for, “did not want find out this way”, it will answer if she will take me back with my fault and errors or not ?. It will answer if this six more month job is for me or not ? (it feels hard, because she is not with me, she was all for me), it defenetly answered my prayer about not lying to her any more.!!!! Now my prayer will be to have my woman heart repaired first, then mine, then ask GOD if he thinks she is for me, I may had break this relationship beyond repair, that this will haunt me for ever (I deserve it) and if she never forgives me (I deserve it as well)…Does she wants this relationship? I do not know, only GOD knows her heart and the destiny to my prayers, the answer will be a yes or a not…….But GOD will answer my prayers. If you really believe in him and believe that, it does not matter what the answer is you will get an asnwer, and you will praise him in good times and even on difficult times, you will never turn the back on him, his hand is there, he never let you go….I’m the one who let go of his hand and now I’m paying with deeply love pain, the results of lying the results of sins! but stil an answer will come.

  33. I am really depressed for some months. I can’t feel peace for a single moment..I am praying every time..but God doesn’t listen my prayers. I am feeling unbearable pain. I lost my all friends. I have no one to talk. I lost my lovable pet yesterday. In my home there is very pathetic situation. My Dad always shouting with us and he want not to do anything. I am passing very hard time.

  34. I do not know why God hates me or why God has cursed me.. I have tryed to stay a nice person with a pure heart.. bu now im pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have begged god for yrs to help me i am 25 ive been homeless live from motel to motel when i was 14 i was left alone no mom dad family none just wondering the streets been kidnapped just the worst life you could ever magine always n pain stressed out just begging god pleasssssssse HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WONT! I am trying to beat the odds and not break down but i have no support system and i have been abused in every kind of way my whole life and the first time i fALL in love i find out the guy is a child molester who was sleeping with his cousin???? likw wtf! who has to o through this?? on top of my whole life being sad i recently developed a health problem which i cant figure out cause no one wants to help me because i dont have insurance and dont qualfy for it because i have no kids…….. I have had abnormal vaginal bleeding pelvic pain for weeks.. I found a place where students ive ultrasounds to ppl for 15$ went there was so excited to finally know what was wrong with me you know after 2 er trips and countless research… so after the ultrasound they tell me O sorry but we cant tell you if anythings wrong you have to o to the doctor for that…… GOD HATES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. When I was alittle boy I prayed for a brother or sister because I was the only child and my parents constantly argued at the top of their lungs atleast 3 times a week. When I was 15 I prayed that the first female I fell for would be my everlasting because I did’nt want to endup whoring and chasing strange women that would only be a one night stand. By the time I was 21 I gave in because of extreem presure from my friends, from that day forword I ran around chasing women and having many one night stands to the age of 32 but never a relationship because none was my everlasting. So I lived my life entirely alone. From the age of 32 I’ve continued to pray for a wife, attended church and prayed for peace, prayed for others and prayed prayed and prayed, but my main concern was not to live alone. Today and for the last 20 yrs I have been so discouraged and frustrated and so unhappy that I never recieved such simple prayers and I look at so many others who have compainionship and are blessed with wives and husbands and children and family and they don’t believe in God and even those who do believe in God I bet many never prayed for a wife or companion. I have been laught at humiliated over and over and over again for decades “how come your alway’s alone” “are you gay” “don’t you like girls” “that sucks being alway’s by yourself” “he must be gay” so on and so on . At gatherings I leave because everyone is matched up now I make up excuses not to go or show my face.

    I feel so ripped off and filled with no confidence that now I hide as much as I can. How many do you think prayed a simple prayer for a wife at such an early age? yet God freely blessed them and has rejected me and has made me the laugh of the area where I live. Today I’m 54 and have lost all hope, I’ve read parts of the bible and it’s no wonder many turn backwords as God say’s in the bible … I use to praise Him and now I’ve found myself cursing Him and all of heaven.

