Meet the worst spam offender –

I tried all different methods to contact them to remove my email ID from their database but nothing worked out so far. I never subscribed to any of their website sections, but still receives email from so called MNCs. I tried to contact them using

a) Online contact form
b) Email extracted from whois (it was also bounced back)

Here is the list of companies who have used their shity spammy service
a) IBM/ Lenovo Desktop/Laptop
b) HP
c) UTI Bank and many others to send spam

I’m going to block entire domain on my mail server. Sorry if you use indiatimes email id I suggest Gmail / Yahoo free email service or setup your own mail server. We don’t have very good spam laws here.

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7 thoughts on “Meet the worst spam offender –”

  1. vivek,

    dont forget [email protected]
    they claim that you have subscribed for all the spam email they send you.
    but it is not possibble to unsub or to list HDFC, ICICI,Mahindra, and all these spmnc\’s who keep hitting my inbox.

    please LIST THE SPAMMERS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER SO THAT WE CAN BLOCK THEIR REAL DOMAINS. FORTUNATELY ALL REDIFF/INDIATIMES USERS HAVE MOVED TO GMAIL WHICH IS SPAM FREE. ITS its a pity that thesespamncs are happy wiyth the tiny 0.000000000000000001% response from email portals like indiatimes and rediff who are on the verge of shutting down thanks to gmail.

    vivek what is the difference between hdfc,icici indiatimes and rediff and the viagra cialis spammers?

  2. Murli,

    Yes moving to gmail is the best thing. I don\’t trust both indiatimes // rediffmail and it is blocked in my office too :D however gmail and yahoo is open …

    vivek what is the difference between hdfc,icici indiatimes and rediff and the viagra cialis spammers?

    Nothing they all are spammers but I was expecting indiatimes to follow rules as it is owned by biggest media company in country.

  3. I don’t believe that people get spam or that they lose there identity. I don’t think its possible to have someone screw with your identity. I would like to see them try it with me!! ha! ha!

  4. Filtering spam is not the solution.
    You must report indiatimes as a spammer .
    Please go to Spamcop and do a free registration. then forward the spam from indiatimes to them. they will report it to all the networks indiatimes uses. fight back spam.

    helder make sure your brain is functional, if you were in it you would know that spam is still being sent , meaning bandwidth is being wasted, pollution is increasing.

    Yes India times sucks , and so do their products .
    They sell all kinds of crap. dont buy from them at all.
    Ban indiatimes for good.

  5. In Indiatimes mail id. After marking mails as “SPAM” it is filtered in the SPAM Box but when we delete the entre spam box it is transfered to Trash. It does not get deleted from the SPAM box. After marking the mail as “SPAM” it again appears after some days.
    The SPAM filter does not work in case of indiatimes.

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