Find out my CPU speed and type in Windows or Linux system

There are many ways to detect which CPU you are using (AMD or Intel), speed and other stuff such as cache memory etc.

With following commands/tools, you will be able get following information:
=> Detect CPU cache
=> CPU speed and type (processor speed)
=> CPU Manufacturer (AMD, Intel etc)

Detect CPU speed and make Using Windows XP/2000/2003

  • Goto Desktop
  • Right-click the My Computer icon
  • Select Properties

You will see CPU information at the bottom of dialog box.

Detect CPU speed and make Using Linux

Type the following command:

less /proc/cpuinfo

Detect CPU speed and make Using Third party utilities for Windows system

There are third party utilities which can be used to detect the CPU. Please note that not all programs are free some of them are free or shareware. These programs also provides the system diagnostics and benchmarking solution for CPU, FPU, disk and memory etc. Some program may include additional stuff such as hardware monitoring and diagnostics capabilities. Following are two my favorite programs:

Other free program:

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10 thoughts on “Find out my CPU speed and type in Windows or Linux system”

  1. Hi ,
    cpuinfo is accessible only to root user privileges. u can use dmesg|grep -i “hz” for the same :)

  2. Nishikant Deshmukh: Thanks for that bit of information. I was wondering if there is a way to find out if the CPU is i386, i 686, so on so forth? Thanks.

  3. Just a note: /proc/cpuinfo does not show actual speed, just default. For instance, i’ve overclocked my quadcore 2.6 ghz amd athlon phenom, and the /proc/cpuinfo file shows that i have 3 1.3 ghz and 1 2.6 ghz cores. However, dmesg shows it properly as 3.2 ghz after overclocking.

  4. Hey, Karl, in reply to this: ” “Properties” is not listed when I right click on My Computer. Suggested workarounds?”

    Try opening it up and right clicking on the background of the window seeing if it shows up then, or go to control panel and opening up the system app(on the classic view)

    I hope i could help you, or anyone else.

  5. Can any body tell me how to check the cpu and RAM/ROM on an ANDROID based mobile? (HTC) We are PLAGUED by copies of EVERYTHING in China and I would like to ascertain REAL/FAKE!

    Also could anyone tell me if it is likely/possible for a CLONE/FAKE factory to FAKE this information?

  6. Thanks for having this resource available; it helped me to post on the Ubuntu Forums with the appropriate information.

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