  36. Dear Nobody,

    I understand how you feel..I really do. God can seem so distant and hypocritical at the best of times. Yet, through all your pain and darkness, He gave you the ability to think, to type your message on this Web page, to express and feel emotions and to also make decisions. You have displayed all the previous ones except making a choice. I want you to do something for yourself…Close your eyes….imagine all that anger, that pain and that fury building up inside you….Now release it to God. Tell him how much you feel He hates you….I will bet you 10 million to one, you will suddenly get a warm rush in your heart…this is God hearing your prayer….than you will get tears…this is God healing you….then you will have all those nasty memories coming back to you….this is Evil trying to pull you away from His presence….This is the most critical part of your transformation….MAKE the decision to feel the God..NOT evil….It is only by you communicating to God (as you did on this web site) that he will hear your prayers…answer your prayers….and show you in many ways…that you are so, so, so loved….not cursed… There is a latin saying… “Cognito…Ergo Sum”. ‘I think..therefore I am’… Dear Nobody…you are the sum of all your pain and anger and hatred of your past…this is NOT your fault…However, the time to change is NOW….NOW……NOW….When you walk the streets…you were NEVER alone… I don’t know if you’ve hear the story of “FOOTPRINTS”… Here it is… A woman had a frequent dream that she was walking along a beach at dusk..The scenery was amazing..The sound of the waves so peaceful…Across the Sky flashed scenes of her life… She always noticed when she looked back, she saw two sets of footprints. One was hers.. The other was God’s… Yet, when she saw scenes of her life that were of extreme pain, sorry and despair flash across the sky ..She only noticed one set of footprints…This troubled her greatly..and she asked God, “God, I noticed that when all was good in my life, I saw two sets of footprints..Yet, when I am in my most darkest hours or feel so low, I notice there is only one set of footprints…You say you are a God of love and that you love me so, so, so much..Why, then, would you leave me in my most hurtful, painful times??” God looked at the woman in such a loving, gentle and all knowing way and said, “My precious, precious Child, I DO love you and would never ever leave you. Those times when you saw one set of footprints in the sand, it was then that I carried you.” Dear Nobody, God has, is and always will carry you. You have more love and support and in your life if you choose it. It’s ALL about choice.

    Hope this has helped.

    Take care…and like Riddick says in the movie Pitch Black, “Only one rule…Stay in the Light”.

  37. Dear Tony,

    Can I ask you something? I totally get that your desire is for female companionship but will that complete you?? Do you think you will instantly let go of all that anger if you get what you want? Do you think it’s the way you are thinking and feeling that is stopping you from getting the right woman into your life? I know I don’t know you but God does. I believe that if you live each day like it’s a gift (that’s why they call it the Present) your thinking will change. If you show gratitude for everything that IS good in your life and that you are alive and well at 54 years old, God will send you more blessings. I also believe that if the bible isn’t working for you, find another source of wisdom to refer to (i.e. Koran, Talmud, Vedic Texts, etc etc). God makes many paths to him as we humans are so complicated, fussy and angry most of the times..No path is a wrong path. As long as it has love, peace and unity, it will lead to God.
    I hear what you’re saying about feeling ripped off.. People will always try to infer their map of the world onto yours by snide or ignorant comments. This is the power of free will. But you also have free will. Have you imagined what type of girl you want to settle down with? What does she look like, sound like in your mind?? The more you focus on that, the more you focus on gratitude for the many things in your life, the more you socialise and be happy, you WILL find the one. Colonel Sanders (Kentuck Fried Chicken) had to knock on 1024 doors before the 1024th one said yes to his Chicken with 11 secret herbs and spices.. The door that opened to him was a dingy rundown cafe that gave him 20 dollars for him to make some chicken for them. He was so grateful for that and kept making chicken for this cafe. Before you know it, his chicken took off and he became a multi billionaire in a short time. Why? Belief in himself..Gratitude for what he did have…and Drive to make it work. ..maybe you can search for the three within you…..What 11 secret herbs and spices are you putting into your chicken that’s going to make it stand out? Find that out, (with God’s help) and you’ll not only score the most amazing wife, but all your 20 years of anger and your curses directed at God and all of Heaven…will cease to be…and you will be a very, very happy 55 year old and will will live again… It’s NEVER to late…in the words of Winston Churchill…”NEVER GIVE UP….NEVER GIVE UP…NEVER GIVE UP”…..

    Take care Tony and believe miracles are coming your way very, very, very shortly…if you change…

  38. People alway;s say God wants the best for us, God wants us to be happy … I personally don’t believe it. When I was a young boy I prayed for a brother or sister because I was the only child and my parents would argue at the top of their lungs at least 3 times a week, so I was a very unhappy lonely child who trusted in God ,yet, God never answered my simple prayer.

    When I turned 15 I prayed that the first female I fell for would be my ever-lasting because I did’nt want to end up whoring and chasing strange women … Instead of my prayer being answered I got and ended up whoring from the age of 21 to 32. In that time period I was with about 40 women only for one night stands, not one ended up being a girl friend or someone that I had a relationship with, so I spent this time entirely alone.

