Changing the Windows XP startup picture aka splash screen (boot screen)

You can change the picture that appears on the Windows XP startup screen (also know as splash screen). No need to use default boot screen. It is nice to see new picture or just to impress your friend.

Available software

=> You can download the TGTSoft’s software called Style XP
=> UserXP Boot Editor

This software allows you to change your boot screen.

But, where to get ready to use boot screen?

Check out this site

Manual method

I highly recommend above software’s. You can change screen by hand i.e. manual method too. The instructions are here.

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7 thoughts on “Changing the Windows XP startup picture aka splash screen (boot screen)”

  1. hi:
    plz tell me the complete proceess how can i change this..
    dear i m afreaid that when i change aalll dat i sto lost

  2. i hav a laptop given by my problem is that when we switch it on, laptop shows a big logo of collage before boot up process.pls help i want to remove it.i hav a HP laptop

  3. lolzz ….. start by spelling college right :P
    b4 postin ur dumb comments please care to read the article ..
    douche -_-

  4. go to the following location c:\windows
    look for the jpg picture that is the logo of the college and then delete it

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