Stick Cricket – play cricket game on line

Stick Cricket is a game where the player tries to score as many runs as possible in twenty overs.

Recently, I found a new website called Cricket had become well established in India. You can play stick cricket and much more. You may need to register. You need to score as many runs as possible in twenty overs. “Cricket Academy” allows the player to practice batting against different bowlers with different bowling styles. Stick cricket multiplayer allows the player to play online against people from all over the world.

Stick Cricket play cricket online

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179 thoughts on “Stick Cricket – play cricket game on line”

  1. this i want to download because i want to play in my computer i don’t want to play through net because my net connection is not good

  2. ok to download this game is simple. 1stly download a program called flash capture… u can download a free trial of this from once you have loaded flash capture run it in the background load stick cricket from the site. then go use flash capture and go to cache then click search in cache all the flash games u have visited will apear now simply choose stick cricket and save it to your hard-drive.

  3. great game awesome we can hit 6 sixes in an over i have done it thrice .my highest score is 354/0
    in 10 overs .ac gilchrist 212 n.o.
    and katich 142 not.out

  4. i want to play stick cricket with real quality experence

    my team is INDIA and Your Team is Australlia ok sir

  5. this i want to download because i want to play in my computer i don’t want to play through net because my net connection is not good

  6. any way i can play this full screen.. and do u know any tricks to ball/bat well- like any combination of balls which works well..

  7. I lreally want to download this game and distribute to other cricket lovers. I saw this page and get know that so many people want to download this game then why not you have provided yet?

  8. I play this game. and on the forum it says you CANNOT DOWNLOAD the game for legal reasons.

  9. i really want to download this game because my internet is really slow, plz plz plz make it downloadable

  10. i love the cricket ,so pleasi love the cricket ,so please download the game.e downi love the cricket ,so please download the game.load the game.

  11. i love this game ,i want free download for this game …Could u please help me to download this game

  12. i love this game please tell me how to download this game so that i can send this to my friends

  13. I love cricket and this website is very good for me and really it is very good and no.1 web site in the whole world

  14. I need of this game. I am crazy about this game. I just want to hit 6s and 4s in my computer itself not through Internet.

  15. Cricket is my most favourite sport.My aim is to become a cricketer.My favourite cricketer is M.S.Dhoni.

  16. cricket
    play cricket and enjoy it and forget everything
    this is for all lovable members of this sight.
    I L R AND C

  17. when i started playing it i found vry difficulty in it but as i played more&more so i became experienced my latest score is 211 is it nice?

  18. cricket is my life becouse circket for like blood and i like play also too much cricket.


  20. i wanna to download stick cricket
    please any1 who tell me taht how can i download stick cricket

  21. i am very intersat in life is cricket no is no my life
    i am read in pakistan and my age is 15 years ago

    every body sheaks your hands

  22. i like to play a cricket because cricket is my pasion its should be like to a enjoy in life

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