    From 32 to now I’ve been with noone gone to church, pray for the sick and poor, pray for our country our leaders our churches and pray for peace … give plenty to the poor and still do, but my most important prayer was to have a wife. Prayed prayed prayed for endless frustrating years only to get zero for an answer from a loving kind merciful God.

    Today I’m 54 gave up on my prayers for a wife longago. Personally I think God is a crule God … how many people pray for a wife at the ripe age of 15? very few I bet , but God has blessed so many with family and companionship weather they believe in God or not and the one that prays and trusted is turned away. I even think God put that prayer on my lips so it would eat at me all my day’s. I feel so ripped off and frustrated and humilated by the yrs of humiliation and ridicule that comes with being alone. Now I know why some people turn backwards like God say’s in the good book … I use to praise Him but now I find myself cursing Him and all of heaven … in the end He will punish me more.

    This loving beautiful God never helped me.

  39. Hi Tony,

    Understand your anger and resentment towards God. But have you taken responsiblity for your actions as yet? You prayed for your wish to be granted at 15. What if an alternate timeline unfolded and God gave you everything you wanted. Would you be bitter at him today because you got married so young and hadn’t experienced life?? Your wish at 15 years old was an admirable wish…but it was not meant to be. Have you ever chased a butterfly?? They say True love is like a buttefly. The more you chase it…the more it eludes you…Once you leave it be, it comes and gently rests on your shoulder. Let me put it to you another way. When you were a child, your parents would NEVER have let you put your hands into the stove or oven (simply because you wanted to at the time). The Father knows alot more than anyone on this earth. You mentioned above that you get ‘ZERO’ answers when you pray. If something doesn’t work…would you keep trying it that way? For example…if your car didnt start one morning when you had to go to work..would you sit in your car in the garage for the rest of the day wondering how you are going to get out of the car and get to work?? If you believe in anything enough…YOU will create it..NOT God… You said “In the end, He will punish me more”. Is that what you truly believe?? Change your beliefs and your world WILL change. God gives us so many tools to cope with this up and down life. NLP is only one of a diverse field of healing, empowering modalities that serve us to heal and, in turn, help others heal. Tony, have you thought about being more active in your community to help other people, instead of just praying for them??

    God made us in his image and therefore we can create our present with our free will and choices. From 32 years old…you have gone to church…prayed for the sick and poor etc etc…but I can understand the aching in your heart that taints your prayers…. If you curse God…don’t waste your time praying… If you curse God…your mind is setting you up to suffer eternal torment…at your own hands through the state of mind you will be in, when you pass away.. You are a young 54 years of age. You stll have so many things to do.

    Take care of other peoples Dreams..and YOURS will get taken care of along the way…

    Take care of other peoples Dreams..and YOURS will get taken care of along the way…

    Take care of other peoples Dreams..and YOURS will get taken care of along the way…

    If you are around people that ridicule you for being single, get rid of those people. For all you know, Tony, those are the very people that are stopping you from mentally and spiritually being attractive to another woman…

    You say “This loving, beautiful God never helped me”.

    I say, “He gave you life…it’s up to you what you do with it”.

    He can only help you now (at 54 years of age) if you choose to move on from past pain and self sorrow and embrace opportunites. Affirmations are so, so powerful.

    I am Whole
    I Am attractive
    I Am At peace with myself, my world and God
    I am successful
    I am surrounded to loving, beautiful friends and people.
    I am confident in myself and my future.
    I expect and am receiving only the BEST experiences life has to offer.

    If you ‘religiously’ say the above affirmations EVERY day for 4 weeks, your thinking and then your
    life will change. (The affirmations won’t take more than 3-4 mins to say. Surely your life is worth 3-4 mins a day spent in affirmations).

    Take care Tony… You WILL succeed if you truly make the choice.

  40. i prayed that i could have the powers of the characters from the tv show dragon ball z but nothing has happened and that i would use my powers for good.

  41. God I think gets fed up and finally abandons people that is why no matter how hard you will pray and sing praises, it will be as just saying something to a pile of rock..here’s my story, I have always loved God, sing for Him, go to mass, pray, read the bible, talk to Him as though he was just near me as my friend, pray the rosary, offer Him my joys and pains, be the center of our life…lately I faced this problem of not being paid for the past four months for my salary, I asked God to please make it happen that something will work out so that we will have our salaries but till now, its already 5 months but nothing happens. I am loosing hope now, Its not that I prayed for instant money or win the lottery all I was asking is for something to happen cause maybe tomorrow I will not eat anymore, asked for friends for help which they did and had to pay them back now, everyone’s chasing me for payments, still I turn for God’s help but nothing!I losing hope now…I am beginning to see God never listens when you are in trouble!

