Is active SETI dangerous? Does it put Earth in Danger?

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence ([email protected] grid computing project) is organized efforts to detect Extraterrestrial life. Now after decades of searching, scientists have found no trace of extraterrestrial intelligence. Now, some of them hope to make contact by broadcasting messages to the stars. Are we prepared for an answer? Is “active” SETI dangerous? Many thinks so…

Zaitsev has already sent several powerful messages to nearby, sun-like stars—a practice called “Active SETI.” But some scientists feel that he’s not only acting out of turn, but also independently speaking for everyone on the entire planet. Moreover, they believe there are possible dangers we may unleash by announcing ourselves to the unknown darkness, and if anyone plans to transmit messages from Earth, they want the rest of the world to be involved. For years the debate over Active SETI versus passive “listening” has mostly been confined to SETI insiders. But late last year the controversy boiled over into public view after the journal Nature published an editorial scolding the SETI community for failing to conduct an open discussion on the remote, but real, risks of unregulated signals to the stars. And in September, two major figures resigned from an elite SETI study group in protest. All this despite the fact that SETI’s ongoing quest has so far been largely fruitless. For Active SETI’s critics, the potential for alerting dangerous or malevolent entities to our presence is enough to justify their concern.

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6 thoughts on “Is active SETI dangerous? Does it put Earth in Danger?”

  1. Stop SETI Project

    I don’t believe that UFO or alien had come to visit us even so many witnesses said they had seen it or being abducted by the alien. No evidence! I would believe their existence if they came to the earth and contact us formally. Having said that I believe that there are so many life form out there. If we look up to the sky at night using telescope we’ll see billions galaxies (uncountable). I believe that thousands of them had intelligence civilization. It’s impossible if God created this super giant universe only for human. We have questioning their existence for decade.

    Since 1980’S US government launched a SETI Project, project to Search Extraterrestrial Intelligence from outer space using a giant radio. I think we have to stop it, because it’s very dangerous. Why do we need to stop it? It’s because we don’t know what will come. Good or evil alien? I think it’s bad for us if they know our existence here. What if the alien comes to invade us? What if they shooting us with their mass destructive weapon from outer space? We don’t have warship to intercept them. US army already had various missile but they’re not made for shooting the outer space objects. Our missile made just for ground and near sky objects. What if their spaceship shooting us from five millions miles away with their accurate weapon? Can we fight back? I don’t think so and I don’t even believe that our satellite could guide our missile to destroy alien warship. Let me cut it short we don’t have any resources to fight back.

    US can go on SETI Project, but don’t tell human existence here in the planet earth. If we catch a sign from alien radio just listen don’t reply. We yet not ready to serve them. Someday if we already have advanced technology we visit them first. Don’t let them visit us before we ready, because we don’t know what they are. I’m afraid they much more dangerous than us.

    wresni wiro

  2. I’m sorry, I’m an idiot. I take back all of that stuff I said. hahaha I was so dumb that I laugh at myself.

  3. I agree that broadcasting into deep space may be quite, very dangerous indeed, even to do so by accident. To act without knowing or perhaps out of ignorance or overconfidence could be looked upon, in retrospect, as reckless, careless, or otherwise strategically a risk. I personally feel that “Ezekiel” from the Christian Bible has interesting descriptions and ideas about possible other “life forms” and the abilities that they may possess, as in Ezekiel’s wheel. The Scy-Fy network has as many other examples as well. Our imagination may not even come close. If they do exist and if they can travel to here to Earth I truly hope that they are the “good guys” and not the “bad guys”—- (If they even have a scale similar to ours) — because if its not our “Big God Daddy” and it is “something else” we could very well find ourselves in a plenty bad situation. By the way, its probably too late, but its never too late, right? Screaming intergalactic billboards that say “ HEY YOU!!! YEAH YOU!!!! WE’RE OVER HERE AND THAT’S RIGHT WE THINK WERE HEAVILY ARMED!?” may not be the recommended norm in intergalactic relations. (Ok, so the signal doesn’t say anything about our possible armaments, but “something” could assume or do more research, then figure out… “our agenda”). They probably may already know that we are here or they may But if they do get our message(s) I don’t think that they would say something like: “HI. Welcome to the neighborhood. What took you so long? Here, have some or all of our technology.” They probably would not reply at all. I don’t feel that contact with potential non-Earth life forms is going to offer many advantages for us at all and I also feel that they may possibly be threatened by us. (We have a warm-side but lets face it, we can be intimidating). By the way don’t get me wrong, I like SETI and CERN to a certain extent, it’s all noble and everything, however in conclusion: perhaps an abundance of caution and care may be in order with regard to SETI and lets also be careful with the Linear Accelerator thing, too. Maybe we can work up speed in outer space. Far away from where we live, you know just in case. We have a lot of potential here, lets not screw up.

  4. I think that it is irrational to be afraid that the aliens come to attack us because if the species was so violent that they would send warships tens or hundreds of light years to us just to attack us or to get resouces when they could have just gone to their solar system’s asteroid or keiper belt they probably would have nuked, carpet bombed, gased and bioterrismed their way out of existence

  5. …very reasonable. The risks are too great to be careless in such matters. To be wrong could be catastrophic.

  6. Perhaps you are right. But if you aren’t then it could be “game over” for the human race (And you can’t simply put another coin in the slot and try again). Know what I mean? That’s a really, really big gamble. Its impossible to guess what psychology could be at work in some alien species. They could have strayed into the “sicko” category a long time ago, or not. But if they did, get sick, and then perfected the sickness to a fine art, with their immense resources and technology, we’d be in quite a predicament. Maybe they wouldn’t want our resources, technology, culture, etc. Maybe they would simply want to see us suffer horribly and die, for instance, for entertainment. Or perhaps they would enjoy eating a new variety of “monkey meat”, etc… I know this sounds ridiculous, but we’d be fools to assume that they are all good and benevolent. No one has the right to take that chance for all of us.

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