Download Original Command and Conquer Game for Windows XP

I loved this game and it is now released as free download.

August 31, which marks 12 years since Command & Conquer Gold launched way back in 1995:

To kick the celebration off, today we have a special surprise which we are certain new and old Command & Conquer fans will enjoy. We are providing the original Command & Conquer Gold as a free download, compatible for Windows XP! This is the same version included with the collectors pack Command & Conquer: The First Decade, and is now available for you to download for free!?

Thanks for releasing the game :)

Download Original Command and Conquer Game for Windows XP

Download Command and Conquer Game


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13 thoughts on “Download Original Command and Conquer Game for Windows XP”

  1. I downloaded this game but didnt read it properly. Its for windows xp but i have windows vista.Is there anyway that i can play it?

  2. Yahoo! Or yeehaw! I just got a computer with XP and have really been wanting to play the old c&c. Now i know what i’m gunna do when i get home. (Long haul trucker)

  3. yeah install XP. lol vista is shit anyway!
    C&C rocks!!!!!! love it had this on playstation 1 years and years ago!!!! my night is sorted now! :D

  4. Yeeahh!! Thank you so much for this old and precious game, c&c 95 for xp, that’s awesome!!!

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