  42. Wow what a crock. Dude seriously, one person will say “god doesn’t give us everything we want” he knows what’s best for us. Another person will say he gave us life or whatever and its up to us what we do with it. Seriously, its like two cop outs. Which is it? Is he trying to do what’s best? Or is he letting us make our own lives? IF there is a god, he has ignored me. I was hurting over a woman for awhile, a girl who I was very close to. I prayed we could be together. And for about 3 weeks we were and the stuff in her life kept us apart. I continued to be her friend. Never mentioning or pressuring and she never came back around. The friendship is failing. Its all slipped away… so my prayer to be with her was denied or not listened too… ok… so now all you “spoiled brats ask for everything” people for the last few months all I have prayed for is to get over this. To be able to jus move on like normal and be happy day to day. That’s not much to ask for. Hardly spoiled. I too pray for woman, not for anything more then a chance. I get turned down all the time. I am “such a good friend”… people say I am too nice. Funny, god wants me to treat women like crap? Or is he just unwilling to help? The fact is… if god created us he sees us just like an ant farm. He might care, but not for individual ants. No, he only cares about the entire farm as a whole. And sometimes he flicks the glass and shakes the whole case. Just cus. Tell a parent who can’t pay medical bills for a child god has their best interest at heart. Tell a kidnaped girl who is sold intp sex slavery god has our best interest at heart. Tell a person being tortured in a foreign country or even our own back yards god has our best interest at heart. You hear of all these miracles from the bible. Why is it they don’t qualify? If they got their miracles I could at least say… hey I am having problems with a girl, but its a small price to pay since they rescued those kids from that freak who was selling them. Take your god loves us stuff and shove it. And just so you know… I used to teach Sunday school… it was just impossible to feel love from some being once I opened my eyes and saw the real world. Not some Sunday worship with coffee afterwards.

  43. Hi Mark, I’m Vicky.
    I’m a 17 year old tenager and a full on christian, I am not perfect but i try to stay on my lords path all the way. I know i might seem young but let me just say iv’e live a life full of hell, The devil controlled me all the way and although for so long i was half in the word and half in the world god eventually rescued me completly and i came to my sences. Sometimes i too feel like god is not listening to my prayers but thats because the enemy (SATAN) is doing that he is putting thoughs of negativity and doubt into us. If u take just 5 min and open your bible to Matthew 7:7 you you will see that go always answers. And if you dont see his holyness working upon what you ask for just remember you might not see it but he’s figuring out a way to work things out for you! =]
    God bless you. If you would ever like to chat or have any questions or want prayer E-mail me at {NO_EMAIL_PLEASE} =]

  44. not everyone can be a winner,just look at all the babies killed so jesus could b born.by king harod

  45. One day when I was eighteen I prayed intensely for God to cure my mental illness (severe depression)… he didn’t. Five years later he still hasn’t… and that is when I realized that “God” doesn’t exist.

  46. God loves us.. He answers our prayers but sometimes we pray amiss..we ask our ‘wants’ and he does our ‘needs’.. In implication, we might be askin God for one thing, but he’ll be doing another which happens to be more important than what we are praying for..

  47. God does exist. I know that he does, I have felt him so close to me like he is my only and one. Open up your heart and talk to him cry to him ask him how much you need him and he will! I believe that and you should know that he does, don’t let satan take you away, You have to believe have faith in him and be strong. Sometimes god challenges to see how much we have faith in him but don’t loose that. God is here and he is listening to you right now =]

  48. nah, does’nt work. All I see is a God who is crule … A God who curses people, nations and just about everything that moves, more then helps … any God who creates this horrible concept and creates this horrible creature satan and gives this horrible creature enourmous power to decieve to destroy to entre peoples body’s so just about everyone fails …deserves a kick in the teeth!!

    Even thou it won’t happen … thats my wish. (another unanswered prayer for the remaining future)

  49. He doesn’t give a damn,man STFU and by the way I’ll be glad if the devil takes me away. Supposedly he loves us so much,if it were true he would save us all(he is all mighty). We have no hope.

