15 Best Cool Places on Internet (www sites)

They call it as ‘Complete List of the 15 Best Places to Waste Time’ :D

It’s first thing in the morning and you’re at the office. You’re sipping your coffee and sifting through e-mail, but you’re not quite ready to delve into the real work of the day. So what are you gonna do? Fire up your Web browser and distract yourself by wasting time on the Internet.

=> YouTube.com
=> Craigslist.org
=> Fark.com
=> The Internet Movie Database
=> Flickr.com
=> Reddit.com
=> Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D Beta
=> Triplets and Us
=> RuneScape
=> Rotten Tomatoes
=> Moola.com
=> AOL In2TV
=> HOT or NOT
=> Pogo.com
=> What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Source pcworld.com

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