Server Computer Configuration for an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Here is a quick question from one of our reader:

What sort of computer should you buy for an ISP? We need a computer for mailing, hosting customer sites and running games like Quake. We are small startup ISP.

For mailing and webhosting need you need to purchase a dedicated server. You can build one for yourself (a whitebox) or order from Dell and other vendors. A minimum suggested configuration:

Web server
=> Dual Intel XEON or AMD Dual core processor

=> RAID 5 1/2 TB disk space

=> 4 GB Ecc RAM

=> Linux or FreeBSD UNIX operating system
This web server can handle shared hosting load. You can use same configuration computer for mailing with anti spam and anti virus software.

For gaming you can get a Dual core Intel / AMD CPU with lods of RAM and fast hard disks.

Remember an ISP server mean lots of services such as a Firewall, Web, FTP, RADIUS server etc. You should also consider operating system and your own level of handling the same. You can also purchase 3rd party game and management control panel. Basically you need to do good research before making a final decision.

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11 thoughts on “Server Computer Configuration for an Internet Service Provider (ISP)”

  1. hey,

    thanks for info was searching for the same

    our isp setup is quite small (< 500 users at our university network) and we are planning to purchase 3 computers from dell.

  2. Dear Sir,
    pls inform me 1.isp main server(300-350 pc monitoring data up dowan)cofigration.2.proxy server. 3.mail server 4.gateway server.Full computer configrations send me

    Touchtel online systems

  3. please inform me. 1. ISP main server (100-200 pc monotoring data up and down)full computer configrations And send me urgently

  4. Hi sir i am shyam sir i have four pc system ,i shared internet connection to each system through my server system My server system configuration are this..
    processor core to duo 1.80 GHZ ,Ram ddr2 1.5 GB,Hard Disk 160 GB,And intel original mother board.
    sir could i used this server for shared connection if not then which configuration system prefered for four system to shared internet connection.i aways using my system 15 hours continue sir reply me soon.
    & soorry for poor english.

  5. Hi Vivek….my country is now laying fibre optic cables (we are still using dial up 56k modems) but a few ppl who can afford it have dsl from the local fone company……i want to start an isp company when they are finished with the cables…. i would like as much info as i can get on how to source the necessary hardware and what type of hardware technology i will need..i.e..the type of server etc…what type of os should i use windows, linux,unix…etc…..i’m catering to service between 1000 to 5000 customers.
    I can start with equipment that will host 1000 clients and add hardware as necessary because of financial constraints….these clients will be hosted using their computer’s LAN port mostly with an option for fone line connection if they so choose. Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

  6. Dear Sir,
    pls inform me 1.isp main server(300-350 pc monitoring data up dowan)cofigration.2.proxy server. 3.mail server 4.gateway server.Full computer configrations send me


  7. dear sir

    pls inform me about a server pc configuration for monitoring of 10 to 20 clients pcs

  8. I WANA TO MAKE A SERVER FOR email service provider and software downloading site
    please help me make a longer server configuration

  9. I need to have a server computer to run the IVRS of our national disability helpline. Please suggest about the server computer configuration on the basis of the latest technologies available in India.

  10. Sir,
    Please inform me minimum and maximum Configuration of Server for
    monitoring 75-100 Personal Computers.
    Please also inform me how to setup a server and all its technical configurations.
    We need it very urgently…..
    So reply as soon as possible.

  11. dear sir

    i req a server pc for cctv monitoring software branded server req

    i want to put 6 hdd
    raid conctivty
    give me suggestion for the same if u deal in the same call me or give me your no

    santosh rane
    millennium computers

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