  50. Hi all..
    Trust me..god listens 2 our prayers..jus a day bck i wrote stating that “y doesnt god answer my prayer”
    but 2day i say.god has given me the best i could get..thanks 2 him..a message for all those who say..god doesnt exist..plz have faith in god..he givs us the best..n with prayers n having faith in him..v can achieve the best…i owe my entire life to him..thank u so much…

  51. When the devil close your eyes and mind you think God doesn’t exist. I have seen people who said there is no God when they are in trouble or close to die they say God help me, oh God. No body should be decivce, there is a superm power that exist and is known God. Amen

  52. me and my family is in very big problem plz guys pary for us. we pray aloot to god
    but god cannot listen us
    we r veryyyyyyyyyyyy upset.
    guys pray for me and my family

  53. I wonder does God really exist? A question never ceased. What’s exactly need to be seen on today’s life? Greatest failure in today’s life-social-system is ‘connection’. The best example is, if you do not have any ‘inside-man’ in certain living aspects or sectors, the chances of targetting any goals for the good one’s sake in it would not come in handy. Even you are seeking for betterment or doing it in a righteous way. Still, ‘man-power’ is on top. So what you can possibly do? Pray for that person’s heart so that in some ways he could be humbly-helpful? Or pray for there may nothing harm could possibly occurs to what you’re working on? Pray for others? Pray for us? What happen to ‘put God first’, ‘leave the rest for Him’ and ‘he knows what best’? Believe it or not, we face a great unique demanding unjustified life. It is what we’re in. Have it ever occur to you that if God does exist, He may be the puppeteer while we’re His puppets. We claim our faith in the aftermath. If He’s great then why He lets his people defeats Him. Don’t you think we’re in fact so vulnerable and fragile. To Him we turn, with Him we stay and through Him we ask for everything. Failure in connection is getting stronger, and where is He?

  54. Don’t do that. I asked god over and over again to send my first love back to me. And about nine years later he did. And I took one look at him and talked to him for hours. And when it was all said and done I thanked god for taking him from me in the first place. WOW was I glad somebody else got stuck with him.
    Never pray for yourself or even others. Present the situation to god and then ask that his will be done. Because he is not blinded by greed,need,hope or the inability to see things as they really are or as they
    should be. By not sending the one you love (NOW) back, he is most likely giving you an opening to make a choice of someone is really is better suited for you. You just have to open your eyes and your heart and let go of what once was.

  55. What has made you so serious now? God knocks at the door once and if you do not let him in then he will go away and not return. You gf sees that you are not reliable or trust worthy so why would she want to come back and wait for you?

  56. listen, this is the type of stuff that makes u not worthy of having your prayers answered. if you stay faithful god will answer. this is all a tes to see how strong a believer you are and by the look of it your wish might come true. u need to be patient. and learn thet you need to put some effort in yourself. you cant make a wish and it comes true. there are ways you work towards tht prayer.
    if you havent turned towards god ever or remembered him or didnt believe in him and all of a sudden u face a problem and then u turn towards god there would be 50/50 chance you rprayer would be answered coz all god wants is for you to turn towards him but also u neglected him all these years why now? and god does love you but there is such thing as will power and a concious if u decide to do what satan tells u to do then god wont save you because it is up to you what path you choose.

  57. 1) no god doesnt mean that he means dont worship idols dont create gods and worship them. in certain religeons there are many many gods but they arnt reak. god IS the only god and therefore he is saying worship me.
    2) god isnt a human and he created everything so he is the only one who has no end or beginning
    3) god sent a replacement of jesus and called jesus to him before he could go through pain so he didnt give up his son he saved him and called him to him. (it is written in the bible and if u know so much about the bible how can u miss such a big part of it)
    4) god will weigh the good and bad deeds of a human and send them where they deserveheaven or hell and if the crimes he committed were bad then no he wouldnt forgive them until they change their ways.
    5) it is not anger he is telling us that whatever bad stuff we do, we will get punished for it…dont u want a safe place to live in? and if adam and eve didnt eat the apple then we weouldnt be here in the first place. this world was a good place at start but WE ruined it.
    6) uhh dumbo, the devil was an angel he is the creater of evil, his ego caused him to turn agains god as u are doing right now and here u go. u know the rest.
    and sooo u wont believe in god but u will believe that there is someone who controlls god. ur the freak. ur childish and man u make me angry. if u dont want to believe in god thats a sin, but u have created a bigger sin by trying to turn others agains him. what a loser

  58. Well said Sep,I hope the young distressed girl will sink in all the beautiful things you mentioned to her.Yes,
    absolutly,Our God is so merciful and loving.He will surely hear our prayers….but in his own time and not ours.Faith is what should be our bottom line.God’s blessings are on all of us in this dreaded world of ours.
    God be praised forever.alleluia.

