Exercise helps to boost your brainpower / increases your intelligence

Wake up in the morning and start exercising daily, if you want to keep your brainpower. According to new study exercise boosts brainpower by building new brain cells in a brain region linked with memory and memory loss.

Other benefits of Regular Exercise

=> Avoid problem such as high blood pressure (BP) or diabetes
=> Stay slim and look good
=> Feel energetic
=> See your grand children growing etc

According to this article:

Tests on mice showed they grew new brain cells in a brain region called the dentate gyrus, a part of the hippocampus that is known to be affected in the age-related memory decline that begins around age 30 for most humans.

The researchers used magnetic resonance imaging scans to help document the process in mice — and then used MRIs to look at the brains of people before and after exercise.

They found the same patterns, which suggests that people also grow new brain cells when they exercise.

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