Google Say They Don’t Know How To Make Money From YouTube

Google still unsure how to make money with YouTube website.

YouTube is a popular video sharing website which was acquired by Google for US$1.65 billion in 2006. Now Google says they don’t know how to make money from YouTube. From the article:

A whole new industry’ could be created around video advertising on the web, Google said, but it’s not sure how. Google has said that it is still unsure how to make money from YouTube, the enormously popular video-sharing website it owns, but hopes to be able to do so soon.

Play High Resolution YouTube Videos

Popular video sharing site YouTube is testing a new service which allows to view high resolution videos using high speed internet. This feature is currently in testing mode. All you have to do is add a a parameter onto the end of a video’s URL (add the &fmt=6 onto the end each url) and you’re able to watch it in a higher quality.

For example, The Sights & The Sounds url is

Now add the &fmt=6 onto the end each url to watch high quality video:

Not all videos have been converted at this point.