  59. I know he works for everyone’s best (no one needs to preach me on that), however, he never does anything I want and I am sure that is good for me. I have been asking for a good partner for a long time, I pray a lot, on my way to work, at home, set the alarm at midnight hoping that he will listen to me, I fast, go to prayer meetings etc. Whereas, he has turned his eyes away from me. Regardless of all that, I still pray and cry out to him the same way- its been more than 13 years.
    I never had anyone in my guy in my life who will love me (though I am successful, smart and beautiful). My ex boyfriend left me because I didn’t want to have sex before marriage (in an honor to God), however, God doesn’t care any of that. All girls around me (who were saving themselves for marriage) got a great husband who respected their belief. But I still didn’t find anyone yet.
    Every one around me is engage or married to loving guy, and I am still not.
    God says that he choose us the first place. And I feel that I chose God, although he doesn’t care about me at all. I am his last priority.
    I wont give up and will still ask him until his heart is melted for me.

  60. I am in a relationship from past five years we both luv each other so much …our luv has seen so many tough times too, we didnt talked to each other for long two years but again we met and fell in love …now when we both have decided to marry ,his parents are totally against of our marriage …i want to ask god if he exist then why he brought him back to my life if we cant be united ….how long should i suffer .., we want to marry but god is creating obstacles…where is god …cant he see our luv our pain …we both pray a lot for our marriage ..but why why god is not listening to us….am losing hope and faith ..god does not exist ..if he does he would have helped us because we luv each other so much…

  61. when i was15 i lost my father , i hav seen tough times in life … still manage to get gud degrees and a gud job..recently i came to know my mother has cancer..stil we did best treatmnt and she is fine now …am in relationship from last 5 years , we were not in touch for long two years in those five years but we met again and fall in love again ..now when we both luv each other so much , his parents are not accepting me …and we are facing obstacles in marriage …i want to ask if god exist why he is not listening to me .. he took my dad .. he gave my mother disease like cancer now he wants to take away my luv … whom i luv so much…we both pray a lot for our togetherness ,…but god is not supporting us …where is god ..how long will he give me pain…


  62. am Hilda and i wanna share my life story to everyone. i have been control by de satan so many years ago and i can’t even get closer to God because of that i feel shame to get closer to God and i always ask myself that does God exist i want God to help me through my problems . because of that i don’t get my prayer answered and i have fast and pray all the time but still the same and i think that God has rejected me and he doesn’t care for me again God why me . when i was a child i was rape by an adult and have been so worry about this that if God come will i go to heaven or hell and my life is miserable and i don’t no what to do with my life? and the bible tells as that thy shall not commit adultery and i always pray that God should forgive my sins and i don’t want satan to take me away from God so please i need help from you guys

  63. I don’t think there is a god. I live in Canada and i moved like 4 provinces away ”knowing” that this is what god told me to do. I was near death with addictions and mental issues. I grew up praying to a brick wall and gave up but things where so bad i had to use something to help me cope. ”Christ” payed for me to go to treatment as i said 4 provinces away. The treatment was a cult that was looking for slave labor i left after staying 4 months. stayed clean for a year and found god not helping me at all. Tonight was kinda last kick at the can. For I find my self broke because i worked and cant get back on assistance i got three days till i find my self homeless. Tying to think of a reason to pray but really I’m fucked. finding my self wanting to go do drug deals and telling my self whats the point in living if I’m jut going fall back. Its one of two things god made junk or more then the likely he is nothing more then a story that people believe when reality bites them. That’s my experience guess I’m going to hell

  64. god made only me ugly in my whole family and now he has made my daughter even more uglier ,i m very much worried bcoz the humilation i hve suffered i dont want her to suffer.i and she both pray her but he doesn’t listen.

  65. I wish this was true. It seems as though God touches some people and others be doesn’t. I’ve been crying out for a long time. Alway been a good person, caring, kind, patient and everyday of my life I struggle with physical pain depression. I’ve seen every doctor, done every diet, done every exercise and my situation gets worse and worse everyday. I even humbled myself and asked for just a sign that it will get better or just a sign god is with me somewhere. Nothing ever comes. I’ve stepped out in faith and nothing. I’m tired emotionally and physically. I’ve done my part I just need for go to do his. And don’t say he woke you up this morning. I wake up to more pain and hurt. It would just be better if I didn’t wake up but he won’t grant this either.

