Microsoft Windows Vista Crack by Paradox

There is news everywhere about Windows Vista Crack called “BIOS Emulation Toolkit For Windows Vista x86”. It claims that it bypass the product activation requirement of Microsoft Windows Vista.

Here is how it works:

Microsoft allows large hardware manufacturers (e.g. ASUS, HP, Dell) to ship their products containing a Windows Vista installation that does NOT require any kind of product activation as this might be considered an unnecessary inconvenience for the end-user. Instead these so-called ‘Royalty OEMs’ are granted the right to embed certain license information into their hardware products, which can be validated by Windows Vista to make obtaining further activation information (online or by phone) obsolete.
This mechanism is commonly referred to as ‘SLP 2.0’ (‘system-locked pre-installation 2.0’) and consists of the following three key elements:

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12 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Vista Crack by Paradox”

  1. True, this has worked for me, however Vista SP 1 beats the Parodox crack and OS detects the product key as a fake key and gives you 15 days to activate or change the key…..

    Please let me know if there is a workaround for this issue…..

    Have tried to repatch using the certificate and the OEM emulation tool, to no avail..

  2. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 includes code enhancements in activation infrastructure and the Windows Genuine Advantage fixes two anti-piracy loophole vulnerabilities, and can detect, and then disable and kill two type of the most common Vista activation cracks or exploits which hackers used as a workaround to bypass the activation process and fool the WGA validation to always genuine in Vista, namely OEM BIOS and Grace Timer and their variants.

    “We know that Windows Vista is a lot harder to counterfeit than Windows XP, but we also know that pirates will keep trying. We currently see two primary types of exploits pirates often use to generate counterfeit versions of Windows Vista. One is known as the OEM Bios exploit, which involves modifying system files and the BIOS of the motherboard to mimic a type of product activation performed on copies of Windows that are pre-installed by OEMs in the factory. Another is called the Grace Timer exploit. This exploit attempts to reset the “grace time” limit between installation and activation to something like the year 2099 in some cases. Implementing exploits involves extreme alterations to key system components and can seriously affect system stability. So we are taking action. SP1 will include updates that will target those exploits and disable them.” Said Mike Sievert, Corporate Vice President, Windows Product Marketing during interview with PressPass.

    Many hackers have anticipated Microsoft to address the activation bypass issues using 2099 trick or grace timer exploits as called by Microsoft, and in fact, surprised why it took so long for Microsoft to respond to the Grace Timer hack to make the trick useless. Stake is higher for OEM BIOS exploit, as it’s currently the only near perfect best Vista activation crack available, which emerged since April 2007 to simulate OEM Vista activation. If Vista SP1 has its way, these two exploits and cracks to bypass activation and validation in Vista will be detected, disabled, removed and rendered useless.

    However, Microsoft doesn’t provide specific on which or both OEM BIOS the SP1 update can detect, as currently there are hardware based OEM BIOS mod and software based OEM BIOS emulation such as Vista Loader and Paradox OEM BIOS Emulator, which is the base exploit used by most activators.

    A lot of Vista customers have been unhappy with the overly jealous the way Vista’s Software Protection System and the compulsory WGA checks worked, as there were high rate of false positive bugs in the systems that would deem valid purchased copy or legitimate versions of the OS invalid. Thus, these exploits to bypass the system piracy checks is not used for nefarious purposes by those who purposely don’t want to pay and want to commit stealing crime, but also for users who were frustrated and fed up by activation and validation system errors, which in the case of Vista without SP1, will stop many user functionalities and render the system useless.

    Anyway, in return for the tighten anti-cracks measure, SP1 removes reduced functionality mode (RFM) from Vista. Thus, if you have activated Vista with Grace Timer hack or OEM BIOS activation, and been detected by Windows Genuine Advantage Validation check, there will not be dire consequences other than persistent and frequent nag screens and black desktop background.

    How to avoid been detected? Or doesn’t want the activation crack to be invalidated? It’s possible, by opting not to install the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) update when it’s released. Any user who chooses not to install the SP1 update would not be affected by changes above.

  3. How to avoid been detected? Or doesn’t want the activation crack to be invalidated? It’s possible, by opting not to install the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) update when it’s released. Any user who chooses not to install the SP1 update would not be affected by changes above.

  4. Thank u vry much. I’m one of the victims who’ve updated to SP1 and got my Paradox beaten. If there is a way out, inf me.

  5. I have the prodox hack applied… Yesterday it was detected, now I need to activate it agian… I tried using Vista loader 2.2.
    now it says “2 days until automatic activation”
    but running slmgr.vbs – xpr show 24 days???
    Which is correct?

    How do i sucsessfully apply vista loader to a prodox hacked pc?

    I have a ghost image pre sp1, so can go back to that, but would like to have have SP1 installed…


  6. Been using Vista Loader with my DFI Ultra D and Opteron, reciently purchased a DFI 790FX-M2R and Phenom 9850BE and the loader no longer works on any of the controlers.

    It hangs at loading windows and will sit there all day.
    The controllers are Silicone Image 3132 raid controller, and the SB600 from ATi…

    I have tried both single drives and raid 0 stripes on both controllers with no love….

  7. For Poopy Pants.
    Try to do so.
    Go in the bios, power managment setup and change the “ACPI XSDT Table ” to “Enabled”. It work for me also with sp1.
    Use vistaloader with lenovo oem.

  8. sir i need a crack for vista service pack 1 . i have activated vista without service pack by tour crack but
    it was unable to activate service pack 1. so i need a crack for vista service pack 1. please provide e the crack.

    i will be very thankful to tou

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