Top things you should look while buying a computer for Gaming

I’m looking to build a new computer for gaming purpose. I think any gaming system should consider following fast components :)
=> A fast Intel or AMD dual core processor / CPU (Intel core 2 extreme, is the latest in ass-kicking technology)

=> 1GB dual channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz

=> 512 MB Graphics card from ATI or NVIDIA (look for GeForce 8600 / 8800)

=> Good sound card (on board sound cards are quite good these days so you can same some money)

=> SATA 3.0 Gb/s hard disk (500G)

=> And most important good cabinet / chassis with 2 cooling fans with enough power supply

Dell / Alienware offers top of the line gaming and multimedia computer. Personally I prefer to build my own computer :)

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5 thoughts on “Top things you should look while buying a computer for Gaming”

  1. Hello,

    The configuration you have mentioned here is cool and too good for a Gaming machine. However, why not a PlayStation or an XBox instead of going for this huge gaming machine? There is lot more fun in PS or XBox. The specifications you have mentioned here would definitely reach the same prise as PS 3 (if you include monitor)

    Thank you.


  2. Hey Ameya,

    I agree with you I can use same computer for other purpose too; I’ve old celeron 1.7 so I thought it may be a good idea to invest in a good system. BTW, I do have XBOX 360 and Sony systems :)

    thanks for comment

  3. hi ..
    did you really like xbox 360.. i got mine 2 months efore.. after sellin of my ps2..however, xbox 360 nevr gave me that wow feel, when i firstr brought my ps2 in exchange of ps1 way back in 2005..

    i still miss ps2 n god of war. now with gow2, i m planning to buy back my ps2..
    wat do u say, is it because i dont have hdtv..that i didnt really find xbox360 grafics great..

    i did play gears of war n halo n nba n all..worst one was pgr..i think nfs 1 was better thatn that

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