  66. God said do not put him to the test. God knows whats best for us If you really believe in him without doubts and your burden will be vanished. use this prayer I promise He loves you and even if you don’t love him He will still embrace you..
    Teach us to trust in You
    with all our heart
    to lean not on our own understanding
    cause we just forget
    You won’t give us what we can’t bear
    Take us out of the dark our Lord
    We don’t want to be there. We believe and trust in you

  67. when in need why god takes so much time to help us….. an d when he knows that whwt we are asking for is absolutely right.???

  68. Sometimes it feels like he aint listning…and wont be…ist says that we r just dust..why does God leave us alone in times of darkness…and always leave us to trap in different things, even people turning against us who we did not do anything bad…

  69. Y’all should check out the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. He has many answers about prayer that can also be found in the Bible and teaches how to receive what we ask for and the reasons why many prayers seem to go unanswered. If you really would like to know why God has not answered your prayer(s), you really need to check out this book! Here is a link to the online Ebook version: http://www.ichoosetoheal.com/downloads/the-power-of-your-subconscious-mind.pdf

  70. I have the most excruciating story about unanswered prayer. I have no doubt on the existence and power of God. I have had a miraculous journey in my life.. from coming to the United States penniless to becoming a senior executive in a very large company, making more money than I could imagine. I never did more than anyone else.. and this was purely the grace of God.

    Now at 37, married for 7 years, my wife and I have suffered 7 miscarriages and are childless. Each time is excruciating. I have been praying earnestly for the last 3 years for a healthy baby, and still no answer. Recently I started praying even if she doesn’t get pregnant that’s fine.. but please no more miscarriages. We had another miscarriage this month. I have a hard time justifying how a merciful God would allow this. I find myself thinking of suicide these days. This is too much.

  71. im an hindu boy 22 year old …there are many times when god helped me and also many happy moments which i will not forget in my life .all those difficulties,problems,fear i found him helping me out .and all the happy
    moments also enjoyed beacause of him……..but the most serious thing of my life wich i always dream about was to become a police inspector and i prayed for this whole heartdly that i want get to this anyhow ….after watching a real bad world and all real bad people slowly sucking the blood of good ones ….i saw many things from my own eyes that what could be a limit of bad and shamefull things which is going in world..i really wants that god listen me and give me a chance just one time….

  72. you know very well my God, that I really believed in your existence. True, you are my God, and the God of all universe and humanity. There was no doubt for all the geniuses of your creation, from the single cell to the complicated vastness of your creation. I give praise for those. No doubt there is god. I prayed to you god, isn’t it my Lord? every breath i take, every minute, your name i uttered, Still my prayers had not been answered.for such a very, very long years already, Why do you like always to hurt me lord? I was a good child ,
    don’t I have good intention ? I’ve been a good mother and a good wife, even sacrificing all that i have. I have good intention lord, that’s why i keep on wondering why you keep on punishing me? you want me to be humiliated by others. why Lord? please turn your deaf ear on me . please look at me with pity lord, I need your help.. save me from humiliation!

  73. Time after time, I’ve prayed to God to not suffer loneliness anymore, to find someone to love. Time after time I’ve prayed, and time after time he’s been silent. I’ve stopped going to church because I can’t bring myself to worship a God who lets people suffer that obviously don’t deserve it, yet the people who resfuse to acknowledge him and Jesus have everything they could want.

