Test your computer internet security online

Last Sunday I was at my friends’ home. During our discussion we talked about PC security subject. Question was – how do you I know, how secure is my PC from hackers or intruders?

If you are a sys admin or if you visit site such as Slashdot / digg everyday you know how to secure home pc. What about average user?

Not to worry. There is free online tool that can check your basic security and vulnerabilities. It generates reports about your PC.

The Shields UP! site conducts test against your PC for well known security issues on your PC via internet.

How do I test my system?

  • Just visit The Shields UP site.
  • Look for ShieldsUP! Security test > Click on ShieldsUP!
  • Here are screen shots of my Windows XP laptop.

est your computer internet security online

Test your computer internet security online

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