India unleashes 4th fastest super computer

India has now official broke into top ten super computers in the world.

For the first time ever, India placed a system in the Top 10. The Computational Research Laboratories, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd. in Pune, India, installed a Hewlett-Packard Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c system. They integrated this system with their own innovative routing technology and achieved 117.9 TFlop/s performance.

The twice-yearly TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers, already a closely watched event in the world of high performance computing, is expected to become an even hotter topic of discussion as the latest list shows five new entrants in the Top 10, which includes sites in the United States, Germany, India and Sweden.

Fastest Computers

  1. USA – BlueGene/L – eServer Blue Gene Solution
  2. Germany – JUGENE – Blue Gene/P Solution
  3. USA – SGI Altix ICE 8200, Xeon quad core 3.0 GHz
  4. India – Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c, Xeon 53xx 3GHz, Infiniband
  5. Sweden – Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c, Xeon 53xx 2.66GHz, Infiniband

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43 thoughts on “India unleashes 4th fastest super computer”

  1. That’s cool ! It means that India is catching up with major countries like USA

  2. Its realy a great achievment. In stead of buying every thing(Technology) from other county, why not we have to develop it. We have the potential, talent, we need only will power. I don’t think money is constraint. My hartly thanks to all the scientist who develop this.

  3. Hello every one. I am proud to be an indian. And one more thing, at which i can feel proud i.e. Tata company.
    I think Tata is the best company not only in India even in the world. Becuase this company make us feel proud after developing world 4th fastest super computer. which looked impossible in India before its development. We are feeling proud on Tata comapny not only super computer but also developing the world cheapest car i.e. Nano. So all indian must salute Ratan Tata for developing such best thing. And now indians can dare todream for develop world No. 1 fastest super computer and many more best things.

    Thank you

  4. thats just a start….aage aage dekho hota hai kya. india will surely b in d top. proud to b an indian


  6. hi friends
    Iam very proud on my birth place INDIA & her homly comp TATA its great^
    i think to be an good performer and reliable task.

  7. Very Good That India Make fastest computer no 7, but – is it the progress of india……….???? india is now has two part -one is with super computer, atom bomb,no 1 in democracy bla bla bla ,
    there is another world in india- even now our people dying with hunger ,castism , no one in corruption , no big-dream project, the most corrupted mp-mla’s, still a big population has no home and staying o footpath and our minister’s black money is safe in swis bank,……………….should i pride for, no-never, atom bomb and big population is not the future , i will proud only when a commen man get home ,food, clothes and satisfaction.

  8. India is no way inferior to anyone and the super computer produced is an evidence for it.
    ———————- An Indian

  9. i m very proud that India is fourht fast computer maker and i hope India will be no.1 early.

  10. Having just read about China achieving the petaflop range puts China in a league that India can only dream of , there is too much of bickering and lack of direction in Indian politics that is not allowing the larger industries to develop – I am reffering to technology companies that manufacure electronic i.c’s and the tele comm industries , if India wants to be truely independant of the West she needs to embrace this form of development , it was technolgy of the West that conquered India in the first place so it is a logical step to move in that direction , when India declared itself a nuclear power , a cartoon depicted a bull pulling a cart loaded with a nuke ! that is how the world looks at India – a country that has itself stuck in the past and is trying to match the best in the world. India must re-assert herself – she ha given the world so much in maths, science, medicine and engineering but she is surrounded by dangerous rogue countries and needs technology to protect her citizens also her nuclear and space programme need this kind of super tech. available in order to overtake the Chings ! Also people who write in the English medium – need to learn the language before posting comments that make no sense !

  11. I am proud to be INDIAN. This just one step see what INDIA is going to do in its nearest future.

  12. India is the sunshine of the earth. I will take it to the top of the world because god has made me as another einstein of the world.-piyush dholariya

  13. thats good to be proud not only by saying an indian and also try to work hard to invent a more application than this…… thank you

  14. Hi Adheer,

    Do u know that India has develoed the technology to produce the processor with processing power of 1 Teraflops in a single unit using 80 core(s). The India – Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c uses Xeon 53xx 3GHz.. If we use the teraflop processor, we can estimate a prossing power of some million peta flops which CHINA can even never dream of. I belive , we are a pioneer in this technology, which china may take take years to copy or replicate..

  15. hi frenz, I are the very much proudest of my country, the India. This is the exactly the type of the motivation our peoples needs to reach India to the toppest of the world. I hole harted thanks the best scientist who are working the entire days and the nights to creating things like the SUPERCOMPUTER. My India Strongest.
    Jai Mata Di.

  16. If Indians talents stay in India then we can become No. 1 …….else u ppl know very well….

  17. shame! we are currently at 33rd place,today”jun 2010″ in 2008 it was on top 10 list, now on the 33, do you think India is growing ? shame!! corruption all over…………….. nobody is interested in investing for computing and if some offshore get it, still they never let it to happen in India……

  18. india is developing……. n to make it no. 1 we have to change ourself, in spite of talking on the conditions of the country. Feel proud to be an indian and have the courage to take the responsibility to make it no. 1.

  19. That;s cool ! India is developing day by day it’s a proud thing for me & for whole country

  20. the no.1 super computer in d world is cray jaguar which is in national laboratory usa whose speed is in petaflops…..n india’s super computer is not rated in top 500….update….

  21. i think india can make worlds fastest super computer in coming decade

    india is now second fastest growing country in world

  22. i am an indian. i know that a comment is not a progress, but we know that we have a super computer its work in T FLOPS. And still we are not in P FLOPS. but china have a fastest super computer. why be not in no 1 condition ?

  23. i just saw the link “” so sad that now india in 47th place its november 2010 updated result. we are not going front we are going back ward now.

  24. indian peaple should working hard be realitist not only talking and dreaming but doing something to show it to the world like the chinese doing and hard working less talking nonsense

  25. m very happy ..India has the 4th world fastest computer with our own technology..and one day we will be on 1st place with our hard work….. just only with hard work ….that the indian poeple have

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