  74. Can I share my story?
    I came to u.s. when I was twelve. I left all my famIly and friends I knew in Korea thinking that a chance to study in America was given to me by god. I believed that he’d help me, so I came to live with my aunt and uncle. But it was so terrible for me. Getting on the school bus without knowing any English, kids didn’t let me sit with them or made fun of my English whenever I tried to speak. I became so quiet.. I often felt humiliated whenever I was forced to participate and kids laughed at my accent. When I was placed in regular math class with regular kids outside of esl program, they all ignored me. Ppl looked at me like I was some weird object; and I used to be surrounded by ppl who loved me… Even at home where I lived with aunt and uncle, I couldn’t rest. My aunt was experiencing troubles at her work, and she turned hysterical and poured her anger all on me. She’d warn beforehand that if I ticked her off at any little thing, she would explode on me. She did. She screamed and harrassed me often for no reasons. Gosh, I had no place for rest. I was so stressed that some of my black hair turned white; I plucked at least 50 white hairs out. Meanwhile I was so depressed.. My perception was so twisted and distorted that I knew I wasn’t normal. I indeed was going through beyond depression.. I had dark disease. I wondered if I won’t be able to think and act like a normal human being. But I refused to go back to Korea, as in a form of petition to god: ‘you brought me here, so fix me’. For three years I was in deep distress, thinking that god didnt listen to my prayers or knew my pain. But after those three years, he let me realize that he was listening to all my crazy mumblings to god. I still believe in him.
    Right now I feel terrible again for other reasons, but I can’t deny that he’s listening.. But I can’t help to wonder why he remains silent. Why can’t he tell us what to do or how to behave in our own special circumstance? When he didn’t say anything, I felt like I was crazy and I had problems. Why couldn’t he at least assure us that he will fix us or help us or whatever? Why can’t he teach us? The bible didn’t help when I was looking for answers.

  75. pliz pray 4 me i need a job cant pay my bills i depend on borroeing from friends. also need a boyfriend i feel so lonely and all my friends have them. have been praying alot and almost giving up. sometimes i think suicide but an still waiting on God

  76. LIfe is a carnival of Rust Without Trust and belief in GOD –

    I dont know if prayers are answered or not but When we are not born by our choice how can we live our lives by choice .

    Love him or hate him . he exsist ……………………………………….

  77. You are not going to hell. We all have trials to endure in our life.
    We must keep our faith strong and we only can do that by creating a strong relationship with god through his son Jesus Christ . We should confess our sins and ask for forgiveness.
    When the burden is to heavy we should kneel and pray.
    We should ask god for patience, understanding and to give us wisdom.
    I also have my trials but I keep praying i have many answered prayers, while others are not.
    I pray daily to different saints to our father through his son.
    I have been praying to st. Expedito , st. Edwiges , st. Gabriel, st. Jude, our mother in heaven, st. Rita cascia and I offer my prayers to all angels and saints in heaven.
    Ask guidance to the Holy Spirit.
    Honestly the answers come with time but I strength my relationship with god.
    God test our faith and is not going to give us everything as we ask, he can see the big picture and might not be according with his will.
    How many times we hear people to say they have been rescued and last minute.
    Miracles happen everyday we see it around us.
    Feelings depression are temporary.
    Keep strong keep praying walk on the light of Jesus Christ.
    Do not give up the devil temptations is everywhere including our thoughts.
    The feel of guilty and abandon is a way the devil to take you from the path of god.
    Hold strong keep praying and god will never abandon you
    May god bless us all

  78. I’m in a 12 step recovery program. There are people in the program that have committed murder, raped and molested children and they have received the full bounty of God. God loves them and blesses them with everything their hearts desire. All I did was drink to drive away a mental illness. I got sober, went to college and do community service and all I want is a job so that I can pay my bills so that I do not have to rely on my family who are on the verge of cutting me off. I often think about suicide and am very depressed. I really do not think their is a God. I think that the people with the most winning personalities succeed and that is it.

  79. May be God wants for you to first establish a relationship with Him (which is the most important thing) and then according to His plan for your life , to work step by step in all areas of your life. God wants for us to give our hearts to Him ( to surrender everything to Him) and have a sincere , honest and beautiful relationship with us (because He loves us). He also want us to daily walk with Him humbly & in obedience to His Word, and He will help us with that (as it is not easy) , if we allow Him. If you like to have a relationship with the God of Universe ( which is the most important and the best one relationship), ask God for that, and He will be very happy to come into your life to help ,guide, protect , and bless you. That doesn`t mean that the life will suddenly be without any problems, but He will be there for you. You will feel His comforting presence even in the midst of difficulties. He surely listen to our prayers and answers to them, in His time and according to His will for our lives. Sometimes He heals people instantly and other times after a longer process. Sometimes He may heal people totally, and sometimes not so. He knows why. But something is true (as He says so in His Word), that He loves us unconditionally. He knows that you are a good person, loving and caring. He doesn`t want you to suffer ; He surely doesn`t want you to feel like not wanted to wake up. He wants you to live and to live a happy life (to have joy in your heart). Let Him (trust Him) to help you with this. Surrender to Him everything and wait patiently for Him to work wanders in your life. Love & Blessings!!

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